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926 Howland Blvd.
Deltona, FL 32738
(386) 575-4195
    Frequently Asked Questions


    All accidents/injuries that take place during the school day on school grounds or during any school sponsored event must be referred to the principal or designee immediately. It is necessary to file an accident/injury report in the Clinic which is located in the Main office. 


    Any student who possesses, uses, gives, sells or is under the influence of illicit drugs, narcotics, and/or alcohol on school grounds or at a school sponsored event will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency, suspended from school, and may be recommended for expulsion.
    Use or possession of any type of tobacco products is prohibited on the Pine Ridge campus, on buses, and at all school sponsored activities. Violations may result in a $25.00 civil citation issued through the school SRO.
    Matches and lighters are also prohibited.
    Students who wish to obtain information and/or assistance concerning substance abuse should check with their counselor or the Student Resource Center. All faculty and staff are available for assistance. 


    In assemblies and other auditorium presentations, your appreciation should be shown only by applause. Talking, whistling, and other such conduct indicates a lack of respect for the speaker, performers, our school and yourself. Offenders may lose the privilege of attending future programs in addition to disciplinary action.
    Good sportsmanship must be exhibited at all athletic events - win or lose. Respect of teams, coaches, officials and all spectators is expected.
    All students who are members of any athletic team, extracurricular group, club or activity must hold a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, with no I's or F's. Seven days after grades are turned in, any student with an I or an F will no longer be able to participate in games, activities or competitions; however, he/she may remain on the team and practice. The student will remain ineligible until the I is made up or in the case of an F, until the end of the next grading period. 


    State law mandates that all students be in school during all days and hours that school is in session. Students who are out of school for any of the following reasons will be granted an excused absence: (1) personal illness; (2) illness or death in the immediate family; (3) emergency medical attention; (4) absences approved in advance by parent/guardian; (5) authorized religious holiday; and (6) school approved functions.
    Students who are absent fifteen (15) or more days excused or unexcused are referred to the Volusia County Social Services Department.
    Phone calls or written excuses from the parent/guardian to the attendance office are required on the same day of the absence or tardy.
    Please Note: Students who wish to participate in school functions (athletics, prom, plays, etc.) must be in attendance for four periods the day of the event.
    Effective March 3, 1999, schools in the Volusia County School District are
    required to notify the:
    Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles on the following students.
    • Students ages 14-18 that accumulated 15 unexcused absences, not
    including out of school suspensions, within 90 calendar days.
    • Students between the ages of 16-18 who have signed a declaration of
    intent to terminate school enrollment.
    • Students ages 14-18 who are expelled.
    • Students ages 14-18 who did not enter school and for whom the school has
    received no indication of transfer to another educational setting.
    The Attendance Office is located in Building 1. 


    Students are permitted to congregate in the Panther Square before school, during Panther Pause and lunchtime. All areas behind the school, in the parking lot, outdoor physical education facilities or on stairwells are off limits.
    Once a student arrives on school grounds he/she is considered in attendance and may not leave campus without properly checking out through the Attendance office. Failure to follow the correct sign out procedure will result in disciplinary action.
    Students should not be on campus after school unless attending or participating in a school sponsored activity. 


    Florida law prohibits personnel to administer non-prescribed medicine or treatment other than first aid. If a student must take medication (Prescription or Non-Prescription) during the school day, the student must follow the prescribed county policy which mandates that all medication be registered and stored in the Clinic.
    Any ill student may request a pass to the Clinic. The Clinic is located in Building 1 - phone extension 43998.
    A new Emergency Card must be completed for each student at the beginning of each school year. 


    Pupils are under the authority of the Principal and are subject to the Principal's discipline as provided by the Florida Statutes. Conduct management by the Principal's designee and teachers, including the assignment of penalties and sanctions, is authorized by Florida Statues. Grounds for disciplinary action are as follows: willful disobedience of school personnel or other person designated by the Principal; open defiance of authority; violence against person or property; any act that disrupts the orderly operation of the school or school processes or activities; and willful disobedience of school rules. School authorities will place limitations on the rights of students when regulation is necessary to prevent disruption of classes or school, or prevent the invasion of the rights of others.
    All students will sign for and receive a copy of the Secondary Schools Student and Family Policy Guide and Code of Student Conduct and Discipline for the School District of Volusia County. Students rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and Discipline handbook. Additional information is available on campus. 


