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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    -ELA/SS: sight words, reading fluently, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., patterns in books, making predictions, Scholastic Readers,
    Writing: sentences with capitals, spaces, and punctuation
    Math: describing and comparing attributes, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction to 10
    Science: gravity, day and night sky, winter animals
    1st Grade
    -ELA:  Using text features. Describing the connection between characters and events.
    -Math: Place value, two-digit addition, and subtraction, measurement, and money.
    -Science: Matter: force and motion.
    -SS: Maps, globes, and Earth's surface.
    2nd Grade
    -ELA/Writing:  Narrative Writing.  Ask and Answer Questions based on your reading; Determine the meaning of Unknown words using clues or dictionaries; Discuss multiple meaning words; Identify Main Idea and Key Details; Author's Purpose
    Social Studies:  History of Immigration and Statue of Liberty
    Math: Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s; Generating and representing measurement data to solve problems; Reasoning shapes and their attributes; Applying strategies to add and subtract within 100.  
    Science: Changes in Matter; Energy and Motion
    Upcoming Events: Be on the lookout for our Zoo Field Trip
    3rd Grade
    -ELA: Understanding the central message and main idea, use context clues, shades of meaning, text features, figurative language and parts of stories.
    -Math: Working on mastering multiplication facts up to 12. Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division, two step equations using all four operations and equivalent fractions
    -Science:  Light, Heat, and plants
    -Social Studies: Martin Luther King Jr., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean's
    4th Grade
    -ELA/Social Studies:  Reading for text structure and details that support 4th-grade skills (main idea, cause/effect, chronological order...). Reading about: Snowflake Bentley, Native Tribes, and Florida's Explorers.
    -Writing:  Text-based writing using evidence cited from sources, correct grammar and punctuation, and a 4-5 paragraph essay format.
    -Math: Fractions, measurement conversions and real-world problems, word problems using all operations.
    -Science: Matter (states of, properties of, changes in...) and Energy (forms of, changes in, and labs).
    -Important Notes/Events: *Please practice multiplication and division facts AT HOME every day in order to stay on top of ALL math concepts.  St. Augustine Field Trip is on March 28th! There will be a payment plan to pay in 2 parts. Letter with details has been sent home.
    5th  Grade
    -ELA:   Compare and contrast stories/overall structure & Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.
    -Writing:   Informational Writing and using an organizer.
    -Math:  Multiply and Divide Fractions. 
    -Science: Unit 5: Forms of Energy.
    -Social Studies:   European Settlers and Colonial Settlements.