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Copy Center Information

​​We are pleased to announce that the current copy center electronic job submission software (Internet Remote Print or "IRP") was replaced in the summer of 2016 with WebCRD by Rochester Software Associates. WebCRD is a more robust innovative solution with increased job submission capabilities. The new software was implemented in August 2016.

We recommend that employees save any documents from the current IRP that will be used in the future for re-prints. The current IRP will be available to access an employee's personal folder until October 31, 2016. After that date, all personal folders will be inaccessible. Below please find directions regarding how to save a print job from the current personal IRP folder.

Saving a file in IRP

Additional information and training regarding the new software will be available during pre-planning in August and by contacting Betty Shepherd at extension 20840.

District GO GREEN Initiative
Saving the environment can save our district money. Reducing waste also reduces operating costs particularly when it comes to printing, a task that can consume paper, plastic, and school & department budgets at an alarming rate. Printers represent one of the highest equipment expenditures in the district. By focusing on increasing efficiency, improving document workflow, and reducing our carbon footprint, we can increase productivity for staff and save money. The goal of these procedures is to facilitate the appropriate and responsible use of the district’s assets so as to reduce the footprint created through the consumption of paper, ink, toner, and electricity.​
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