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999 Old Tomoka Road
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 258-4676

    2018-19 School S​upply Lists

    2018-19 Kindergarten Supply List

    2018-19 1st Grade Supply List

    2018-19 2nd Grade Supply List

    2018-19 3rd Grade Supply List

    2018-19 4th Grade Supply List

    2018-19 5th Grade Supply List​​

    Parent Brochures

    Say Something Parent Brochure

    Parent ​Brochure

    Registration Guidelines

    REGistration guidelines.pdfKindergarten Registration Guidelines

    In order for your child to be assigned to a class, he/she must have a complete registration. A complete registration includes the following:

    • Birth Certificate *(certified)
    • Current Florida Physical 
    • Shot Record 
    • Residence Verification (3 forms)​
    • Social Security Number

    The following may be used for birth verification: 

      • Certified Birth Certificate    
      • Baptismal certificate with date of birth, of place of baptism, and Parent's Sworn Affidavit
      • Insurance policy on child in force at least two years
      • Bible record and Parent's Sworn Affidavit
      • Passport for Form I-94
      • Parent's Sworn Affidavit and Certificate of Examination form health officer/physician verifying age

    Any questions about registration, please contact our registrar​ at 386-258-4676 ext. 51021.                                                                             Tomoka Elementary Fax # 386-506-5082​

    2018-19 School Wellness Plan

    School Wellness Plan 2019 Tomoka

    2018-19 School Meal Charge Policy

    Tomoka School Meal Charge Policy-Reimbursable Meals18-19

    2018-2019 School Improvement Plan  

    2018-19 Tomoka School Improvement Plan


    ​​​Amazon Smile is an easy way to support the PTA!  Simply use the link below and register your Amazon account.  For every qualifying Amazon purchase you make, .5% will be given back to Tomoka's PTA.​com/ch/59-2852935


    ​Parents: subscribe to the Remind App by texting @tomoka5 to 81010 to get updates on our upcoming activites.


    ​Beginning Tuesday, January 16, 2018, ALL parents and visitors must sign-in at the office and have the visitor badge displayed at all times:

     Parents are strongly encouraged to use pick-up/drop off loops

    When entering our campus, report to the main office, check into our Raptor       system, and wear the school's visitor pass visible to all

    When walking students on campus, pick-up or drop off child at the designated waiting area, then promptly exit the campus by the first bell ( 7:45a.m.)  

    Parents and Visitors must sign out and return their badge before leaving the campus.

    Parents/Visitors Signing in Procedures

    Thank you for always visiting our campus.  The safety of our students is top priority.  Be sure to always: 

    • Sign-in at the front office through our Raptor System. SEE RAPTOR PROCEDURES BELOW*
    • Wear your school's visitor badge so that it is visible to all.
    • Park your car in our designated parking areas. ​​


    To get into the Raptor system:

    • Bring your ID/Driver's License to the front desk
    • Have your ID/Drivers License Scanned
    • The office then verifies spelling, etc. and then submits that information

    Signing into the Raptor System:

    • Click on the "Visitor" button on the left Orange side of the screen.
    • Enter your First AND Last name as it is on your ID/DL
    • Push "Find"
    • Your name and picture will pop up
    • Click on your picture
    • Select where you might be going within the school (Cafeteria/Classroom/Media Center)
    • Your badge will then print for you to wear on campus (BADGE MUST BE VISIBLE TO ALL).

    Signing out of the Raptor System:

    • Click on the "Visitor" button on the right blue side
    • Enter your First AND Last name as it is on your ID/DL
    • Click "Find"
    • You will receive a pop-up saying "Sign Out Successful"
    • Discard your badge in the trash can next to the Raptor System

    Online Volunteer Application 

    If you would like to volunteer at Tomoka Elementary, please note that Volunteer Applications are done online.  The following links will take you directly to the Online Volunteer Application site:     

    ​English Application URL:

    Spanish Application URL:

    ​The above links can also be found under the Volunteer/Partnership Program's website at: ​

    School volunteers must complete the volunteer application by visiting our district website (access it through any computer or other electronic device).​ Just click on the URL of your choice and complete the application.  Once submitted, the online application will be re-directed to the VIPS Department for approval. The appliction will stay on a "hold" queue until the volunteer applicant has visited the school of choice and has scanned an ID into the visitor module. Once the application has been approved, an email will be generated by the system informing the applicant of their volunteer status.

