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1300 Herbert Street
Port Orange, FL, 32129
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    ​​​FSA Scores - where can you find your scores?

    ​​FSA Parent Letter.pdf

    Math can be fun!  ​Students enjoyed a glow day math review in preparation for the FSA in Mrs. Tello's class. See more pictures on our FaceBook page.​




    Ms. Boss
    6th Grade - Rm 214
    Before School: 8:50-9:20
    After School: 4:15-5:15
    Lunch & Learn: 11:08-11:38
    After School: 4:15-5:15
    During 6th Per: 1:49-2:30
    Virtually (Teams): 5:00-6:00
    Lunch & Learn: 11:08-11:38
    After School: 4:15-5:15
    Before School: 8:50-9:20On an as needed basis or during special circumstances.
    Ms. Turner
    8th Grade
     Teams 5:30 - 6:30
    Code: eux1swo
     Teams 5:30 - 6:30
    Code: eux1swo
    Ms. Frank
    7th and 8th
     Before School: 8:50-9:20Before School: 8:50-9:20Before School: 8:50-9:20Before School: 8:50-9:20 


     (AVID)​ Advancement Via Individual Determination

    Please click on the link below to find our AVID information

    Media Center  

    • During the school day, students may come to the Media Center with their class, or they may have a pass from their teacher.
    • Students must enter the Media Center quietly because classes are often in session.

    • Students may check out two books at one time.  These books may be kept for two weeks.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to return materials to the Media Center.  This can be done before and after school as well as during the day with classes or on passes. There is also a book-drop outside the rear of the Media Center.

    • Students needing print-outs for class, clubs, etc. can do so in the Media Center for .10/page. 

    Physical Education Department

    The physical education program shall address and enhance the motor, cognitive, and interpersonal skills as well as the fitness abilities of each student.  Students shall have a better understanding of health issues and the skills and attitudes that shall enable them to make informed decisions for a healthy, active lifestyle now and in the future. 

    Longer attention spans: Children who stare at TV and video games all day have less patience and shorter attention If none of these practical and important reasons work for you -- consider that a child who spends time outdoors breathes healthier air (than indoors), learns to see the wonders of nature, climbs trees, has more fun and learns a deeper respect for wildlife and natural surroundings. 

    Encore Department

    Agricultural Education

    Agriculture allows students an opportunity to explore a broad range of careers in agriscience, technology and environmental sciences.

    Semester courses introduce students to career opportunities and educational requirements as well as stimulating personal aptitudes, abilities and interests in agriculture. Reinforcement of academic skills occurs through the classroom instruction and applied laboratory procedur​es.  Teacher: Mr. Cain


    Art courses enable students to develop art appreciation skills through the appreciation and production of works that emphasize various media.

    Semester courses progress through two- and three-dimensional media, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking. Emphasis is places on critical thinking, analysis and evaluation of composition; historical and cultural themes; personal and social benefits; and real-world and career connections.

    Teacher: Mrs Nelson


    Music Education: An introductory semester course for sixth graders in general music provides an introduction for students who learn to play the electric piano and hand bells.  It is designed to encourage students to develop their musical abilities and increase their interest in furthering their music studies in either band or chorus.

    Teachers:   Mrs. Taylor Gelb

    BAND Beginning and  intermediate courses provide instrumental instruction on standard woodwind, brasswind, and/or percussion instruments in a class setting.  Content includes the study of characteristic tone production, music literacy and individual and ensemble techniques. The advanced course expands the experience through performance and refinement of a variety of basic band literatures. After-school rehearsals and performances are requirements of each course.

    Teacher: Mr. Joey Powell

    CHORUS provides students with experience in vocal production techniques and group singing.  Content shall enable students to demonstrate basic skills in vocal tone production, choral performance techniques, musical literacy, and music appreciation. Year-long courses range from beginning to intermediate to advanced.  After-school rehearsals and performances are requirements of each course.

    Teacher:  Ms. Taylor Gelb

    Foreign Language

    World Languages is offered at 6th grade to introduce basic vocabulary in several world languages and to learn about specific cultures.  Beginning Spanish is open to 7th graders who want to learn fundamental skills in a different language and elements of culture. Enrollment in Spanish I & II  is determined by FCAT reading score and concentrates on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as cultural awareness.  

    Family & Consumer Sciences

    Sixth graders may take Life Choice, a semester course that allows them to explore the broad range of occupations in family and consumer sciences.  Using current technology and resources, seventh graders may choose the semester course, Teen Challenges, designed to assist students in enhancing the quality of their lives through home, family and consumer sciences.  Personal Development gives 8th graders special emphasis on nutrition, self-esteem, human growth and development, interpersonal relationships, personal and family environment, grooming and dress as well as management of personal resources. ​

    Business Computer Technology

    All sixth graders take Business1, except those in band or chorus.

    Semester courses in business 1 & 2 gain expertise in computer skills by developing integrated projects in word processing, database management, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Publisher. Semester courses in  business 2 & 3 build on previous skills and include web design, programming and soft skills for business applications.  These competencies provide the skills necessary to ensure increased productivity and efficient utilization of equipment.

    Teacher: Mr. Stevenson



    Technology semester courses introduce students to the wide variety of work performed today and future in our technological world.  Through laboratory experiences and hands-on activities students explore the organization, function and evolving technologies in our world.  Emphasis is placed on transferable skills and an understanding and demonstration of tools, machines, materials, processes and systems used in business and industry. 

    ​Teacher: Mr. Hackley

     Grades - Homework

    ·         Agenda Planners should be checked daily for assignments, homework, projects or comments.

    ·         Interim Reports are issued at the mid-term.

    ·         Report cards are issued every nine weeks.

    ·         Interim Reports and Report Cards inform parents about academic & behavioral progress.

    ·         Parents are strongly encouraged to conference with their child’s teachers.

    ·         Peak periods for conferences are around Interim Reports and Report Cards; therefore, it is strongly suggested that conferences be scheduled early!

              GRADE                                PERCENTILE
                  A                                           90-100
                  B                                           80-89
                  C                                           70-79
                  D                                           60-69
                  F                                            0 -59


    Conduct is Satisfactory  -   1

    Conduct Needs Improvement - 2

    Conduct is Unsatisfactory - 3


    ·         Each teacher may assign homework.

    ·         Each grade will work together to ensure that students are not overloaded with homework.

    ·         Students are responsible for the completion, and the return, of their homework.

    ·         The Agenda Planner should be checked daily.  Both the student and parent should note when projects and reports are due to avoid a last minute overload of work.

    Academic and Behavioral Concerns

    Should parents or guardians have questions regarding students’ academic or behavioral concerns, the first, and best, place to start is with the teacher. Only the teacher directly involved will be able to answer your specific questions. Please call the school to schedule an appointment, giving the teacher at least 24 hours notice.  Should you feel the need for additional assistance after having spoken to the teacher, the House Leader or Guidance Counselor should be consulted.