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Last modified at 2/12/2013 10:13 AM by Miller, Susan R.


What is BYOT in Volusia County Schools?

The Bring Your Own Technology BYOT program allows students in participating schools and classrooms to use their own devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.) to connect to the district’s BYOT network. Teachers facilitate the use of student devices by integrating Web 2.0 tools, Internet research, and applications to engage students in the curriculum content and collaboration with peers.

The BYOT program provides students with access to their personal technology resources to support teachers and administrators as they prepare students to develop real-world, 21st-century skills.

 Click here for more information and examples of how BYOT is being implemented!

BYOT Student & Parent Guide

BYOT Student & Parent Guide (Version 2): The new BYOT Guide for the 2012-13 School Year is now available! ***Please note: you should also refer to your school’s BYOT procedures.

BYOTGuide_Version2_SY2012_13.pdfBYOT Guide Version 2

BYOTGuide_Version2_draft_SY2012_13_SPA2_VCS.pdfBYOT Guide Version 2 School Year 2012 - 2013

Participation in BYOT

Currently, there are 21 schools participating in the BYOT program. Within each BYOT school, administrators and teachers collaborate to identify which classrooms will implement the BYOT program. For more information about how BYOT is being implemented, please contact the school’s administration.


Phase 1: 2011-12​

​Phase 2: 2012-13
Cypress Creek
Pine Trail
Read Pattillo
South Daytona
Volusia Pines
George Marks
Orange City
Port Orange
Middle Galaxy
New Smyrna Beach
​High New Smyrna Beach


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