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657 N. Center St.
Pierson, FL 32180
(386) 740-0850
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Kimberly Hutcherson
    (386) 740-0850 ext. 22308
    Photo of Ms. Catherine Deane
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 740-0850 ext 22306
    Kindergarten Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Chavez, Thali Ala Teacher, Kg
    Kelly, Tayla N. Teacher, Kg
    Mullaney, Julie A. Teacher, Kg
    Perez, Nancy Teacher, Kg

    1st Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Brugone, Yanelisi Teacher, First
    Cowart, Allison A. Teacher, First
    Spinner, Devan M. Teacher, First

    2nd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Bacon, Travis M. Teacher, Second
    Lairson, Michelle L. Teacher, Second
    Miller, Mary D. Teacher, Second
    Moynihan, Gerri A. Teacher, Second

    3rd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Greenlund, Kelly R. Teacher, Third
    Henry, Chariti D. Teacher, Third
    Sheppard, Kimberly D. Teacher, Third
    Van Buren, Samantha M. Teacher, Third

    4th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cosio, Rosita Teacher, Fourth
    Rector, Cali B. Teacher, Fourth
    Ruth, Randee L. Teacher, Fourth

    5th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Amaral, Katie I. Teacher, Fifth
    Kline, Kim A. Teacher, Fifth
    O'Quinn, Shelley T. Teacher, Fifth
    Quinonez, Maria G. Teacher, Fifth
    Stevens, Tiffany L. Teacher, Fifth

    ESE Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Daugharty, LuAnn Teacher, Ve
    Fryar, Lenarda S. Teacher, Ve
    Koch, Christopher D. Teacher, Ve
    Robinson, Jennifer L. Teacher, Ve
    Scaglione, Anthony D. Teacher, Ve
    Grover, Angela K. Teacher, Gifted
    McKeown, Tracy L. Teacher, Gifted
    Weaver, Kristen Teacher, Gifted

    Special Area Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Bryant, Jennifer N. Teacher, Pe-e
    Cortes, Jose A. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Ernst, Kristine M. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Israel, Archer J. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Mullaney, Michael C. Teacher, Art-e
    Schmitt, David A. Teacher, Pe-e
    Treur, Kevin S. Teacher, Music-e

    Office Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cruzes, Isabel A. Clerk, Sch
    Denova, Silvia M. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Ibarra, Prudenciano Clerk, Sch
    Ramos, Delia M. Sec, Sch

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Carroll, Tracy L. Teacher, Ttl I-e
    Henry, Courtney W. Teacher, Ttl I-e
    Hinson, Jami K. Teacher, Combin-e
    West, Lindsey S. Teacher, Ttl I-e
    Deary, Beverly C. Teacher, Pk
    Green, Kelly A. Activities Leader 23306
    Henry, Christie Y. Trainer, Ins 22336
    Kelly, Jolie R. Lib/med Spec-e
    Morales, Britany E. Clerk, Staff 38157
    Newton, Brittany B. Teacher, Pk
    Owen, Sarah E. Sp/lang Path
    Rice, Lisa B. Counselor-e 22497