    VCS Volunteer Partnership Program 

    ​Tomoka Gets Istation

    With many thanks to our very own PTA as well as a Future's Grant, Tomoka welcomes Istation to our collection of educational tools. Winner of several national educational technology awards, the Istation program puts more instructional time in the classroom through small-group and collaborative instruction.

    Istation's innovative reading, math, and Spanish programs immerse students in an engaging and interactive environment and inspire them to learn.  Additionally, administrators and educators can use Istation to easily track the progress of their students, schools and classrooms.​​​

    Installation Instructions: To install Istation, please visit, click on the SERVICES and SUPPORT tab on the top right.  Scroll down the page and click the blue download:  Istation for Windows.  Then click RUN or OPEN.  After that, click INSTALL,  then NEXT, then the program should run automatically.  If not, minimize the website and click on THE IMAGINATION STATION​ icon to start.  Once installed, type our school name into the Default Domain box if it isn't automatically supplied.  Click ok and the program will then restart.

    ​Traffic​​​ Procedures

    Security and traffic procedures 2018-19

    ​Connect with Tomoka!

    Facebook:  Tomoka Elementary PTA​

    Remind App:  Text@tomokap to 81010

    Twitter: @TESBraves

    Pleae note that the Tomoka website is always the best place for the most up-to-date information about the school.​

    Im​portant Security Information

    Every student, faculty, staff and family member's safety is a very important aspect of creating a positive learning environment.  Practicing fire drills and code drills are an important part of our school's preparation for emergency situations.  Below are brief descriptions of the fire drills and code drills we practice through​out the school year.  In the event you are on campus while we are conducting a drill, we ask that you participate and cooperate with our schools's security team. ​Fire Drills and Code Drills and Evacutaions 2018-19

    ​Drop Off-Pick Up Procedures

    Security and traffic procedures 2018-19

    ​​​Full-time Virtual Instruction Enrollment 

    ​Families interested in full-time virtual instruction should visit www.volusiaon​ See the attached letters for full details on enrollment dates and options for students. 

    Virtual--English-Signed by Superintendent​​​​

    Virtual--Spanish-Signed by Superintendent

    ​School Financial Report Available

    The 2016-2017 School Financial Report for Tomoka Elementary is available to be viewed or obtained.  Section 1010.215, Florida Statutes, requires school districts to report certain financial information in the form of a school financial report as part of the annual school public accountability report.  You can view or obtain this report at the following locations;
    1.  Tomoka Elementary, Front Office

    2. Central Administrative Building - Finance Dept. (200 N. Clara Ave., DeLand)

    3. District Website:​

    ​Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

    Late Arrivals: S​tudents arriving at 8:00a.m. or after will need to be walked to the office by his/her parent/guardian.  Please bring your ID into ​the office to obtain your visitor's badge to walk your child to his/her class, as tardiness also disrupts the functionality of the school's office.  Teachers will not be avail​able to conference as instruction will have already begun by this time.

    Early Dismissals: Students are not called out of class after 1:45p.m. (12:45p.m. on Wednesdays) for early dismissal​  These procedures are in place to protect the instructional time for all students.  

    Excused/Unexcused Checkouts​: ​​Every minute, every day of instruction is important to your child's learning, and we feel it is very important to educate our stakeholders about its necessity. Early checkouts will be recorded following the school district's definition for excused/unexcused checkouts.  Excused checkouts include sick students leaving campus from the clinic, documented doctor's appointments and approved school activities.  Unexcused checkouts include, but are not limited to checking your students out for lunch, leaving from field trips early and family trips.  Additionally, 5 unexcused checkouts equates to 1 unexcused day of absence.  It is our hope that with this knowledge, every effort will be made to ensure your child is at school from bell to bell for instruction.  Attendance Matters.

