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1500 Meadowlark Drive
Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 575-4080
    Media Center

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     Mrs. Gaetjens, Media Specialist,  Shirley Pominville, Media Clerk

    Media Tentative Dates:

    • Reading Counts and SSYRA challenge officially ends on Friday, May 4th All books will be DUE THIS DATE AS WELL. 
    • Reading Counts Awards May 16th
      • All 2nd grade classes 8:30-9:00
      • All 4th grade classes 9:30-10:00
    • Reading Counts Awards (continued) May 17th  
      • All 3rd grade classes 8:20-8:50
      • All 5th grade classes 9:00-9:30
    • SSYRA lunch at Olive Garden May 18th
    • Reading Counts Pizza Party May 22nd 1:05

    "Reading is our Super Power !!

    Let's keep those Reading Counts going!!!!!!!!

    As of  4/30/18  the points are as follows…

    ·      5th  6,988 ptsClass goal 2,000 pts.  Congrats to Mrs. Gang's class for taking the lead with 1,740 points.  You are super close to the Pizza Party celebration. Keep up the hard work!

    • 4th  Grade  12,465 pts. Awesome job 4th grade you are really showing your super reading skills!!! You gained 1,133 points in just one week!   AH-MA-ZING!!!!!!! Your Class goal is 2,000 pts. We have a friendly competition for 1st place between Mr. Moseman's class with 3,897 points and Mrs. Holloway's class with 3,815 points. Stay tuned to see who's going to end up on top?
    • 3rd  Grade  3,978 pts. Class goal 1,000 pts. "Ka-Pow" to Mrs. Elliott's class who reached their class goal, keep it going! Ms. Susid's class is a close 2nd place with 982 points. 
    • 2nd  Grade 3,922 pts. Class goal 750 pts. Congratulations to Mrs. Fredrickson's (1,040 points) and Mrs. Alvarado's (834 points) class for reaching their reading counts class goal.  Let's keep it going!!!!  I am super proud of my 2nd grade team, you really rocked Reading counts this year.  Thank you😊

    Every Monday, the points are printed and posted on the "Superhero " bulletin boards in the Media Center for each class and grade level.  Each class has a "Hero" that glides across a colored ribbon.

     Don't forget to read and take your Reading Counts Quizzes!!!