Evacuation Line-Up

Phase 2

After Phase 2 announcement is made, all faculty and staff should move to Phase 2 assignment locations as described below:


All Grades will line up by grade level and at the Primary Evacuation Site and prepare to move to Phase 3.

Evacuation Locations

Phase 3

After Phase 3 announcement is made, all faculty and staff should move to off site locations.

First Baptist Church of South Daytona         Grades Kg. through 2
Response Team       Dr. Hollie Newnam, PrincipalClassrooms
Wendell Christensen, CoordinatorMoller, Stafford, Giroux, Cooper, Conyers, Shirley, King, Nunez, Shearer, Kolb, Lewis, Schap, Thompson, Jackson, Whalen, Mobley, Kennard, Nave, Whatley, Leone, Martin, Stephens, Lubas, Bloom, Palmer, Pappas
Susan Walsh         (side gate—Kg. grade)
Carol Sperber   (side gate-1st  Grade)
Erin Bass (side gate—2nd  grade)
Jan Knestrick (side gate)
Marie Bracciale(Side gate)
Pam Knowles         (report to Baptist church with records)
Tasha Merrell  (report to Baptist church with Emergency Cards)

Sandi Cicero, Tammy Harnage

Back up:  Regina Roberts

South Daytona Christian Church        Grades 3 through 5
Response Team          Greg Schwartz, Assistant PrincipalClassrooms
Lianne Fernandez , Coordinator Reiblich, Bagby, Kammerer, Bertine, Wyant, ,Sita, Reynolds, Boulton, Azzarello, Natanilov, Steinhardt, Hales, Reiley, Rodgers, Hopkins, Wadsworth, Fletcher, Fries, Merrell, Gallo
Dianne Casella         (side gate—3rd Grade)                            
Tabatha Wright         (side gate—4th Grade)
Jamie Frey                 (side gate—5th Grade)
Jan Pivec                   (side gate—Day Care list)
Christy Herrin and Tawnee Brainard (Report to Christian Church with blue cards)
Michelle Johnson
Keith Kopshina    
Back up: Linda Gelow