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642 Taylor Road
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 322-6200
    School Advisory Council (SAC)


    By law, every school in Florida must have a School Advisory Council (SAC). This council consists of teachers, support personnel, parents, and community members. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the council must not be employed by the school. The School Advisory Council:

    • assists in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan

    • assists in the preparation of the annual school budget

    • decides how funds for school improvement will be spent

    • assists in prioritizing the needs of the school

    • assists in developing strategies to improve the areas of need

    • adheres to the Sunshine Law

    School Improvement Plan 2013-2014

    SAC Members

    The people on this list represent the diverse ethnic, racial, and economic community served by this school. At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the SAC are parents and community members not employed at this school. At least one member represents support personnel who are employed at this school site.

    Elected Members:

    • Jan Addario

    • Mary Casel

    • Leslie Castillo-Solis

    • Jeff Chadwell (Community Member)

    • Melissa Cronin

    • Kelly Delameter

    • Kimberly Dillon

    • Kim Doroba

    • Emily Fagerstrom

    • John Guidubaldi (DAC Representative)

    • Andrew Leech (DAC Representative)

    • Lisa Lively

    • Corie Rosado

    • Melissa Smith

    • Heather Prince

    • Student Representative:  Connor Fagerstrom


      Rachel Hazel, Principal

      Ann Sager, Support Staff

      Karen Weinrich, Co-Chair

      Kim Weslar, Co-Chair


    • Work with parents, staff, administrators and other community representatives to assist in development of a School Improvement Plan to improve the performance of ALL students.

    • Participate regularly in School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings.

    • Participate in activities and training related to learning about the school improvement process.

    • Serve as a communication link between the SAC, the community and the school.

    • Participate in efforts to encourage support for the goals of the school.

    Future meeting dates:​ 

    District Advisory Committee