    Tomoka's Trading Post​

    The Tomoka Trading Post will be open every Thursday after​ school from 2:05-2:30pm.  The school store is mobile and will be located in the front of the school.  Proceeds will go back towards local charities and community needs.  Majority of school store items are under $5.00. We look forward to seeing you at the Tomoka Trading Post!​

    ​​​Safety Tips

    ​​​Remember to keep your vehicles locked at all times when you are on campus. Stow electronics and charger​s out of sight in your parked vehicle.​

    Parent Guide

    Parent Guide 2017-2018

    ​Emergency Situation Guide​​

    During and following an emergency situation, school and district officials must act quickly and follow established emergency protocols to safeguard students and staff, secure schools, and communicate accurate information in a timely manner. Parents can assist greatly by helping with preparation before the emergency.​School Emergenc​y Guide for Parents​​

    ​​​​Zika Virus Information

    Zika - What Can Be Done

    Mosquito Bite Preventi​on for Travelers

    ​​​VCS School Uniforms 

    Tomoka Elementary School Colors are: Navy Blue and Red for collard, polo-style shirt or oxford-style button down shirt; or solid polo-style dresses. Solid navy blue, black or tan pants, shorts, capris, skorts or jumper, including black and blue denim. Elementary and middle school students must wear closed toe and closed heel footwear.  See Dress Code Flyer for more details.​

    Mandatory uniform policy w.Tomoka colors.2018-19

    Dress Code Update

    At the February 28, 2017 school board meeting, School Board Policy 217, Student Appearance and Dress Code, was amended to allow two additional district-wide colors for polo and oxford shirts.  The selected colors are gray and black (in addition to white) and may be worn by students effective March 1, 2017.  Tomoka's shirt color options are now red, navy blue, white, gray, and black.​​

    School Security Information

    Every student, faculty, staff and family member's safety is a very important aspect of creating a positive learning environment here at Tomoka Elementary. ​Practicing fire drills and code drills are an important part of our school's preparation for emergency situations.  In the event you are on campus while we are conducting a drill, we ask that you participate and cooperate with our school's security team.

    In the event we should ever evacuate our school's students, faculty and staff, we would relocate to Tomoka United Methodist Church directly across Old Tomoka Road.  We have an agreement with both Tomoka United Methodist Church and Hinson Middle School, our alternate evacuation site, should Tomoka United Methodist Church be unavailable.  Both facilities are prepared to house our students, faculty and staff until proper dismissal takes place. The Parent Information/Meeting Area will be established at Houligan's Restaurant located at the corner of Clyde Morris and Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach. The Media Staging Area will be established at Christ Presybterian Church parking lot located at 1035 W. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach.​

    ​​Parent Portal​

    Click here to be directed to the Parent Portal. You will need to create an account using the Student Authorization Code from the Parent Portal Authorization form you received for your child.  This form has detailed instructions to create your account. For further information, please contact the front office.

    Clinic Announcement

    Please view the Student Health Services website to access the medication forms and/or procedure forms for the school year.  Medication forms, procedure forms, and emergency care plans must be renewed by the parent, at or before the beginning of each school year in order for your child to receive medication or procedures during school hours.  

    Please note: Students are not allowed to drop off medication to the clinic. The medication must be brought in by a parent/guardian with forms properly filled out by the doctor or the medication will not be accepted per Volusia County School Board administration of medication guidelines.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's school clinic staff. 

    Student Health Services

    ​Florida KidCare Insurance​  ​


    Florida KidCare​

    Florida KidCare Offers Insurance for Children in Partnership with Volusia County Schools.

    Volusia County Schools is partnering with Florida KidCare to assist parents with enrolling and renewing in the Florida KidCare insurance program, which includes dental, vision and behavioral health.  Eligibility is based on income and family size and is offered at low or no cost.​

    ​​Florida KidCare​