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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764


    -ELA/S.S.: identifying all uppercase and lowercase letters, sight words, letter sounds, writing sentences, detailed illustrations, Scholastic Readers, rhyming, syllables, identifying beginning sounds
    -Math: addition within 5, identifying and describing shapes
    -Science:  Using our 5 senses to investigate and properties of matter

    1st Grade

    -ELA/Writing: Inquiry Skills; Bats, Spiders and Nocturnal Animals
    -Writing: Retelling a story in sequence and writing questions
    -Math: Analog and Digital Clocks; Telling Time to the Hour; Addition/Subtraction within twenty 
    -Science: Inquiry Skills; Bats, Spiders and Nocturnal Animals
    -Social Studies: Class/School Rules, School/Community Leaders and Rights and Responsibilities

    2nd Grade

    -ELA/Writing:   Ask & Answer Questions, Determine Unknown Words, Recount/Retell/Recall/Identify Key Ideas & Details, Describe How Characters Respond, Using Illustrations,  Point of View, Prefixes, VLT assessment
    -Math: Identify Numbers within a Sequence; Read/Write Numbers to 1000 (numerals, names, expanded form); Comparing Numbers; Fluently Add & Subtract within 20; Odd & Even, VMT assessment
    -Science: Inquiry Skills, Scientific Method, Rocks and Soil
    -Social Studies: Historical Events, the Constitution, U.S. Symbols   

    3rd Grade

    -ELA/Writing: Reading with purpose and responding to literature using text based evidence
    -Math: adding and subtracting up to 1000, addition properties, perimeter and rounding
    -Science: Stars and space
    -Social Studies:   The three branches of government

    4th Grade

    -ELA/Writing:  Using text structures and text features to speak and write about a text for understanding and evidence.  Point of view and Poetry elements. VLT 1 district assessment. Informational essays based on text, citing evidence, through content areas (SS-National Parks, and Science-Moon phases) and poetry.
    -Math:   Multi-digit multiplication and division strategies, Area/perimeter, adding and subtracting fractions and whole #'s, Place value concepts. VMT 1 district assessment.
    -Science:  Finish Earth's movements, stars, moon phases. Weathering/erosion, Minerals, Rocks, Resources.  VST 1
    -Social Studies:   How humans negatively and positively affect an ecosystem, Florida symbols and map skills, Constitution, and state and local government.
    -Upcoming Events: Solar Bears field trip permission slips going out!

    5th Grade

    -ELA/Writing:  Explaining Relationships in Scientific, Technical and Historical text. Opinion writing and grammar skills.
    -Math:   Long division & multiplication and fractions
     -Science: Water Cycle, Weather and Climate..
    -Social Studies:    Native Americans and their Cultural Regions
    -Upcoming Events: Orlando Solar Bears field trip is scheduled for November 9th. Information about times and cost will be coming home soon. Reading Counts shirt at 90 points. (Read at least 30 minutes nightly.)Our first "5th Grade Country Dinner" will be held on Oct. 5 at 6:30pm in the cafeteria (invitation only). The second date is TBA​​​