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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Coach's Corner

    Students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade recently practiced safely crossing streets.  Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade recently reviewed safe bicycle riding.  Please help remind each other to always look left, right, left before crossing streets!  Also, please remember state law requires all bicycle riders under 16 years of age to wear a helmet when riding near any road, on any public sidewalk, or bicycle path. 
    Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be participating in a basketball free-throw contest during P.E. later this month. Students chosen to represent Osteen Elementary at the Elks Club Hoop Shoot contest will be notified in early November. 
    Finally, the weather is changing, fall is finally here. Please make sure all students dress in layers. Often it is much colder in the morning than it is in the afternoon. Students need to be able to remove layers and adjust for the weather. Please always write student's names in their jackets, the amount of lost and found jackets is unbelievable.

    Music Notes 
    --3rd, 4th & 5th Graders will be playing the recorder this year.
    Each child is strongly encouraged to have their own recorder.

    --4th Grade Parents, get ready for Osteen Elementary’s  50’s 
    Bandstand! We will have a performance for the parents on 
    Tuesday, October  23rd at 7:00 p.m.  We will be doing a school-wide
     50th Day of School Celebration on Wednesday, October 24th  
    where the 4thGraders will perform for the entire school! 

    --5th Grade Parents, SAVE the DATE!  Thursday, November 8th 
    at 7:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose room, our 5th Graders will  pay 
    tribute to our Veterans and the United States by performing a 
    Patriot’s Concert.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Mrs. Heather B. LeFils
    Osteen Elementary Music

    Experincing Art 

    The Core Concepts and Skills
    The children in grades First and Kindergarten have been busy in the Art room painting, coloring and making pinch pots.  Hopefully, the little bowl made it home safely.  The children enjoyed working with clay and painting details. This is a terrific skill to build our fine motor dexterity.  We brainstormed a number of ways that the bowls can be used such as a candle or jewelry holder or just sitting pretty on an end table. I do not recommend eating out of the bowl as the watercolor paints may wash off. We are finishing up the Nature painting which will be heading home shortly.  The five senses have helped greatly in creating a masterpiece.  There are a number of things in our pictures that we can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.  Please ask your children about the five senses and the 10 bugs in the paintings. 

    Grades 2-5                                                                       
    The children in Second through Fifth completed and self-evaluated their Watercolor Weavings. The art of weaving actually strengthens the muscles in your fingers and hands by manipulating the strips of paper through the loom.  We just started our unit on “Shading Basic Forms” which is a pre-requisite to drawing anything.  This is a great connection to geometry by learning various forms such as a cone, sphere, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, and pyramid. Drawing a form using paper and pencil helps artists understand solids and surface area. 

    Art Assessment 
    The children are assessed in three areas of art for an overall grade:    

    * skills       * content       * effort and behavior     

    The report card has a section on personal development, whereas scores will reflect good choices made in Art.  A score of a 2 or 3 will impact overall status such as honor roll eligibility.
    Art in the Community                                             
    The annual Deland Fall Festival is right around the corner.  The dates and times to view the student exhibit will be shared as soon as we find out the information. We are delighted that the afterschool Photography/Yearbook Club will display a number of photographs at this year’s show. Thanks so much to Mrs. C. Davis and Ms. Aronson on including photography!
                                                             AFTERSCHOOL CERAMICS                                         
    The afterschool Ceramics Class runs for 6 Thursdays with the sixth class being a Show and Sale. One week prior to each session flyers will be distributed to the children in their classrooms.  There are only 25-30 children in each session.  Please return forms promptly to reserve a seat in the class. Here are the following session dates for each grade level;     
    Session I  grades    4 & 5  Oct.  4  - Nov. 8
    Session II grades    2 & 3   Dec. 6 - Jan. 31
    Session III grades  K & 1  Feb. 7 - Mar.14 

    Mrs. Petersohn