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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    ​​ Grade Level Snapshot 


    ELA/SS/Writing: Fairy Tales, zoo animals, 81 sight words, writing 2-3 sentences on one topic using a capital letter, spacing and punctuation.
    Social Studies: Community helpers, needs and wants, money
    Math: Measuring with non-standard units, solving problems and fluency with addition and subtraction within 5
    Science: Plants, animals, real and imaginary
    Upcoming Events: Zoosical performance and awards: Friday, May 10 at 8:15am, Bubbles, Suds and Mud Day: Thursday, May 30

    1st Grade

    ELA/Writing: Retelling of stories; Research and Report Writing; Non-fiction text features; Main Idea and details.
    Social Studies: Needs and wants; Goods and Services; Saving Money
    Math: Addition and Subtraction Review, including strategies, missing addend, balancing equations, true/false equations and math fact fluency to ten.
    Science: Animal differences and needs; Plant and animal life cycles; Animal Similarities and Differences to their Parents
    Upcoming Events: Wackadoo Zoo Play, May 23rd (Tramont and Tomaszewski). Community Helpers Play, May 29th (Martin, Schneider, and Vazquez)

    2nd Grade

    ELA/Writing: Story Structure, Ask and Answer Questions, Using Illustrations for Information, Key Ideas and Details, Text  Features, Connections in Science and Author's Purpose
    Social Studies: Budgets, Saving Money and Resources
    Math: Measurement, Odd and Even, Addition and Subtraction with regrouping fluency, Arrays, and Balancing Equations Science: Life Cycles and the Human Body
    Upcoming Events: Patriotic Performance and End of Year Celebration on May 28th...more information to follow.

    3rd Grade

    ELA/Writing: Author study, Summarizing/Paraphrasing, Analyzing story structure and elements 
    Social Studies: Mexico and the Caribbean 
    Math: Mastering multiplication facts, Mass and Volume, reviewing for the Math FSA assessment
    Science:  Plants and Animals 
    Upcoming Events: End of the year awards in classrooms with be held during the last two weeks of school. Students will be bringing home a flyer with more information. 


    ELA/Writing: Text Dependent questions and comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts using all skills learned this year. FSA Reading - May 1st and 2nd. 
    Social Studies: Greek Mythology through Language Arts and Florida history continued. 
    Math:  Finish Decimals and Geometry units and spiral review of all skills learned this year. FSA Math - May 6th and 7th. 
    Science: Life sciences - plants, animals, food chains, energy transfer, and adaptation.
    Upcoming Events: A Field trip to Sea World Orlando is on Tuesday, May 14th! Book study celebration is Thursday, May 16th! Greek Day is Friday, May 24th.  Award Ceremony and Fiesta are Thursday, May 30th. More details to follow!


    ELA/Writing – Review of 5th grade ELA standards. Practice for FSA testing on May 1st and 2nd
    Social Studies –Post War Modernization
    Science – Review of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade standards for our State Science Test May 8th and 9th.
    Math – Review and practice math standards for FSA testing on May 6th and 7th.
    EPCOT -May 16th, Please remember to wear comfortable shoes, Osteen Elementary shirt, small backpack, water bottle, spending money, and snack. Please apply sunblock at home. Chaperones please check in at the Front Office and meet in the Science lab at 8:00 am to review procedures. (Even if you are driving to EPCOT- you must attend.) Please pick up your child in the parent loop. 5th Grade Celebration is on the last day of school on May 31st from 8:00am-10: 30 am in the cafeteria. “Grill-n-Chill” lunch follows. Students dress semi-formal and bring a change of clothes and shoes. -Please remember to have your child read over the summer. Reading daily helps increase fluency and comprehension. A recommended 6th-grade reading list will be sent home later in the month.