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900 West Ohio Avenue
Orange City, FL 32763
(386) 968-0011
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Mrs Stacy Gotlib
    (386) 968-0011 X45911
    Photo of Candace Ezell
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 968-0011
    Photo of Melissa Fratus
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 968-0011
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Atkinson, Charles B. Non-Core Teacher
    Baker, Kristine C. Core Teacher
    Bay, Scott C. Core Teacher
    Beckmann, Amy S. Core Teacher
    Bergeron, Nicole M. Core Teacher
    Brawner, Jessie E. Core Teacher
    Brown, David S. Core Teacher
    Chirogianis, Christopher J. Core Teacher
    Clancy, Maria B. ESE Teacher
    Cleavenger, Cynthia I. Core Teacher
    Collins, Jacquelynn M. Non-Core Teacher
    Darby, John M. Media Teacher
    Davidson, Heather M. Non-Core Teacher
    Elsey, Deanna L. Core Teacher
    Emery, Angelina Non-Core Teacher
    Erthal, John L. Non-Core Teacher
    Flowers, Stacey J. Core Teacher
    Gallagher, Michelle M. Core Teacher
    Garris, Orlenna M. Core Teacher
    Giallonardo, Kathryn ESE Teacher
    Gifford, Wendi L. Core Teacher
    Goodwin, Catherine A. ESE Teacher
    Gravenmier, Darlene H. Core Teacher
    Gussow, Jason A. Core Teacher
    Hall, Emma L. Core Teacher
    Harper, Jacob R. Core Teacher
    Harris, Rebecca A. Core Teacher
    Henry, JonNita A. Core Teacher
    Hope, Melissa A. Non-Core Teacher
    Hosterman, Douglas B. Non-Core Teacher
    Hurtado, Jose ESE Teacher
    Jennings, Cornelius J. Non-Core Teacher
    Kransi, Lisa A. Core Teacher
    Kurtz, Lori E. ESE Teacher
    Leader, Michael K. ESE Teacher
    Leader, R J. Core Teacher
    Leon, Telkris Core Teacher
    Lippold, Adam T. Core Teacher
    Llewellyn-Thomas, Arnette E. ESE Teacher
    Mann, Andrea J. Non-Core Teacher
    Marchione, Lauren E. Academic Coach
    Mathis, Patricia D. Core Teacher
    McCauley, Haley L. Core Teacher
    McLeod, Debora A. Core Teacher
    Meredith, David R. ESE Teacher
    Mondell, Wilma ESE Teacher
    Myers, Sarah A. ESE Teacher
    Ostermann, Michelle M. Core Teacher
    Parker, Susan L. Core Teacher
    Pasquale, Nicole M. Core Teacher
    Petersen, Kelley M. Core Teacher
    Reeves, Christopher S. ESE Teacher
    Richner, Douglas W. ESE Teacher
    Roberts, Michele J. ESE Teacher
    Robertson, Patricia L. Core Teacher
    Sacino, Nicolette R. Speech Clinician
    Smith, Andrea R. Core Teacher
    Smithers, Heidi A. ESE Teacher
    Smoleroff, Kaitlyn J. Core Teacher
    Steele, Tracy C. ESE Teacher
    Story, Samuel R. Core Teacher
    Sullivan, Luz M. Core Teacher
    Turton, Shawan S. Core Teacher
    Wamsley, Scott M. Non-Core Teacher
    Warner, Kayla N. Core Teacher
    Watters, Rebecca M. Core Teacher
    Weiss, Trae M. Core Teacher
    Weston, Tiffiny N. Core Teacher
    Wilbanks, Mary E. Non-Core Teacher
    Youngblood, Michele A. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Brown, Michele D. Certified School Counselor
    Galan, Esmeralda A. Certified School Counselor
    Robinson, William H. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Whited, Brandon W. Teacher On Assignment
    Ambrose, Dawn E. Office Specialist III 45915
    Barrera, Genesis J. BTB Site Lead 73397
    Barrett, Gayle W. Deaf Interpreter 76898
    Becker, Elizabeth Office Specialist III 45908
    Cooke, Noevia L. Office Specialist II 45907
    Evans, Juanita Office Specialist I 77087
    Foehner, Mary E. Office Specialist I 77128
    Grubbs, Melissa A. Office Specialist I 70396
    Love, Sharon L. Office Specialist III 45911
    Stallworth, Charlie In-School Suspension Secondary
    Wooten, Yamisha D. Permanent Sub - Sch Based 77285