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1300 Herbert Street
Port Orange, FL, 32129
(386) 322-6175
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Dr. Sharon Lavallee
    (386) 322-6175
    Photo of Mr. Todd Leathead
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 322-6175
    Photo of Aaron Alves
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 322-6175
    Photo of Latonya Mitchell
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 322-6175
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Alligood, Kevin G. Core Teacher
    Beck, Lori S. Core Teacher
    Boisvere, Franklin G. Core Teacher
    Boss, Suzanne M. Core Teacher
    Bride, Hai C. Core Teacher
    Burdette, Kristin L. Core Teacher
    Charles, Rachel K. Core Teacher
    Circelli, Cindy E. Academic Coach
    Cornine, Tonya J. Core Teacher
    Crowell, Pamela J. Core Teacher
    Dyer, Kaitlynn M. Core Teacher
    Ellis, Amanda C. Non-Core Teacher
    Frank, Kelly A. Core Teacher
    Gambelunghe, Rachel M. Core Teacher
    Gawriluk, Mary E. Non-Core Teacher
    Gray, Deborah L. Core Teacher
    Gregor, Christopher J. Core Teacher
    Griffith, Mackenzie S. Core Teacher
    Guardado Erazo, Mercedes M. Core Teacher
    Hackley, Michael S. Non-Core Teacher
    Hastings, Jeanette F. ESE Teacher
    Hildebrand, Cynthia D. ESE Teacher
    Howe, Dean W. Non-Core Teacher
    Johnson, Marcus E. Core Teacher
    Kraft, Mark D. Core Teacher
    Lanier, Robert P. Non-Core Teacher
    Lecras, Timothy D. Core Teacher
    LiCausi, Eileen M. ESE Teacher
    Miller, Christina M. ESE Teacher
    Milton, Kymberley Z. Core Teacher
    Moore, Anthony T. Core Teacher
    Nelson, Brian E. Non-Core Teacher
    Nelson, Samantha P. Non-Core Teacher
    Nord, Eric A. Core Teacher
    O'Brien, Lisa Y. ESE Teacher
    Palmer, Misty R. Core Teacher
    Parrish-Talk, William H. Non-Core Teacher
    Patrick, Victoria M. ESE Teacher
    Powell, Joseph C. Non-Core Teacher
    Rich, Caleb M. Core Teacher
    Rosensteel, Roberta J. Core Teacher
    Seal, Montana C. Core Teacher
    Sellew, George F. Core Teacher
    Sherman, Catherine L. ESE Teacher
    Slade, Brandi N. ESE Teacher
    Smith, Timothy D. Non-Core Teacher
    Stevenson, Guy R. Non-Core Teacher
    Strapp, Joan M. ESE Teacher
    Szerdy, Stephanie T. Core Teacher
    Tate, Wendy M. Core Teacher
    Thompson, Cristi L. Core Teacher
    Wedge, Bethalyn E. Core Teacher
    Wheeler, Karen A. Core Teacher
    Word, Ceasar K. Core Teacher
    Yelvington, Jennifer L. Non-Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Hemingway, Laura C. Certified School Counselor
    Opfer, Jessica L. Certified School Counselor
    Provenzano, Beth A. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Carignan, Timothy J. Teacher On Assignment
    Anderson, Shanna J. Office Specialist I 36410
    Bartholomew, Lynn J. Office Specialist III 36422
    Bowman, Kristy K. Office Specialist I
    Gist, Michael L. In-School Suspension Secondary 77932
    Hardy, Kathleen A. Office Specialist I 77059
    Kaiser, JoAnn Office Specialist III 36480
    Ray, Lori S. BTB Site Lead
    Scalf, Lauren R. Office Specialist I 36406
    Verduzco, Christine A. Office Specialist III 74532
    Waters, Karen R. Office Specialist II 36412