    Pine Ridge High School is a technology based institution with ample access to computers and computer information for all students. Each student will receive and sign for the Computer Usage Agreement. Any violation of the Code of Student Conduct may result in a suspension and revocation of computer privileges. 


    Each student has a counselor who can be of tremendous help. The counselor is available to assist in selecting programs of studies, informing you about school policies and procedures, and helping you to be a happy and productive student at Pine Ridge High School. Your counselor will assist you with your personal life situations and with any other phases of your school involvement. Additionally, a college reference library is available and personal assistance for college planning is provided.
    Students may sign up to see a counselor before school, during lunch, or after school. 


    Please see the District Dress Code


    Any student paying fees to clubs or school sponsored activities will not receive a refund of any monies after the activity has begun. 


    One who has been promoted or assigned from the eighth grade.
    One who has earned 5 credits.
    One who has earned 11 credits.
    One who has earned 17 credits.
    Grading System
    A = 90 - 100 4 Quality Points
    B = 80 - 89 3 Quality Points
    C = 70 - 79 2 Quality Points
    D = 60 - 69 1 Quality Points
    F = Below 60
    Pine Ridge High School uses an A-B-C-D-F grading system. Students who have not earned at least a D in a course will receive no credit. 


    In order to receive a standard high school diploma from Pine Ridge High School, students must meet the following requirement.
    Students who entered the 9th grade during the current school year and thereafter must earn a passing score on the FCAT. 
    Maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average for all courses in which they are enrolled.
    Complete the required 24 Graduation Credits as outlined in Pine Ridge High School's Program of Studies. 


    Lockers are provided for the student's convenience and are the property of the Volusia County School Board. The locker and lock may be rented for one school year - cost is $10.00. Please adhere to the following regulations.
    1. Do not change, switch or share lockers
    2. Only school issued locks are to be used. (No P.E. locks)
    3. Do not leave money or other valuables in the locker. The School is not responsible for the contents.
    4. Locker rental ends approximately one week before the end of each school year. Students must remove personal items and clean locker before this date and time.
    A locker can and will be searched if the administration has reasonable suspicion that locker contents are thought to endanger the health, safety and/or welfare of any of our students, faculty or staff, or there is reason to believe that illegal or prohibited substances may be concealed in such and are. 


    Students who find lost articles are asked to take them to the Student Resource Center where they can be claimed by the owner. Articles not claimed within a reasonable amount of time will be discarded or donated to charity. 


    Pine Ridge High School Media Center is committed to the development of each student, teacher and instructional program. To accomplish this we provide access to materials on a variety of levels and formats, as well as information and skills instruction. Specialists are available to assist with classes or individually with teachers.
    Media Center hours are Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. In order to enter the  Media Center when school is in session, students must be accompanied by their teacher or have a Media Pass signed by their Instructor. 


    Every vehicle must have a valid parking sticker visibly adhered to the front windshield. Parking decals may be purchased in the ESE Office (Building 4). Cost of the decals: $25.00 for all students. Students must present their car registration, insurance and valid driver's license when purchasing a permit.
    Students must park in their allocated parking area - parking on the grass, non-lined pavement or in the faculty, staff or visitor parking lots is prohibited. Students who block the normal flow of traffic, drive recklessly, loiter in the parking lot, or who are in the parking lot during school hours without a pass are subject to disciplinary action.
    Also, students who use their vehicles to transport other students off campus who have not checked out through the Attendance Office will have their driving privileges suspended.
    Pine Ridge High School is not responsible for the safety, security or contents of your vehicle, even though the parking area is monitored.
    The privilege of having a vehicle on campus is reserved for those who abide by school rules and procedures. Consequently, non-compliance with rules and procedures may result in the revocation of the parking privilege.


    School officials may conduct a warrant less search of a student, his/her locker, automobile or any other storage area on school property if the officials have reasonable suspicion that illegal, prohibited, or harmful items or substances may be concealed on the student's person or in such areas.
    The student will be given the reason for the search. If the student refuses to cooperate, the school will request law enforcement to conduct the search. 


    To officially withdraw from school or transfer to another school, you must secure permission from your parent/guardian, and then notify our School Registrar of your plans. All records and/or recommendations will be held until all school financial obligations are cleared. Re-entry may be conditional according to requirements set forth by the administration.