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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Coach's Corner

    The Beast Run is a fun run we will be doing with all grade levels on Friday, January 27th.  The run will be held during grade level special area times throughout the day.  Students are challenged to complete the one mile Beast Run or try for the two to three mile Super Beast Run.  All competitors who complete the Beast Run will be awarded Beast Run Ribbons.  Those runners who complete the Super Beast will have stars added to their ribbons for extra effort.
    Please continue to check the weather forecast before coming to school each and every day.  Please dress in layers so that you may shed a layer of clothing as the day warms up. Checking the weather is always a must; wear multiple layers so you can adjust. 
    Also please remember in the morning you get to choose so make a good choice and wear the right shoes.  Too many students are showing up to school wearing boots or sandals to PE.  Please wear sneakers or tennis shoes every day so that you can go to PE, and recess without injury.

    Music Notes 

    3rd, 4th & 5th Graders will be playing the recorder this year. Each child is strongly encouraged to have their own recorder. Look for the Recorder Order Form that will be coming home the week of October 10th.  Students will then be able to turn their money in and select their recorder color at the school store in the media center before school begins from 7:30 – 7:50.  

    Mrs. Heather B. LeFils

    Experiencing Art

    The Core Concepts and Skills                        
    Grades K-2 are working on using repeated patterns to create a weaving using warm or cool colors.  Patterning is also a skill in the areas of mathematics and ELA such as skip counting and in spelling patterns such as /ee/ /ea/ /ie/ /ou/...  The children now realize that they are wearing weavings in the fabrics of their clothing.   We still have a few finishing touches to make before the project go home.  
    Grades 3-5.  The sidewalk chalk art of 3-D holes were a BIG hit right before winter break.  Thanks goodness they were only drawings and not “real holes”!  The week after break the children worked with a “pile” of materials like wood scraps, cardboard, metal scraps, rocks, and cardboard cones to create a form.  It was amazing the creativity and teamwork the classes exhibited.  The scraps turned into boats, spirals, skateboard parks, the “Lincoln Memorial,” campgrounds, and sculptures.  

    Art Assessment: students are evaluated in three areas                                                                
    *skills                                    *content                                      *behavior & effort     
    Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have any further questions.

    Afterschool Ceramics Classes                  
    Grades K & 1   session III starts 2/02/17   
    Grades  2 & 3           “class is full”                  
    * Two weeks prior to the start of session III permission forms will be distributed                                                    * Please return forms ASAP for the class has a limited number of participants.  

    Donations: the art department is looking for scraps of fabric and yarn to complete a number of projects coming up in the spring. We are also in need of small mirrors for the “self-portrait” lesson.