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    Teacher of the Year

    Congratulations to Melanie Woodward 2018/2019 Teacher of the Year!

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    (L to R) Pic one) Mrs. Young, Principal, Mrs. Woodward, & Mrs. Miles Assistant Principal  

    (Pic three) Mrs. Young, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Howland & Mrs. Woodward's Pre-K Class


    I have been teaching with Volusia County Schools for 17 years.  It's funny how life takes us on the path we are meant to travel, for as a college graduate I had no idea what I wanted to be when I 'grew up'.  I took a year to travel and during that time saw a movie that forever changed the course of my life.  For it inspired me to become a teacher and there has been no looking back since.  Teaching fulfills me, and ignites a passion deep inside of me.  Now, a mother of two amazing children, I enter my own classroom each morning with this mantra:

    Let me be the kind of teacher that I wish for my own children.  I am humbled to be recognized for loving my job- it's really as simple as that.  I love my work and it motivates me to continue to bring the best each and every day.  I am blessed to be supported by my husband, who I have been married to for 19 years.  I look forward to many more years of an extremely rewarding career. 

    Mrs. Melanie Woodward