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    Practice tying your shoes and putting on and taking of a jacket independently​.

    1st Grade

    Students will need to read, read, read!! Read as many books as you can to get ready for second grade. Also, practice with addition and subtraction flash cards and games (up to 20).  Don’t forget to practice counting​​ coins (up to $1.) and telling time (hour and half-hour).

    2nd Grade

    Please read for fun and practice your addition and subtraction facts over the summer.  Ask your parents for a library card! There are lots of fun activities over the summer at your local library! We wish you a safe and fun summer!

    3rd Grade

    Students will need to read several on level chapter books. Reviewing multiplication facts, as well as telling time. Have a great summer. 

    4th Grade 

    Please take the time to practice your typing skills as well as reviewing all basic math facts.

    5th Grade 

    Students should read daily and review their math interactive notebook.  Good luck in Middle School.