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Orange City, FL 32763
(386) 968-0011

    ​​​​​​​Parent Climate Survey

    We value your feedback and would very much appreciate you completing River Springs Parent Climate Survey 2019-2020 using the link below.

    Thank you,

    Click here to access the Parent Climate Survey 2019-2020

    Volusia Connect

    Rather get a text message than a phone call?

    In order to send you important updates via text we need your permission.  Click the link below for directions on how to opt in! 

    Volusia Connect Flyer.pdf

    School Improvement Plan​

    School Improvement Plan

    Please click the link below to review the School Improvement Plan for River Springs Middle School of Technology and Innovation.

    School Improvement Plan 2018-2019​​

    We would love your input!

    You can also view a copy in our front office.  Please contact Brenda Barkley, 6th Grade Assistant Principal, at (386)968-0011, with any questions or comments.​ 


    Volusia County Schools Wellness Policy

    School Way Cafe Wellness News and Policy webpage.​

    ​​Volusia County Schools Wellness Policy Adopted 2016

    ​​​​Schoolwide​ Supply List

    River Springs Middle School Supply List

    ​​Emergency Situation Guide​

    During and following an emergency situation, school and district officials must act quickly and follow established emergency protocols to safeguard students and staff, secure schools, and communicate accurate information in a timely manner. Parents can assist greatly by helping with preparation before the emergency.


    School Uniforms

    ​On March 29, 2016, the School Board of Volusia County adopted a student appearance, dress and uniform code for all elementary, middle and high school students for the 2016-2017 school year. Read ​more...​​

    The school uniform colors for the 2016-2017 school year are: 

    Tops - white, forest green and black. 

    Bottoms - Navy blue, black or tan pants, shorts, capris, skorts or jumper or black and blue denim long pants 

    New Volunteer Application Process

    Please use the following link to access the district Volunteer/Business Partnership webpage.

    VCS Volunteer/Partnership Programs

    Click on the link below to submit your volunteer application electronically.  Please go to the school in which you wish to volunteer to have your ID scanned to complete the process​.

    Volunteer Application English   Volunteer Application Spanish  

    Morning Procedures

    Morning Procedures

    Restricted Items

    Restricted items

    ​Florida Kid Care

    Florida Kid Care is our state’s free or low-cost health insurance program for children under 19 years old. Your child may qualify for comprehensive health coverage through Florida Kid Care, even if one or both parents work. Getting health coverage for your children before they become sick is very important. Children need regular check-ups so they can grow strong and healthy. Healthy children do their best at school and play.     

                Florida Kid Care services include:

                            • Doctor Visits

                            • Check-ups & Shots

                            • Hospital, Surgery & Emergency Services

                            • Vision/Hearing

                            • Mental Health

                            • Prescriptions 

    Eligibility for Florida KidCare is based on income and family size. Your child may be eligible for health insurance, even if both parents are working.

    Florida KidCare includes four different programs. When you apply for the insurance, Florida KidCare will check which program you may qualify for based on the child's age and family income.

    If your child is uninsured we can help you.  ​Please call Theresa Watson at (386) 734-7190, Extension 20516 or e-mail at  with any questions concerning Florida KidCare or the application process.

    Eng-Newsletter Flyer 

    Span-Newsletter Flyer 

    School Way Cafe 2017-2018 News


    State law requires 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to have the following immunizations in order to attend school:  Hepatitis B Series (3 shots) and second dose of measles. Students in 7th and 8th grade are required to have the Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular (tdap) booster.  Documentation of vaccinations must be on a #680 (Immunization Card) and brought to the school office for input.  The Volusia County Health Department is a vaccine provider, and they provide all shots necessary for school. The #680 (Immunization Card) is available upon request.  STUDENTS WITHOUT VALID PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP THEIR SCHEDULES OR BE ADMITTED INTO CLASSES. Immunizations are now available at Deland -(386) 822-6215 and Deltona - (386) 789-7507.

    ​ Immunization Reminder

    Immunization Reminder

      Message form the School Nurse

    Please read the attached letter below  regarding end of year procedures for student's prescription and non-prescription medication.

    Message from the Nurse 

    Information for Parents to Help Children Cope With Death

    • As soon as possible after the death, set aside time to talk with your child.
    • Give your child facts in a simple manner; be careful not to go into too much detail.
    • Use the correct language such as "dead" or "died," etc. Do not use phrases such as "She's sleeping" or "She went away," etc.
    • Think about the ways your child can say "good bye" to the person who has died. (write a letter, poem, or card in honor of the deceased)
    • Watch for behavioral changes in your child. If they concern you, call for help.
    • Give children special support by keeping things fairly structured.
    • ​Be especially loving and supportive; children need you at this time. 

    ​​RSMS Free and Reduced Lunch Assistance Program 


    Common Sense For Parents  

    Much research on family conditions and the upbringing of children has lead to this important conclusion: 
    A lot of love and involvement from the people bringing up the children, clear limits for what behavior is allowed and not allowed, as well as the use of nonviolent methods of upbringing, creates non-aggressive  harmonious, and independent children. 
    Here are some common sense rules for parents/caregivers who want to help children have a positive childhood.

    • Let your child feel he or she is important.  Children have a great need to fell they are important to their parents.  Children grow on love and challenges.
    • Laugh with and not at your child.  Children are proud and can be deeply hurt when they feel you are making fun of them.  Laugh with your child; humor is positive.
    • Do not give in to your child to avoid conflict.  Children feel more secure when they have limits set for them in their everyday life, but they often cannot refrain from testing their limits.
    • Praise your child frequently.  Encouragement and kind words motivate a child to cooperate.  Positive support strengthens the child's self-image and creates an enthusiastic spirit.  When new challenges arise, your child will be able to meet them confidently.

    Remember that you are a role model for your child.  your child is bonded with you in the deepest love and admiration.  That is why he or she wants to be like you, at least when he or she is young.  Wh​atever you do, your child will do.  Whatever you say or believe, your child will repeat.

    Secondary Grading Guidelines​

    ​Grading Guidelines can be found on the District website.

    ​Grading Simply click on the ‘Parents’ link.  Then click on the link for Volusia Instructional Management System (VIMS).  Finally click on the ‘Parent’ link on the left.”

    Right to Know 
    right to know english 2017.pdf

    right to know spanish 2017.pdf​​


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