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500 Doyle Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

    ​​ Grade Level Snapshot 


    ELA/Writing/SS: Animals, healthy eating, Spring, 60 sight words, writing 2-3 sentences with capitals, spaces and
    punctuation on one topic, reading strategies for unknown words.
    Math: Find the number (1-9) that makes 10 when added to the given number, count to 100 by tens and ones,
    compose and decompose numbers 11-19 into tens and ones.
    Science: Observe plants and describe how they are alike different.

    1st Grade

    ELA/Writing: Make and confirm predictions; Cause and effect; Ask and answer questions about key details of a
    text; Problem and solution; Combining sentences in writing; Irregular plurals; R controlled vowels; Adjectives that
    compare; Using -er and -est to compare.
    Social Studies: Money, goods, and services
    Math: Addition and subtraction of tens and ones; measuring lengths; Time and money
    Science: Living and nonliving things; Plants

    2nd Grade

    ELA/Writing: Characters point of view, the sequence of events, problem and solution and writing descriptive details
    Social Studies: Laws and government
    Math: Subtraction within 1,000 using models and different strategies, Measuring length
    Science: Plants

    3rd Grade

    ELA: Understanding the central message and main idea, use context clues, shades of meaning, text features,
    figurative language and parts of stories. 
    Math: Working on mastering multiplication facts up to 10. Understanding the relationship between multiplication
    and division, two-step equations using all four operations and equivalent fractions.
    Science: Plants
    Social Studies: Current events and Canada
    Important Reminders: Please make sure your student is here every day, on time to learn and practice their skills.
    They miss a lot of material and practice time when they miss time at school. Thank you!


    ELA/Writing: FSA two hour writing prompts from text-based, multi-paragraph essays citing evidence from non-fiction
    texts. Read and comprehend fiction and non-fiction texts.
    Social Studies: Native Florida Tribes and how they interacted with early Explorers.
    Math: Working with mixed and improper fractions (convert, add, subtract, and multiplying).
    Science: Continue Energy forms such as light, sound, heat, wind, water, and electrical.


    ELA/Writing: Comparing and Contrasting Key Plot Points and Theme in Texts. Remember to Read for Reading
    Counts! Five points per week are required. Practice writing prompts informational and opinion, for upcoming FSA
    Writing Test on April 1st. Working on finding text-based evidence and elaboration.
    Math: Measurement and Geometry
    Science: Life Science Unit- Human Body, Plant and Animal Adaptations.
    Social Studies: Westward Expansion​