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    • School Webmasters

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Website Standards Manual by Multimedia Services

    Before creating or editing anything on your department or school website, please take time to read this manual. It was created by the Multimedia Services Team, which brought you the website to begin with. Let's work together for clean, defined and consistent websites throughout our district.

    WebsiteStandards.pdfWebsite Standard Manual   

    School Webmasters

    To edit, maintain or access your school website, go to the district website at:, click on the Schools tab and then select your school. You will replace the ""​in the URL with "" and hit your Enter key. This should take you to the site, giving you the tools to edit.​

    NEW! Content for You ​to Use 

    To help you keep your homepage current and up-to-date, our new Content for You to Use page is full of little blurbs of content that you may copy/paste on your school website. You're welcome!

    End of Year Procedures​​

    Please click on the link in the Resources tab to the right. 

    SharePoint 2013 Reference Sheets - More coming soon

    What is the Link to Edit the Web Site
    Get Started with SharePoint
    SharePoint 2013 A​dding a Document
    SharePoint 2013 Add​ing Content
    Share​Point 2013 How to Add or Edit a Resource or​ Toolbox Item
    ​SharePoint 2013 How to Edit a Page
    SharePoint 2013 How to Create a Folder in Document Library
    SharePoint 2013 How to Create, Edi​t or Delete a School News Item
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add, Edit or Delete a Table​​​​
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add or Delete a Picture on a Page
    SharePoint 2013 Recycle Bin - How to Restore a Deleted Item
    SharePoint 2013 Site Settings - Reorder or Modify Navigation Items 
    SharePoint 2013 Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox 
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add a Web Part​​
    ​​SharePoint 2013 How to Create Bookmarks in Chrome
    SharePoint 2013 How to Upload Document or ​Insert Link from SharePoint 
    ​SharePoint 2013 How to Add a Page
    ​SharePoint 2013 How to Publish Your Picture
    SharePoint 2013 ​How to Add a Navigation Link that Opens to a Document
    SharePoint 2013 How ​to Post the Preferred PDF Icon
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add a Folder to the Document Library
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add an Email Address
    SharePoint 2013 Insert Up​load Document
    SharePoint 2013 How to Adjust Paragraphs Vertically
    SharePoint 2013 How to Add a Web Part Module
    SharePoint 2013 Version History
    SharePoint 2013 How to S​hare Your Screen Using Skype


    Create a ​S​chool News Item.mp4

    ​Informational Documents​​​

    SchoolWebsiteOverview.pdfSchool Website Overview
    Training for School Webmasters Q & A 
    Deleting School News Items on a Yearly Basis.pdfDeleting School News Items on a Yearly Basis
    Most common mistakes found on the school websites.pdfMost Common Mistakes Found on the School Websites​​​

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