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    We are in bug season now.  Moreover not just flu bugs, or stomach bugs but head lice bugs.  Prevention is key; keep your child's hair pulled back if it is long; discourage sharing of brushes, combs and head gear.

    Please check your child for head lice during routine grooming.  There is no outbreak of lice at this time but I encourage you to be proactive.  The signs of head lice are scratching at the back of the neck and behind the ears.  It appears like a dandruff flake glued near the base of the hair shaft.  There are many over the counter treatments.  Check with your child's doctor for what they recommend or you may pick up the flyer from your school, 'Guide for Head Lice Treatment.'

    If your child has head lice, please notify the school nurse.  If your child is found to have live bugs during school hours, you will be asked to pick up your child for early dismissal.  Please have updated phone numbers on the emergency card at school.  Should you have any questions, please contact the clinic or go to the School Health page on the school website for more information.

    Basic behaviours help prevent infection spread, preventing diarrhea, fever, vomiting and more!  Coughing and sneezing spread germs.

    • Wash hands: Plan A: Use soap and water, scrub for 15-20 seconds each time.  Plan B: Hand sanitizer, alcohol based (at least 60% alcohol).
    • Cover coughs: Cover your mouth and nose during a cough with your elbow or shoulder.  If you use a tissue, use it once, discard and wash hands.  Do not use bare hands.
    • Wounds:  Keep any sore/wound covered whilst at school.  Supplies are in the clinic.  Do not touch, pop, pick sores/boils.  If a sore starts to drain, see Nurse Janice.
    • Know when to stay home:  Keep sick children at home to prevent spread of contagion.  Children need to be fever-free, without medicine, for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Clean contaminated items:  Wipe surfaces/items handled while sick, frequently, such as desk tops, pencils, etc.  Antibacterial wipes are convenient for this use.


    If your child is sick, please read the information in the link below before sending them to school.

    Sick Day Guidelines 2018


    Click the link below to read information regarding the VCS Wellness Policy.

    VCS Wellness Policy