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605 West New Hampshire Ave.
DeLand, FL 32720
(386) 822-6815
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Jacquese J. Copeland
    (386) 822-6815
    Photo of Holly M. Bailey
    Principal Intern
    (386) 822-6815
    Photo of Estelle Callaway
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 822-6815
    Photo of Nicholas King
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 822-6815
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Allgood, Audrey Y. Non-Core Teacher
    Applegarth, Alyson L. Non-Core Teacher
    Arambulo, Patricia Core Teacher
    Arnold, Victoria N. Core Teacher
    Azucar, Holly A. Media Teacher
    Brown, Arkee J. Core Teacher
    Bryant, Bernadette Core Teacher
    Chopra, Mona Core Teacher
    Chowdhury, Dalia K. Core Teacher
    Chute, Jamie A. Core Teacher
    Clark, Dominique A. ESE Teacher
    Clark, Michael D. Non-Core Teacher
    Clas-Rodriguez, Anita M. Core Teacher
    Davis, Lindsay L. Core Teacher
    Garcia Alicea, Ismarie Core Teacher
    Goodin, Suzanne M. Core Teacher
    Halle, Margaret M. Non-Core Teacher
    Henderson, Heather H. Reading Coach
    Higham, Rebecca J. ESE Teacher
    Hoch, Sarah E. Core Teacher
    Ivy, Mona L. Core Teacher
    Julien, Ca'trice N. Core Teacher
    Klimas, Keith J. Core Teacher
    Krazeise, Amy J. Non-Core Teacher
    Langston, Victoria L. ESE Teacher
    Litwiniec, Matthew D. Non-Core Teacher
    Maclin, Michelle S. Math Coach
    Martin, Megan ESE Teacher
    McBryde, Burt L. ESE Teacher
    McCrystal, Carla M. Core Teacher
    Pena, Heidi M. Core Teacher
    Phillis, Benjamin J. Core Teacher
    Pieri, Suzanne M. Core Teacher
    Raynor, Jennifer E. Core Teacher
    Reed, Hanna I. Core Teacher
    Richards, Tamar I. Core Teacher
    Roberts, Tracy L. ESE Teacher
    Rodgers, Alena M. Core Teacher
    Rosekelly, Mark L. Core Teacher
    Rossi, Yukiko Core Teacher
    Ryland, Linda G. Core Teacher
    Salgado, Rosa Non-Core Teacher
    Sharp, Michael A. ESE Teacher
    Small, Wayne L. ESE Teacher
    Smith, Andrea L. Core Teacher
    Smith, Bethany K. Academic Coach
    St John, Lisa M. ESE Teacher
    Stone, Eden C. ESE Teacher
    Taylor, Lynette M. Core Teacher
    Thomas, Tara A. Core Teacher
    Tipitino, Rose T. Non-Core Teacher
    Vickers, Cara E. Core Teacher
    Zillmann, Cari Non-Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ambers, Twila A. Certified School Counselor
    Maddox, Jean D. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Sands, Maria D. Teacher, Academic Intervention
    Alvarado, Yanira Y. Office Specialist II 22825
    Dotson, Cassandra G. Office Specialist III 22848
    Kepler, Carol L. Office Specialist I
    Ortiz, Lillian K. Office Specialist I
    Protinick, Melissa Office Specialist III 22816