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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    Grade Level Snapshot 

       -ELA/Writing/S.S.: Holidays and traditions from around the world, predictions and patterns in books, 30 sight words (red,  orange, yellow sight word lists), beginning and ending sounds, sounding out words (cat, rat, pig, mop, van, etc.), writing    simple sentences, identifying all uppercase/lowercase letters and sounds
       -Math: Addition to 5, counting by ones to 50, comparing more/less, writing and recognizing numbers to 20
       -Science: Changes in matter, sound
    1st Grade
       -ELA/Writing: Restating the prompt when writing answers to questions; Main Idea and Key details in fiction and nonfiction;  reading and spelling  short vowel words in different patterns
       -Math: Addition and Subtraction to 20; Word Problems          
       -Science:  Sun, Moon and Space; Reindeer 
       -Social Studies: Traditions - Now and Then; American Symbols
       -Important Reminders: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Program - Friday; December 14th at 8:30 am in the MPR
    2nd Grade
       -ELA/Writing: Determine the Meaning of Unknown Words; Ask & Answer Questions and Collaborative Conversations 
       -Math: Double Digit Addition and Subtraction
       -Science:   Properties of Matter; States of Matter and Changes in Matter
       -Social Studies: Native Americans
       -Important Reminders: Grinchmas and the Polar Express
    3rd Grade
    -ELA/Writing: Context clues; Text Features and Authors Point of View. Responding to text with details from the passage to support our answer.
    -Math:  Understanding fractions; solving word problems involving addition subtraction, multiplication, division and mastered multiplication facts from 0-6.
    -Science:  Forms of energy and motion
    -Social Studies: Reading a Map, Map Symbols and learning about Holidays around the world
    -Important Reminders:  Holiday Walk – Wednesday, December  19th at 8:30 am
    4th Grade
    -ELA/Writing: Learning/reading about Florida's Native American Tribes and regions. Using fiction and non-fiction reading strategies. Practice grammatically correct writing of sentences, paragraphs, and essays based on text for informational and opinion writing, FSA-style.  Study and create their own winter poetry.
    -Math: Practicing Multi-digit division strategies (NOT standard long division). Begin unit on Fractions and Decimals.
    -Science:  Weathering, Erosion, Rocks and Minerals unit with an interactive notebook, reading, and hands-on labs.
    -Social Studies: Learning about other cultures' holiday traditions.
    5th Grade
      -ELA/Writing: Understanding the relationship between scientific text, technical text, and historical text. We are beginning to work on informational writing. Using transition words and finding evidence in the text.
      -Math: Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
      -Science: We are finishing our unit on Matter. This includes properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, mixtures and mixtures that dissolve. On December 10th they will receive their packet with information on the required Science Fair project. The project will be due February 25th. Please keep a look out for the packet.
      -Social Studies: British Colonization of North America.
      -Important Reminders: Tuesday, December 4th: MOAS Science Night with a Portable Planetarium! 6pm-8pm
       Friday, December 7th- Pizza Club for students who reached their reading counts goal
       Wednesday, December 12th: 5th Grade Italian Feast (more information will be coming home)