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Student Transportation

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    ​National School Bus Safety Contest 2014 Winners

    " Be Smart Be Seen-I Wait in a Safe Place"

    Jenny Lui- First Place Division 1, Cypress Creek

    Rose Downey- Second Place Division 1, Cypress Creek

    Dana Bae- Third Place Divison 1, Cypress Creek

    Jennifer Russell- First Place Division 2, Cypress Creek

    Leah Larrimore- Third Place Division 2, Cypress Creek

    Jaden Nichols- First Place Division 4, Cypress Creek

    Shay Graham- Second Place Division 4, Cypress Creek

    TaeJuan Jacobs- Third Place Division 4, Cypress Creek

    Jacob Welty- First Place Division 5, Cypress Creek

    Safety Awareness Poster Contest 2014 Winners

    Alyssa Dorton- First Place, DeLand Middle School

    Madisyn Wells- Second Place, South Daytona Elementary School

    ​Jasmine Sunshine- Third Place, Seabreeze High School

    ​​​PSA Contest 2014 Winners​

    First Place- Deltona High School

    Michael Brzezinski

    Second Place-University High School

    Blaine Fairchild​​​

    Travis Jefferson

    Haley Jensen​

    Logan Graffagnini

    Third Place- University High School

    Nadia Flutie

    Kristin Cook

    Mission Statement:  Through partnerships and teamwork we will provide a cooperative, responsive and personal approach to ensure safe, secure, effective and efficient transportation to support instructional programs and services for students, families and the community.

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    Did You Know That Each Year There are More Than 800 Student Fatalities Going To and From School? 

    The nationwide safety record* for the 25 million children who do not ride school buses to and from school each day:

    • 448 fatalities in passenger vehicles with a teenage driver

    • 169 fatalities in passenger vehicles with an adult driver

    • 131 fatalities to pedestrians

    • 46 fatalities to bicyclists 

    The nationwide safety record* for the 25 million children who ride school buses to and from school each day.

    • 5 passenger fatalities

    • 15 pedestrian fatalities at school bus stops 

    With this information in mind,

    How do you want your kids to get to and from school? 

    To learn more about school bus safety, and how you can help get more children on school buses, go to

     *Source: National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.

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