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Osteen Elementary

500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

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    Advent Health eCare provides virtual access to doctors and nurse practitioners. Below are links to better help understand this convenient opportunity. ​

    VCS Advent Health Flyer

    Advent Health

    ​​​​Congratulations to Osteen Elementary’ s 

    2019-2020 Teacher of the Year​​!

    Mrs. Jennifer Davis

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    School Safety Procedures and New School Zone Laws
    Osteen Elementary is working together with families to have a welcoming environment, while we also increase our ability to assist students, identify safety and security concerns. The parent loop gates are locked from 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. daily (other than Early Release at 1:15 p.m.)  Classes start at 7:50 a.m. Please read more about the new school safety procedures below.

    Starting October 1st, 2019, according to Florida Statute 316.306 (3)(a)1. “A person may not operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device in a handheld manner in a designated school crossing, school zone, or work zone area.”.  316.306 (1) “The term… ‘wireless communications device’… includes, but is not limited to, a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, a two-way messaging device, or an electronic game that is used or capable of being used in a handheld manner.”  316.306 (2)and (2)(a) “It is the intent of the Legislature to​​ Improve roadway safety in school zones.

    Emergency Situation Guide
    During and following an emergency situation, school and district officials must act quickly and follow established emergency protocols to safeguard students and staff, secure schools, and communicate accurate information in a timely manner. Parents can assist greatly by helping with preparation before the emergency.

    Parents in case of an emergency, Osteen Elementary is designated to relocate to Forrest Lake Elementary. Parents will always receive a phone call, text message or email in reference to this decision with specific directions for student pick up. 

    Parent Guide