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1500 Meadowlark Drive
Deltona, FL 32725
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    Media Center

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    Sandy H. Fess, Media Specialist,  Shirley Pominville, Media Clerk

    Reading is “Paw”some !!                      

    Reading Counts is “PAW” sitively great in grades 2-5.    Students in kindergarten and first grade will be introduced to RC as they become independent readers.

    As of  03/06/17  the points are as follows…

    Fifth 10,103 pts.  increased 390 points  Grade level goal 10,000 points    Class goal 2,500

    Fourth Grade 4,899 pts. increased 449 points  Grade level goal 8,000 points  Class goal 2,000

    Third Grade   4,196 pts. increased 293 points   Grade level goal 6,000 points    Class goal 1,500  

    Second Grade 938 pts. increased 137 points Grade level goal 4,000 points    Class goal 1,000

    Every Monday, the points are printed and posted on the “PAW” some bulletin boards in the Media Center for each class and grade level.  Each class has a dog that swallows a bone and it moves closer to the tail of the dog.  Class bones reaching their dog’s tail by year’s end will have a victory celebration.  

    Due to the amount of testing taking place in the Media Center, we will be combining the third and fourth quarter points together and celebrate in May. Third and Fourth semester Reading Counts recognized in May. 

    Don't forget to read and take your Reading Counts​ Quizzes!!​​