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100 E. Washington Ave
Pierson, Florida 32180
(386) 749-6800

    AVID Site Coordinator

    Ian Jackson -  

    General Information

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a copyrighted, internationally-recognized college preparatory system designed to support students for success in advanced academics and for eligibility and future success in college.  AVID is a systemic approach that supports Volusia County Schools' goal:  Increase achievement for each and every student 
    "AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society"
    AVID strategies have been refined to comprise 11 essential components.  
    1. Student selection focuses on students in the middle academically;
    2. Voluntary program participation by students and staff;
    3. AVID elective offered during school day;
    4. Enrollment in rigorous curriculum;
    5. Writing curriculum;
    6. Inquiry emphasis;
    7. Collaboration;
    8. Trained tutors;
    9. Data collection and analysis
    10. School or District resources committed;
    11. Active, inter-disciplinary site team.

    AVID Tutors 

    Make A Difference! Become an AVID Tutor! Please contact Ian Jackson at (386) 740-9800, extension 23779  or at

    AVID tutors work in the AVID elective class directly under the supervision of an AVID-trained teacher.  Tutors facilitate collaborative groups of middle or high school students to enhance students' use of higher-order thinking skills to solve problems.  This method guides student to do their own problem-solving with tutor's encouragement.  AVID tutors do not do the work for students. Expectations of the AVID tutor:

    Work conscientiously, dependably and with a sense of humor

    Complete 16 hours of training in the AVID method of tutoring

    Devote time to a set weekly schedule for tutoring:  minimum of 4 hours per week

    Provide own reliable transportation

    Pass all clearances required to be hired by Volusia County Schools including fingerprinting and drug screening

    Completed minimally 60 college semester hours or passed the ParaPro Assessment prior to hire 

    Tutors perform the following tasks:

    Tutor students in small groups, assisting in all subject areas by using class notes organized in an AVID binder, textbooks, subject area materials and AVID classroom resources.

    Determine from student notes and discussions key concepts that need to be reviewed or clarified.

    Conduct brainstorming and prewriting sessions.

    Work with students in any phase of the writing process.

    Guide "student response" groups as a tool to discuss individual student questions

    Respond to student's writing.

    Evaluate student binders including calendars, class notes and learning logs.

    Become familiar with the students' textbooks, study materials and assignments.

    Assist in developing a resource file of enrichment materials for use in tutorials.

    Communicate frequently and openly with the AVID teacher regarding progress and areas of concern.

    Notify the AVID teacher as soon as it is apparent that the tutor will be either absent or tardy.

    Set an example of personal excellence and high expectations for AVID students to follow.

    Tutor Training - Tutors needing to complete the required 16 hours of training are encouraged to complete the online course through the district's Propeller Studio courses.  Tutors must be granted a district sign-on to complete the course. Once signed into Blackboard, tutors should:

    Click on the Propeller tab at the top. 

    Click on the Propeller studio link in the middle of the page under the course catalog.

    Click on the down arrow next to the AVID Tutor Training course.

    Sign-in to register for the class when the box pops up.