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    Five Star School Award

    Five Star Award

    The Five Star School Award is the highest award our state gives for volunteering.  There are five categories.  They are:  Business Partnership, Family Involvement, Volunteers, Student Community Service, and School Advisory Council.  Spruce Creek Elementary School has earned this award each year since the 1999-2000 school year.  Five Star portfolios are housed in the media center. Five Star Award Criteria

    Business Partnership:  Each business/agency

    • Signs an annual, jointly-developed plan of partnership activities.
    • Maintains an ongoing, active relationship with school.
    • Is involved in development and implementation of School Improvement Plan.
    • Partnership supports teaching and learning through the donation of human resources and goods/services or financial resources.
    • School---designates a business partnership coordinator.
    • School---provides opportunities for business partners to receive orientation and training.
    • Business partnership coordinator and school staff --receive training during the year on effective use of services by business partners.
    • School--provides recognition of business partners.

    Family Involvement

    • Active parent organization (PTA, PTO, Boosters, etc.)
    • Education opportunities offered to families (i.e. Sunshine State Standards, literacy, career planning, parenting, etc.)
    • Focus/discussion/support groups offered to families (parenting, drug awareness, safety, violence, prevention, etc.)
    • Joint parent and student training (i.e. family reading, violence prevention, financial aid, etc.)
    • Family outreach activities offered through collaborative or facilitated activities (neighborhood meetings, tutorial services, off-site programs, etc.)
    • 51% of families are involved in a positive way in the school more than once during the year.
    • Evidence of communication with families by teachers and school staff.

    Volunteers--Meets criteria of Golden School Award.  These include:

    • Staff training program in which a minimum of 80% of the school staff have participated during the school year.
    • School volunteer coordinator has been designated to provide leadership for the school volunteer program through recruitment, placement, training, supervision of participants.
    • Total number of hours in volunteer service equals twice the number of students enrolled in the school.  (Any volunteer activity that contributes to student improvement may be counted.)
    • School provides recognition of volunteers or service learning that focus on an identified community need (i.e. renovating a park, working at election polls, feeding homeless, etc.)
    • 50% of students are involved in community activities (i.e. pen pals to shut-ins, food drives, cross school tutoring activities, etc.)

    School Advisory Councils

    • Minimum of eight meetings per year.  Average 80% attendance of members.  Minimum of 50% attendance by each member.
    • Annual presentation of School Improvement Plan to school community after public notice to all stakeholders (school marquee, flyers, etc.)
    • Evidence of ongoing training and/or development of the School Advisory Council.
    • School Improvement Plan reflects one new idea that involves the community in its implementation.
    • School Advisory Council participated in the development and/or interpretation of the needs assessment data.