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642 Taylor Road
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 322-6200
    School Advisory Council (SAC)


    By law, every school in Florida must have a School Advisory Council (SAC). This council consists of teachers, support personnel, parents, student representatives, and community members. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the council must not be employed by Volusia County Schools. The School Advisory Council:

    • assists in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan

    • assists in the preparation of the annual school budget

    • decides how funds for school improvement will be spent

    • assists in prioritizing the needs of the school

    • assists in developing strategies to improve the areas of need

    • adheres to the Sunshine Law​

    School Improvement Plan 2018-2019 Spruce Creek Elementary.pdf

    SAC MEETINGS DATES​​ 2018/2019 - 3:30pm in our Media Center 

         ​   August 28, 2018
            September 18, 2018
            October 16, 2018
            November 27, 2018
            January 29, 2019
            February 26, 2019
            March 26, 2019
            May 7, 2019


    The people on this list represent the diverse ethnic, racial, and economic community served by this school. At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the SAC are parents and community members not employed at this school. (**Appointed​​, *Chairperson)

    • Sharon Anderson (Support Staff Representative)

    • Jeff Chadwell (**Business Partner)

    • Nicole Chapman (**Parent)

    • Corrine DeArakal (Teacher)

    • Courtney Dunham (Parent)

    • Gracen Gangi (**Student Representative)

    • Susan Gangi (**Community Member)

    • Anishka Gibson (Parent)

    • Jeff Hinton (Parent)

    • Tim Hyde (**Community Member)

    • Selina Jones (Teacher)

    • Lynda Moore (**Community Member)

    • Amber Morgan (Parent)

    • Brock Morgan (Student Representative)

    • Juliet Sigmann (Parent)

    • Kyle Sims (Student Representative)

    • Yolande Sims (District Advisory Council/DAC Representative)​

    • Andrea Hall (**Principal)

    • Megan Pellicer (**Assistant Principal)

    • Karen Weinrich (*SAC CHAIRPERSON)

    • Kim Weslar (*SAC CHAIRPERSON​)


    • Work collaboratively to assist in the development of a School Improvement Plan to improve the performance of ALL students.

    • Participate regularly in School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings.

    • Participate in activities and training related to learning about the school improvement process.

    • Serve as a communication link between the SAC, the community, and the school.

    • Participate in efforts to support the goals of the school.