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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Grade Level Snapshot 

    -ELA/S.S.: identifying all uppercase and lowercase letters, sight words, letter sounds, writing sentences, detailed illustrations, Scholastic Readers, rhyming, syllables, identifying beginning sounds
    -Math: addition within 5, identifying and describing shapes
    -Science:  Using our 5 senses to investigate and properties of matter
    1st Grade
    -ELA/Writing: Inquiry Skills; Bats, Spiders and Nocturnal Animals
    -Writing: Retelling a story in sequence and writing questions
    -Math: Analog and Digital Clocks; Telling Time to the Hour; Addition/Subtraction within twenty 
    -Science: Inquiry Skills; Bats, Spiders and Nocturnal Animals
    -Social Studies: Class/School Rules, School/Community Leaders and Rights and Responsibilities
    2nd Grade
    -ELA/Writing:   Ask & Answer Questions, Determine Unknown Words, Recount/Retell/Recall/Identify Key Ideas & Details, Describe How Characters Respond, Using Illustrations,  Point of View, Prefixes, VLT assessment
    -Math: Identify Numbers within a Sequence, Read/Write Numbers to 1000 (numerals, names, expanded form), Comparing Numbers and Fluently Add & Subtract within 20.
    -Science: Inquiry Skills, Scientific Method, Rocks and Soil
    -Social Studies: Historical Events, the Constitution, U.S. Symbols   
    3rd Grade
    -ELA/Writing: Reading with purpose and responding to literature using text-based evidence
    -Math: adding and subtracting up to 1000, addition properties, perimeter and rounding
    -Science: Stars and Gravity
    -Social Studies:   The three branches of government
    4th Grade
    -ELA/Writing:  Using text structures and features to speak and write about text for understanding. Non-fiction evidence-based reading and questions.
     -Math:  Factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, patterns, multi-digit multiplication and division word problems, area/perimeter. 
    -Science:  Earth science! Weathering, erosion, rocks, minerals, resources. 
    -Social Studies:   Mapping. Florida symbols and ecosystem. Constitution and state/local government. 
    -Upcoming Events:  Study basic multiplication facts every night! Read daily!  Solar Bears field trip in Nov 6th.! More info to follow!
    5th Grade
    -ELA/Writing:  Summarizing Information Text and using details to support inferences. Opinion Essay- Should the turkey be our national bird? and  Verb Tenses
    -Math:  Multi-digit multiplication and long division
     -Science: Water Cycle, Weather, and Climate
    -Social Studies: ​   Native Americans and Early Settlers
    -Upcoming Events: Orlando Solar Bears field trip is scheduled in November. Information with date, times and cost will be coming home soon.