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    Media Center

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    Mrs. Gaetjens, Media Specialist,  Shirley Pominville, Media Clerk

    "Reading is our Super Power !!

    Reading Counts is really improving!  Thank you so much for supporting this reading program with your students!!!!!!!!

    As of  12/6/17  the points are as follows…

    • 5th  2,816 pts.  Class goal 2,500 pts.  Congrats to Mr. Prestwood's class continuing your number 1 spot with 845 pts. Mrs. Gang's class is a close 2nd place, with Mrs. Marcus' class trailing just a few points behind.

    • 4th  Grade  4,744 pts. Awesome job 4th grade you are in the lead for the entire school!!! Class goal 2,000 pts. Congratulations to Mr. Moseman's class for almost reaching his class goal with 1,484 pts (before the half of the year).  Mrs. Holloway's class you are doing great and holding your 2nd place spot with 1,028 pts. Keep up the awesome progress.

    • 3rd  Grade   1,501 pts. Class goal 1,500 pts. "Ka-Pow" to Mrs. Elliott's class who is currently in the lead with 417 pts. But not to worry Mrs. Menard's class is a close 2nd with 412 points. Then Mrs. Susids' class is super close holding the 3rd place spot with 394 pts.  

    • 2nd  Grade 683 pts. Class goal 1,000 pts.  Congrats to 2nd grad you have doubled you grade level points in just one month. Congratulations to Mrs. Fredrickson's class for their 1st place position.  2nd place with 141 points is Ms. Alvarado's class and 3rd place goes to Mrs. Geier with 116 pts.

    Every Monday, the points are printed and posted on the “Superhero ” bulletin boards in the Media Center for each class and grade level.  Each class has a “Hero” that glides across a colored ribbon.

     Don't forget to read and take your Reading Counts Quizzes!!!