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    Media Center

    Mrs. Gaetjens, Media Specialist,  Shirley Pominville, Media Clerk

    Reading Counts is a “Smashing” hit in grades 2-5

    Let’s keep those Reading Counts going!!!!!!!!

    As of  11/6/17  the points are as follows…

    • 5th  2,165 pts.  Class goal 2,500 pts.  Congrats to Mr. Prestwood’s class for taking the lead. Mrs. Gang’s class is a close 2nd place.

    • 4th  Grade  3,134 pts. Awesome job 4th grade you are in the lead for the entire school!!! Class goal 2,000 pts. Congratulations to Mr. Moseman’s class for taking 1st place.

    • 3rd  Grade   832 pts. Class goal 1,500 pts. “Ka-Pow” to Mrs. Elliott’s class who is currently in the lead.

    • 2nd  Grade 349 pts. Class goal 1,000 pts. Congratulations to Mrs. Fredrickson’s class for their 1st place position. 

    Every Monday, the points are printed and posted on the “Superhero ” bulletin boards in the Media Center for each class and grade level.  Each class has a “Hero” that glides across a colored ribbon.

     Don't forget to read and take your Reading Counts Quizzes!!!