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Issues & Concerns

​​​​​​​​​​Be consistent in checking this page as this is where we will post "issues" or "quirks" that we may be experiencing in SharePoint 2013. If you have noticed differences or changes in the way the editing is done with your web sites, please drop me an email explaining the issue and I will post it here. Thanks!​ 

Content for You to Use

To All School Webmasters: Please feel free to copy and paste any of the informational items you see on our  Content for You to Use​ page.  Most of this content is ideal for your homepage. Also, since you will be copying and pasting from one SharePoint site to another, there is no need to copy/paste plaintext. Just a simple copy and paste will save the formatting and any links that are included. Remember to always check your links (while not in edit mode) to make sure they are not broken. 

​Check back often as I will try to keep this page full of interesting blurbs for your websites.

Insert --> Upload --> Documents ​

When uploading a document to your webpage (Insert --> Upload) please note that the destination library defaults to Site Assets. Please remember to select the Documents library as the location for all uploads.

SharePoint 2013 Insert Upload Document

January 2015

You should now be able to edit your websites from home. Please note: your URL should begin with "https" instead of "http". If you have your website bookmarked on your home computer, you may have to add the "s" and re-bookmark. 

Please Remember

​• Please continue to keep updated content on your homepage. ​

• Do not add content past the bottom portion of the Calendar on the right side of the homepage. This is one page    on your school website that should not scroll. 

• Do not change the font style, size or color. 

• Do not make any changes to the slideshow on your homepage. If you want to add/delete slides, contact me. 

• You are not able to make changes to the Faculty listing. All changes go through Human Resources. 

• Be sure to continually check the online Webmaster Training site at                             ​training/Pages/default.aspx as new reference sheets may have been added since your last visit. . 

•  Spell check – Always!

Fresh Content​

If you need fresh content, please check out the latest eNews published by Community Inf​ormation Services. And don't​ forget the Compass Points portion of The Educator, also located on the Com​munity Information Services site. ​

Current issues​ as of September 2014​​​

  • If you have a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint document on your website and you get a "401 UNAUTHORIZED" error when trying to open it, delete the document from the page, publish the page (very important step), edit page​ and just re-link it. It should open.

  • Please continue to edit in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Using IE (Internet Explorer) as your browser when trying to update your website is just not working well at all. I mention this below, but it's worth a second shout out.

  • The Insert --> Upload File option is not playing nice. To post a document on your site you must first upload the document to your Documents folder.

    • Settings cog  --> Site contents --> Documents.

  • When editing your site, please do so in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It seems that Internet Explorer does not work as easily as the other browsers when trying to edit a page.

  • When editing in Google Chrome, you may not have the option to Paste plaintext. Instead, paste using Ctrl + V. You will have the option to Paste plaintext in Firefox.  

  • When creating an orange heading (previously Heading 3), you will now use Heading 1. Even though Headings 2 & 3 do change the text to orange, it moves the text on the page.

  • Previously, you were able to edit your  website at home; unfortunately, you are not able to do that at this time. I'm not sure if this will be changed to allow you to edit at home, but if it does I will get an email out to you to let you know. In the meantime, please try to do all edits while on campus.

New Reference Sheet - How to Publish Pictures  on Your Web Site

​Be sure to review the reference sheet for SharePoint 2013 ~ How to Publish Pictures. If you are posting a picture on your Web site and all you see is a little box, no picture, read this reference sheet to understand how you can fix that. Four easy steps! ​ 

New Reference Sheet for School & Department Webmasters​

Be sure to check out  the newest reference sheet that has been created: SharePoint 2013 ~ How to Add a Page. This is for School and Department Webmasters only. A reference sheet for Intranet and Team Site Webmasters will be added very soon. 

Sept. 9, 2014 - Free Flu Vaccination ​

Create a School News Item for the Free Flu Vaccination being offered to all students. Before you do this, please review the new reference sheet SharePoint 2013 How to Add, Edit & Delete a School News Item. The documents you will need to upload to your Documents library (to be attached to the School News Item) are listed below, along with directions for Webmasters. Open these documents and save them to your computer; upload to your school website's Document library (Settings cog --> Site contents --> Documents).​

FREE FLU VACCINATION for Webmasters   Directions for Webmasters​
About Healthy Schools
Healthy Schools Brochure 0512
Volusia County Consent Form Mist -4​​

VCS Outlook Web Access
VCS Staff Applications