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    Advanced Placement


    AP Biology - Mrs. Sandra McCulloch
    AP Language - Mrs. Virginia Eckert
    AP Literature - Mr. Bill Rode
    AP Psychology - Mrs. Karen Gehringer
    AP Spanish - Mrs. Carmen Rivera AP Effect


     Better prepared academically 
     More likely to specialize in majors with tougher grading standards
     More likely to complete more course work
     More likely to take more college courses in their AP subjects
     Perform significantly better over four years in their course work
     More likely to be superior in terms of leadership and significant accomplishments
     More likely to graduate with a double major
     Twice as likely to go into advanced study– Ph.D. programs, medicine and law
     Useful predictor of college GPA 

    Course Information

    AP Biology 
    The AP biology course aims to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology. Major emphases include the study of : Molecules and Cells, Heredity and Evolution, Organisms and Populations.

    AP Calculus
    Calculus is primarily concerned with developing the students 'understanding of the concepts of calculus and providing experience with its methods and applications. The course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to calculus, with concepts, results, and problems being expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. The connections among these representations also are important.
    AP English Language and Composition
    This course engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subject as well as the way generic conventions and the resources of language, contributes to effectiveness in writing.
    AP English Literature and Composition 
    This course engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of selected texts, students deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both means and pleasure for their readers, as they read, students consider a works structure, style, and themes as well as such smaller. Elements as the use of figurative languages, imagery, symbolism, and tone.
    AP Psychology
    The AP Psychology course is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts and principals associated with the major fields  within psychology, they also will learn about the methods psychologists use in their science and practice. Content will include: methodology, theory, approaches, history, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, motivation, emotion, developmental psychology, personality, testing, psychological disorders, treatment, and social psychology.      
    AP Spanish Language
    AP Spanish Language is intended for students who wish to develop proficiency and integrate their language skills, using authentic materials and sources. The course helps to prepare students to demonstrate their level of Spanish proficiency across three communicative modes: Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational.     

    General Information

    The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a nationwide program consisting of more than 30 college-level courses and exams offered at participating high schools. Subjects range from art to statistics. Students who earn a qualifying grade of three or above on an AP exam can earn college credit, or AP credit, or both, depending on the college or university. Students in Florida' s public secondary schools enrolled in AP courses do not have to pay to take the exams. For information, visit College Board Advanced Placement .  AP can change your life.   Through college-level AP courses, you enter a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school; through AP Exams, you have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities.  Contacting your guidance counselor and subject area teachers when considering AP courses is always a good idea.   Middle school students should take the most challenging academic course available to prepare for high school AP course work.   Ninth and tenth grade students should also take challenging course work, making sure that they have completed prerequisite courses necessary for entrance into school-based AP programs.   Successful completion of AP courses during the junior and senior years of high school begins with appropriate planning in middle school.