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Links to Articles and Web Sites


A position paper on the state of Civic Education in Florida with recommendations for action.

If We Don't Know Our History We're History!   by Jason Caros

Why we desperately need an increase in the study of history.

No Child Left With Mind   by Jason Caros

Why students struggle with literacy and overall academic achievement.

Policymakers Fail Test on Civics   by Jason Caros

The repercussion of neglecting Civics education.

Reading Comprehension Requires Knowledge - of Words and the World   by E.D. Hirsch

The title provides a good hint...

The Case for and Against Homework   by Robert Marzano and Debra Pickering

Why homework is important and why 'targeted' homework is essential.

The Knowledge to Achieve   by Robert Sheffield

The importance of academic knowledge to students from economically impoverished backgrounds.

The Missing Link in Reading Comprehension    by Jason Caros

Why middle and high school students struggle so much with reading comprehension and overall achievement, why learning gaps exist, and how to help remedy these issues.

The Privileged Status of Story   by Daniel Willingham

How storytelling and/or using the storytelling format in constructing lessons positively impacts student interest and learning. 

Why Students Don't Like School by Daniel Willingham

Willingham, a cognitive scientist, explains how teachers can foster the right cognitive conditions for students to engage in successful thought and enjoyment of learning. 



Variety of links to multiple web sites and resources available through government, non-profit, and commercial entities .

Eyewitness to History   

Primary source documents for American and World History with good background information for each document.

History Teacher Website Teacher created site with loads of resources.

History Video Clips   

Select history in the subject field to find many World and U.S. History video clips.

Legendary Florida 

Interactive site for Jackson Walker's historical art related to Florida, includes curricular activities.

Library of Congress   and National Archives
Primary documents, lessons, and more...

National History Education Clearinghouse   

George Mason University's training web site for elementary and secondary history teachers.

Pioneer Settlement   

The Settlement is a living history museum with an educational focus on the preservation of Florida's historic memory, programs related to topics such as pioneer life Florida Indian culture, folk art, and old time traditions

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