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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    ​​ Grade Level Snapshot 


    -ELA/Writing/S.S.: Helping in our community, living things, adjectives, pronouns, writing complete sentences, 13 sight words, recognizing all uppercase and lowercase letters, 13 uppercase letter sounds, 14 lowercase letter sounds, identifying beginning and ending sounds of words. Holidays around the world.
    -Math: Understanding addition by using drawings and pictures.
    -Science: Types of matter and how matter changes.

    1st Grade

    -ELA/Writing: Long Vowels; past and present verbs; inflectional endings, folktales, a sequence of events; cause and effect.
    -Math: Addition Subtraction to 20; Graphing; Number Order to 120.
    -Science:  Natural Resources and Reindeers. 
    -Social Studies: Traditions - Now and Then; American Symbols.
    -Important Reminders: Night Before Christmas Play - December 13th; 8:30 am

    2nd Grade

    -ELA/Writing: Character, setting, plot: sequence. Writing- informational text.
    -Math: Subtraction within 100 
    -Science:  Changes in Matter 
    -Social Studies: Holidays around the world 
    -Important Reminders: Grinchmas and the Polar Express

    3rd Grade

    -ELA/Writing: Determining the main idea and key details, summarizing a text, drawing evidence from a text to write an informational piece, and prefixes
    -Math:  Understanding area and how it is related to multiplication and division, determining the area of plan​e 
    figures, drawing scaled picture graphs and bar graphs and solving one-step and two-step problems using scaled bar graphs
    -Science:  Identifying, describing and investigating various forms of energy including light, heat, sound, electrical and mechanical energy
    -Social Studies: Exploring and understanding various features on maps and globes 


    -ELA/Writing: Learning/reading about Florida’s Native American Tribes and regions. Using fiction and non-fiction reading strategies. Practice grammatically correct writing of sentences, paragraphs, and essays based on the text for informational and opinion writing, FSA-style.  Study and create their own winter poetry.
    -Math: Practicing Multi-digit division strategies (NOT standard long division). 
    -Science:  Weathering, Erosion, Rocks and Minerals unit with an interactive notebook, reading, and hands-on labs.
    -Social Studies: Learning about other cultures’ holiday traditions.


    -ELA/Writing: Theme, Using details to support inferences, poetry, explaining relationships between text.
    -Math: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with like and unlike denominators.
    -Science: Information will be coming home on December 5th regarding science fair projects.  These science projects are a requirement for 5th grade and will be counted as a summative grade.  There will be due dates for each part of the project with the finished project due on February 25, 2020.  Please contact Mrs. Davis with any questions that you have after reviewing the project packet. 
    -Social Studies: Thirteen Colonies
    -Important Reminders:5th Grade Holiday Feast will be on Wednesday, December 11th from 10:30-12:00.  Flyers went home in November with examples of foods that you can donate for our feast.