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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764


    -ELA/S.S.: We will be learning how to write all our capital letters correctly on lined paper. Also, we will be working on the letters A through L. By the end of September your child should be able to identify the letter and letter sounds A through L. We have started working on learning about rules, laws, and being a good citizen. Next, we will be learning about maps, locating places in our school, and community.​
    -Math: count and write numbers 0 to 10. Additionally, we will be counting objects up to 10. ​
    -Science: we will be learning about our 5 senses.​

    1st Grade​

    -ELA/Writing:  Identification of character, setting, and central message. Sequence of events and retelling of a story.​
    -Writing: Retelling a story in sequence and writing questions​
    -Math: Count, read, write and label numbers to 120. Relate counting to addition and subtraction. Add and subtract one and two digit numbers.            ​
    -Science:  What is science? What does a scientist do? and using the five senses​
    -Social Studies: Class/School Rules, School/Community Leaders and Rights and Responsibilities​

    2nd Grade​

    -ELA/Writing:   Ask & Answer Questions, Determine Unknown Words, Recount/Retell/Recall/Identify Key Ideas & Details, Describe How Characters Respond, Using Illustrations,  Point of View, Prefixes, ​
     -Math: Count forwards/backwards within 1000 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 100’s; Identify Numbers within a Sequence; Read/Write Numbers to 1000 (numerals, names, expanded form); Comparing Numbers; Fluently Add & Subtract within 20; Odd & Even; Mentally Add & Subtract 10 and 100 from any given three digit number.​
    -Science:   Science Tools, Inquiry Skills, Scientific Method, Rocks and Soil​
    -Social Studies: Historical Events, the Constitution, U.S. Symbols    ​

    3rd Grade​

    -ELA/Writing: Reading with purpose and responding to literature using text based evidence​
    -Math: number and operation in base tens​
    -Science: science tools and what is the scientific method?​
    -Social Studies:   We are learning about citizenship and its many forms and impact on our local communities and the world.​

    4th Grade​

    -ELA: Reading strategies for finding text structure, text features, and organizing information to answer questions with evidence.  (Some classes are beginning class literature studies)​
    -Writing:  Poetry, elaborating on events in order (“Moments in time”), Figurative language, Spelling patterns review.​
    -Math:  Balancing equations, place value, and basic multiplication facts.​
    -Science: What methods and tools do scientists use? (Scientific method, science tools and observations/investigations.​
    -Social Studies:  Florida symbols, Citizenship, and public services in our area. ​

    5th Grade​

    -ELA/Writing:  Organizing information to and questions with evidence.​
    -Math:  we are focusing on learning new vocabulary, polishing our long division skills and comparing the place value of digits using the powers of 10 ​
     -Science:  we are diving into the Scientific Process with some fun Labs. We get to see whether worms prefer a dry or wet surface, what will affect the speed of a toy car, and how to make raisins dance.​
    -Social Studies:  we are learning all about what it means to be a citizen, including our rights as defined by the Declaration of Independence. It’s going to be a great month in 5th Grade!​