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​​​​Routes are subject to change based upon student needs including changes in Indivdual Education Plans (IEP) and changes in enrollment. 

​Area 1

Area 1_Route Bid 

 Cover Sheets for  Area 1

Cover Sheet AD12

Updated Cover Sheet for Route 123

Updates to cover sheet Bus vehicle Id numbers:

Route 105-1511 

Route 108-329-S 108BA

Route 109-1503 

Route 112-1512 

Route 117-1507 

Route 118-341Sb 118BA 

Route 119-2602 

Route 121-332-S 121 BA​

Area 2

Area 2_Route Bid 

 Cover Sheets for Area 2
Updated Cover Sheet for Route 230

Area 3

Area 3_Route Bid 

 Cover Sheets for Area 3

Area 4

Area 4_Route Bid 

Cover Sheets for  Area 4

Area 5​

Area 5_Route Bid 

 Cover Sheets for Area 5

Area 6

Area 6_Route Bid 

 Cover Sheets for Area 6

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