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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Coach's Corner

    The American Heart Association would like to send a big “Thank You” to all students who raised money through the Jump Rope for Heart Program.  All students who have earned rewards for their donations will receive those awards in early March after all donations have been tabulated by the American Heart Association.
    The weather is beautiful so far this early spring, make sure you are getting outside to play for at least 60 minutes per day.  Regular exercise and eating right are key to growing up healthy and having academic success!  
    The running club has been working toward participating in the Citrus Grove 5K race on March 4th.  We are expecting to have close to 20 runners participating from Osteen Elementary.  Go Broncos!

    Music Notes 

    We have had a wonderful year thus far!  In each of our classes, we have worked hard using our new curriculum called Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music!  If you would like to find information on how we use Quaver in our classroom, please visit!
    Kindergarten and 1st Grade have worked hard to sing and play instruments while keeping a steady beat with changing meters from groups of 2 beats, 3 beats and 4 beats.  In addition, they have worked hard to learn how to play and follow a conductor at the Orff instruments, or xylophones and metallophones. 
    2nd and 3rd Grade have worked hard learning how to read actual music on a treble clef music staff.  In addition, they have learned how to play simple songs and patterns to accompany their songs on the Orff instruments.  Also, 3rd Grade has started the recorders!  They are doing a wonderful job thus far!  We discuss the importance of practicing at home, staying focused, being mature, responsible and respectful through the entire process.  When we focus on these attributes, learning and playing an instrument becomes really quite easy and truly fun! 
    4th and 5th Grade have continued with their Recorder Curriculum.  Again, we discuss the importance of practicing at home, staying focused, being mature, responsible and respectful through the entire process.  When we focus on these attributes, learning and playing an instrument becomes easy and fun!  Additionally, students have learned that the more they adhere to these qualities, they can truly become self-starters where they are capable of taking initiative for their own learning where they can advance at their own pace.  Most of our students have learned the harder they work at playing the recorder, the more enjoyable and rewarding it becomes! 

    Experiencing Art

    The Core Concepts and Skills                        

    Grades K-2 
    The primary grades are completing the “self-portrait” drawings which will be exhibited in May at the end of year art show. We learned of various artists such as Rembrandt, Lichtenstein, Rousseau, and Picasso and how they created self-portraits.  We also experimented with a plethora of skin tones to cover our multicultural population.  The portraits are an expression of color, style, and sense of humor.  We can’t wait until you see them.  

    Grades 3-5  
    The intermediate grades learned about drawing facial features and examined eyes, noses, and mouths from magazine pictures.  The self-portrait show titled “A Gallery of Portraits” will display almost 500 faces, all of the children at Osteen Elementary School.  All of the classes discussed self-portraits by Frieda Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Henry Rousseau as well as pencil drawings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Tom Brady, and Jamie Foxx.   
    We also learned about using watercolor paints and experimented using table salt, thumb tacks, straws and a number of other tools in the wet water colors.   

    Art Assessment reminder                                        
    Students are evaluated in three areas:                  *skills        *content             *behavior & effort                                                 
    Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have any further questions.                         

    Afterschool Ceramics Class                  
    The after school ceramics class was a big hit this school year. We are wrapping up with our last SHOW & SALE for the K1 class on March 9 at 2:30.  All are welcome to come and join us.  I would also like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT for my ceramic assistants whom helped greatly with the 2/3 and K1 classes.  Some even stood up front and taught a lesson.

    Datiayshka Bonano Royce Bruce Olivia Desrosiers                                            
    Tessa Fullam               Jeremiah Heckle             Megan Lappies                                             Jacqueline Lefils     Iijah McShane