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End of Year Procedures

​​​​As the end of the school year draws near, there are procedures that need to be followed regarding school websites. ​​I urge all school webmasters to take a few minutes and review the information below. ​

Deleting School News Items

School News Items are archived on your school website for the entire school year. At the end of each school year, you may delete the School News Items. After deleting them, please be sure to create at least 3-5 new School News Items so that the scroll feature at the top of your website is not blank. (Ideas for the new ones are given in the document below.)

There are some webmasters who insist on deleting School News Items throughout the school year. Know that this is not the district standard. 

The reason we keep School News Items for the entire school year is because we have students new to the district all year long. One of the first things the student (and the parents of this student) will do is look at the school website. The School News Items throughout the whole school year can give the student (and the parents) a good idea of what the school is involved in and what the school does socially. 

This is so important. That is one of the reasons why I urge you all to create at least one School News Items each week. There are so many activities on campus constantly - tell your students and parents all about them. 

Deleting School News Items on a Yearly Basis

Getting Ready for a New School Year 

Unfortunately, our summers seem to fly by quickly. Before you know it, the new school year is just around the corner. Be prepared. Make sure your school website is ready. Offer content and information to parents and students that they are looking for. The document below will give you some good ideas for the new school year content, as well as procedures you should be following.

Getting Ready for a New School Year

​New Webmaster?​

If you're one of our new webmasters, Welcome! Please contact Susan R​. Miller​ to schedule some face-to-face training. Believe me, the one-hour training is worth every second. You will leave our Webmaster Training confident in your webmaster skills!​

On a side note, if you know that you will not be maintaining your current school website next school year, please email me​ as soon as possible to let me know. And if you know who the new webmaster will be, please include that in your email. Thank you. 

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