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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Grade Level Snapshot 


    •ELA/Writing/SS: Introducing nonfiction texts, author, illustrator and photographer roles in the text, comparing fiction and nonfiction books, President’s Day, dental health, Ruby Bridges, Mary McCleod Bethune, American symbols, writing simple sentences on one topic, sight words
    •Math:Addition/subtraction within 10, 2D and 3D shapes
    •Science: Observing animals and describing how they are alike and different in the way they look and things they do


    •ELA/SS: Compare and Contrast stories and characters from different stories; Write descriptive sentences; Identify who is telling the story; and understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Exploring the Presidents, Patriots and Hero's.
    •Math: Counting forward and backward by ten; addition and subtraction of ten from two digit number
    •Science: Properties of Matter and Force and Motion
    •Upcoming Events: Field Trip to Blue Springs on Friday, February 15thfrom 9:30-1:30.


    •ELA/Writing: Ask & Answer Questions, Key Ideas & Details, Using Images, Character Response, Point of View, Story Structure•Social Studies: Immigration and Citizens Helping their Communities
    •Math: Measurements and Data, Geometry, Applying Addition & Subtraction Strategies
    •Science: Changes in Matter and Energy & Motion
    •Upcoming Events: Field Trip Coming Soon...

    3rd Grade

    •ELA: Understanding the central message and main idea, use context clues, shades of meaning, text features, figurative language and parts of stories.
    •Math: Working on mastering multiplication facts up to 10. Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division, two step equations using all four operations and equivalent fractions
    •Science:  Light, Heat and plants 
    •Social Studies: Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean's


    •ELA/Writing: Practice writing 4-5 paragraph essays to inform and support opinions with FSA-style evidence cited from the text.
    •Social Studies: Native Florida tribes and Explorers. Text-dependent skills work in fiction and non-fiction texts. Civil Rights Movement.
    •Math: Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Decimals, Line plots,Measurement, multi-step problems. Always study basic multiplication facts!•Science: Matter, Changes in Matter, Energy forms and Motion.


    •ELA/Writing: Theme of a Text and Comparing and Contrasting Texts. Remember to read for Reading Counts! Five points per week are required. Continue working on Informational Writingconnecting writing to Social Studies Curriculum. Practice for upcoming FSA Writing Test on April 1st.
    •Math: Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.•Science:  We are finishing the unit on Energy and Electricity. Then we will begin our unit on Forces and Motion. We are also working on Science Fair Projects. The project is DUE on February 25th. Please see their Science Fair packets for more information as well as when each piece of the project is due.
    •Social Studies: American Revolution
    •Upcoming Events: **FIELD TRIP**Weare going on our next field trip to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona on March 8th.The cost is $15.Be on the lookout for the permission slip.