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926 Howland Blvd.
Deltona, FL 32738
(386) 575-4195
    Media Center
    Rich Bucich, Media Specialist

    General Information

    Pine Ridge High School Media Center provides an open and flexible schedule so that students may use the center and the materials on an as-needed basis. The Media Center is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 4:15, early release Wednesdays from 7:00 to 3:15, and Fridays from 7:00 to 3:00. During the school day students may come to the Media Center with a teacher or individually with a pass. Students using the media center before school, after school and at lunch do not need passes.

    Our Media Center can accommodate two classes at one time. Teachers are asked to sign up at least 24 hours in advance when bringing a class to the Media Center. A cooperative planning sheet must be completed with the media specialist prior to arrival. This allows specialists to assist teachers in planning appropriate materials and instruction as well as assigning classes to the area best suited for its activities. Teachers sending students on passes during the day are asked to send not more than two students at one time. Each student must have a separate pass and a constructive assignment. Except to return to class these students will not be allowed to leave the center, until the last ten minutes. At this time they will be sent back to class.

    Students at Pine Ridge High School may check out three books for two weeks. When a student wishes to check out a book, he or she must have a Student ID. The fine for returning a book later than the due date is ten cents per school day. A student who has an overdue book or a fine must meet that obligation before checking out another book. When a book is lost, a student pays the list price and is given a formal receipt. Should the book be found the money is returned, less the fine incurred. Books and fines not paid will be turned in as obligations each year. Students may use periodicals, equipment, non-print and reference materials only in the media center. There is no time limit for faculty members use of materials during the school year, but you are requested to return materials when you have finished using them. All materials checked out to faculty members must be turned in at the time circulation is closed at the end of the school year. Faculty members will be charged for materials not returned.
    1. Food, drinks, backpacks and purses are not permitted in the media center.
    2. Teachers scheduled to use the media center are asked to meet their classes in their rooms before coming to the center. Upon arrival please wait outside until all of your students are present. Teachers are asked to remain with their classes. If a student from your class needs to leave the center you must write them a pass in order for them to re-enter. During the last 10 minutes of each period, plan to return to class. This allows us time to ready the center for the next class.
    3. If you are absent please do not schedule a substitute to bring your class to the media center.
    4. All materials are indexed in the electronic card catalog. Training on this application is available to students and faculty upon request.
    5. Bibliography searches are available on curriculum topics per teacher request.
    6. Overdue book lists will be printed periodically and given to 1st period teachers. Teachers are asked to help by reminding students of their obligations.
    7. New material ordering is done continually throughout the year. Forms are available for requests. All requests are and purchases are made following Volusia County Criteria for Selection.

    Informational Services

    Because information skills are enabling skills that support student learning in all areas of the curriculum, the media specialists stand ready to teach any skill when the classroom teacher sees the need for it. Teachers are encouraged to plan for skill instruction in conjunction with units of study in the content area. Teacher and media specialist, using the cooperative planning sheet, will plan and schedule the lessons together. This planning will encompass materials, timetable, division of teaching responsibilities, student activities, assignments and evaluation. Teacher and media specialist will work together to assure that information skills instruction will be designed to meet the needs and interests resulting from classroom assignments and will also meet the performance competencies for information skills.

    Non-print materials

    Instructional videos, laser disks and CD programs are available to us from several sources: our school collection, the district resource library, Cable in the Classroom and instructional television (ITV). Teachers may check out materials for use in the classroom or request closed circuit transmission of a video program. If you plan to use any material from another source (rentals, off air taping, personal copies...) you must fill out the appropriate forms in the Media Center. Guidelines for use of non-print materials may be found in your faculty handbook. Teachers should be knowledgeable about copyright laws pertaining to the use of non-print materials in the classroom and preview any material before showing it to a class. Remember a rating of PG or higher indicates the material is not suitable for classroom showing and the teacher must follow a strict procedure to use this item.

    Internet Searching Tips

    • Try to be as specific as possible when starting a search. Use at least 2 or 3 search terms. If your result list does not have any correct hits, broaden your search.
    • Choose a program that suits your topic. For example if you are researching a career use Bridges, it is a career based site.
    • If you do not receive any hits check your spelling.
    • Use quotation marks around a phrase to search the words in that exact order. For example "Michael Jordan".

    Internet Search Sites

    PROQUEST - Current computer database of magazines, newspapers, books, TV, radio, pictures and maps. Includes Electric Library, Magills Learning Literature and ProQuest.  
    School: 82-12697 Password: bigchalk

    GALE RESOURCES - Comprehensive cross-curricular reference source. Included in this database are The Student Resource Center, and Opposing Viewpoints.  

    Password: Delt60260

    WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA - Basic general encyclopedia, current topics are included.  
    User name: phrsm Password: media

    CULTUREGRAMS - Current information on all countries.  
    Remote ID: pinehsrem Password: panther

    Citing Pine Ridge Sources - The Student Resource Center and Opposing Viewpoints in Gale Resources, and The World Book Encyclopedia provide individual academic citations for each entry.

    To cite a source from Bridges, or Magill on Literature use the following format::

    Author. "Title." Bridges or Magill on Literature. Pine Ridge High School Lib., Deltona, FL. Date you visited the site  

    Koretz, George. "Firefighter." Bridges. Pine Ridge High School
    Lib., Deltona, FL. 10 Jan. 2001 <>

    To cite a source from Electric Library or ProQuest use the following format:

    Copy the source as it is listed in Electric Library or ProQuest and add the following information at the end of it. Electric Library or ProQuest. Pine Ridge High School Lib., Deltona, FL. Date you visited the site

    Lanburg, Steven. "Earth First." Business Week 21 July 2000: 64. Electric Library. Pine Ridge High School Lib., Deltona, FL. 6 May 2000 <>.