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642 Taylor Road
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 322-6200

    ​​​About Bobcat News

    Bobcat news is offered on a weekly basis through Safari Montage. Student news crews record a news show using iPads that they also edit and produce using iMovie. 

    Currently there are three Bobcat News Teams (made up of Fourth and Fifth graders).  We have the Awesome Cats, Bobcat Broadcasters, and The Power Paws.  There are 45 students involved in producing the Bobcat News and students learn all job roles required for producing the news.  

    The focus is to learn the ins and outs of using modern technology to create a scripted, filmed, edited, and student produced news show.  Students learn to set scenes, write scripts, collaborate to plan news segments, schedule filming, use the iPad, prompting materials (cue cards, teleprompter), iMovie,  and how to be directors, broadcasters, and reporters. 

    How To Become a News Team Member: 

    Students wanting to participate in the Bobcat news must be recommended by their  fourth grade teacher (in the spring), have parent permission and be able to behave and conduct themselves appropriately at all times.  Students must respond to a writing prompt about the Bobcat News and participate in a group interview.  Students wishing to anchor the news must audition. Fourth Grade students will begin training for next year's news teams in May.   

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Abadia​, Media Specialist, 322-6200 ext. 34396

    School Patrols

    Patrols are 5th graders.  They help keep our students at Spruce Creek Elementary Safe.  Each patrol has a post where they supervise students by their classrooms or other designated areas of the school.  

    Goal:  Each patrol's goal is to help supervise students on their designated post.  They remind students of the school rules.  If the students do not listen after they have had a warning, they are reported to the teacher.  This is done either in person or through a write up slip. 

    Schedule:  Patrols are to report to posts by 7:30 AM and 1:50 PM if patrolling in the afternoon. Monthly Meetings:  Patrols meet once a month to discuss concerns. Patrols are expected to display excellent behavior inside and outside of the classroom and remain passing their subjects to remain a patrol.  It is to the discretion of the advisor/student teacher whether a patrol should remain in their position.

    Contact person:  Mrs. Tabatha Wright​

    ​​National Elementary Honor Society​​​ (NEHS)

    The Spruce Creek Elementary Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society recognizes students for their successes, involves students actively in their education, and teaches students the values of community and family.  Membership requirements are: students must be in 4th or 5th grade, must be students at SCES for more that a semester, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.  NEHS works on a number of community service projects.

    Contacts: Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. White​

    ​Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA)

    ​FFEA is for 4th and 5th grade students (1-2 representatives per classroom) who may want to choose teaching as a career.  Students are chosen because of academic success, being good role models, and having an interest in teaching.  FFEA meets one Tuesday per month from 2:15-3:15.

    Contacts: Mrs. Tarmann and Mrs. Cosimi

    ​Kindness and Compassion Club​ (KC Club)

    KC Club students were selected by teacher reccommendation last year after the Rachel's Challenge Program was presented at our school.  These students act as kindness ambassadors for all students at SCES.  As spots become available, new students will be added, but currently we have a full group. Fourth and fifth graders meet on alternating weeks to work on service projects for our school and community.

    Contact: Mrs. Howard​

    The Special Olympics Motor Activity Training Program (MATP)

    The MATP is designed for athletes with severe and profound intellectual and physical disabilities who are unable to participate in the official Special Olympics sport competition.  Athletes with significant cognitive and physical disabilities need a highly specialized training program.  The MATP is a unique sport-based program designed to provide individualized training so that no one is ever excluded as an athlete.

    Contact: Mrs. Dyson​

    ​​Bobcat Cheerleading

    The purpose of this group is to teach young girls and boys the fundamentals of cheerleading, to build confidence, and to have fun.  Try outs are in May each year.  We meet every Wednesday and Thursday for practice for an hour.  This year, our cheerleaders are traveling to Walt Disney World to compete at The Contest of Champions at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

    Contact: Mrs. Gino

    Web Sites


    USER ID:  93-39884       Password:  bigchalk 

    Go to My Products Page and Click on eLibrary Elementary.  PROQUEST is a reference resource that utilizes a colorful, graphical search interface to access more than 100 magazines, newspapers, books, transcripts, maps, images, web links, and audio video titles.  Culturegrams is a part of this same website​ and fifth graders are using this site for research.  This site is provided by the Volusia County Schools.​