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    • Social Studies Best Practices
    Logos, Pathos, and Ethos... The three primary qualities of effective teachers, as described in Aristotle's Art of Rhetoric over two thousand years ago.  Logos refers to "knowledge."  Expert teachers must always seek to improve their knowledge of their subject and sharpen their pedagogical swords.  "Pathos" means passion.  Teachers must show their students they are passionate about the content they teach and passionate about the recipients of the instruction.   Positive energy is contagious.  "Ethos" is about good character.   Teachers should be good role models for students and should use the content in their curriculum to illustrate virtue.  Civics, history and the other Social Studies are inherently suited to promote what is today referred to as character education.
    Social Studies Best Practices Form -  This form can be used by individual teachers to reflect on their practices, or by mentor teachers and administrators, as they observe Social Studies instruction.  The purpose of the document is to provide a framework with which to assess effective instruction.  



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