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#VCSERP Project Information


How do you know which Oracle courses you need to take? See Training Tracks.pdf.

Announcing Summer Tech T's! SeeTech T's Infographic.pdf for more information. Oracle Course 200 for those teachers who buy classroom supplies with school or District funds is available:

Tuesdays @ Hinson Middle Thursdays @ Deland High  
Tuesday, June 25th  Thursday, June 27th 
Tuesday, July 9th  Thursday, July 11th   
Tuesday, July 16th  Thursday, July 18th   
Tuesday, July 23rd 

Upcoming training sessions:​

  • Registration for teachers and administrators is now open for Oracle training sessions at Volusia LEARNS! Please visit this webpage or click the Volusia LEARNS! tile in VPortal for the full conference agenda and registration instructions.
  • Clerical staff are invited to register for the Clerical Institute Agenda.pdf where there are many offerings for ERP, SIS, and other interesting courses.
  • Bus Operators, SWC Managers, Facilities staff will be trained in designated sections of course 200 in May/June.
  • Registration is now open for Course 310, Grant Management. Emails have been sent to select Federal Programs team members.
  • District Transportation and SWC staff will be trained in designated sections for Courses 200 and 201. This applies only to staff who will initiate and/or approve purchases.
  • Entirely online options will be offered for all Oracle courses, but registration will not be opened until summer.

While there are 35 distinct courses being offered above, ALL employees will only need to take one course sometime late this fall:

Course 105, My HCM Employee Cloud Training - This course is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud employees. Learn how to get started using the Cloud, view your personal, benefit, absence, and payroll information.​​

Employees can choose from many options for course 105:

  • Face-to-face in small groups in central locations, such as during the Clerical Institute and Volusia Learns
  • Face-to-face in auditorium-size groups with follow-up self-study online, such as during the summer and Pre-planning
  • Face-to-face in small groups at your school and department sites
  • Webinars with follow-up self-study online​
  • Self-study online

All other courses are specific to certain positions and job roles. To determine which course(s) you need, take a look at the Training Tracks.pdf.

Note that any trainings occurring outside of contracted work hours are optional. Compensation will be provided for Oracle courses that occur outside of work hours.

For some specialized trainings the first round of training is only for the main software user, simply because this is already a massive training effort. Once the main users are trained and we go-live, then back-up staff will be given access to the online training materials including interactive videos. The District may offer additional face-to-face trainings at that time.​

Be ready to register for Oracle training by familiarizing yourself with MyPGS in this quick video:

​Oracle is now in your Vportal!​

Oracle Budgeting is available only to those who need it in their job role. Oracle Fusion is now showing on every employee's VPortal! It is inactive until July 1 when we go-live.
Vportal Oracle links.png

What's an ERP and how did we get here? 

Read the articles below to satisfy your curiosity:

  1. ​​What is ERP?
  2. Complexity of an ERP System​​ ​
  3. What are the benefits and downsides of ERP?
  4. What is Project Governance? ​
  5. What are the project phases?​
  6. Business Process Analysis
  7. Process Design
  8. RFP and Selection of the Vendor 
  9. Implementation​​​



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