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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Congratulations to our Science Fair Representatives

    Caleb Hill- Which Brand of Fishing Line is the most Durable?
    Megan Lappies- Does a Worm’s Diet affect Nutrients in the Soil?
    Lacy Box- The Bigger the Bubble
    Adrian Nicolas- Which Soil has the Most Permeability?
    Javon Magee- Friction​

    ELA/Writing/SS:  Asking and answering questions, reading strategies for unknown words, author's craft, frogs, Earth Day, animals with a shell, writing sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces, ending punctuation with most sight words spelled correctly, at least 77 sight words
    Math: Place value, understanding numbers 11-19, modeling shapes in the real world, composing larger shapes with smaller shapes
    Science: Animals and Plants
    1st Grade
    ELA/Writing: Restating a prompt and using evidence to support the prompt in writing, long and short vowel sounds, using details and illustrations to answer questions about key details and identifying the main idea of a text
    Social Studies: The difference between wants and needs and goods and services.
    Math: Solving word problems with three addends, missing addend, addition and subtraction fact fluency and measuring to the nearest inch
    Science: Plant parts, plant needs and Earth Day
    2nd Grade
    ELA/Writing: Vocabulary in context, using illustrations, key ideas, and details, Author's Purpose, recounting stories, and ask & answer Questions to show understanding
    Social Studies: Taxes, Money, Saving, and Spending
    Math: Adding and subtracting within 1000, determining the unknown number in an equation
    Science: Connection between scientific concepts,  energy, Life Cycles and basic needs 
    Upcoming Events: End of Year Patriotic Performance
    3rd Grade
    ELA: Understanding the central message and main idea, use context clues, shades of meaning, text features, figurative language and parts of stories. Preparing for the ELA FSA
    Math: Working on mastering multiplication facts up to 12. Preparing for the math FSA
    Science:  Plants and Animals
    Social Studies: Mexico and the Caribbean's
    Upcoming Events: Please make sure your student is here every day, in time to learn and practice their skills. They miss a lot of material and practice time when they miss time at school.   
    4th Grade
    ELA/Writing:FSA test-taking strategies, standards focus using Ready Reading and comprehension activities.
    Social Studies: Florida History continued from Explorers through Civil War
    Math: Decimal Fractions, angles and geometry, multiplication/division, and FSA review with multi-step word problems.
    Science: Heat Energy, plant/animal life cycles, food chains, adaptations and interdependence in ecosystems. 
    5th  Grade
    Writing: Grammar Practice
    Reading: Craft and Structure in Literature- point of view in text, similes & metaphors (figurative language)
    Math: Volume, dataSet, 2-D Shapes and decimals
    Science: a Spiral review of science concepts including water cycle, force, and motion, rock cycle, energy, animals, space, planets, science process.
    Social Studies: Colonial Williamsburg; Patriots and Loyalists
    For your information: Please remember to have your child read daily to increase fluency and comprehension. 5th Grade Reading and Math FSA testing is this month. Please encourage your child to do their best on the test! EPCOT field trip permission form and $80 is due April 27th. Save the date: 5th Grade Celebration May 30th. Congratulations to all the science fair winners!