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151 Domicilio Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
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    Student Laptop Checkout


    ​Ormond Beach Middle School Student Devices

    2022 Laptop Distribution and Insurance Information

    ​Our laptop distribution for 2022 -2023 is set for the first week of school! Please ask your child for the 1:1 Acknowledgement Form.  In addition, the district is offering insurance for $30.00 per child this year.


    August 18th:  Eighth graders

    August 19th:  Seventh graders

    August 22nd:  Sixth graders

    Students will collect their laptops through their ELA classes; students who do not have an ELA class can collect their laptops during an elective.

    Click here to access the 2022-2023 1:1 Student Handbook

    Click here to access the 1:1 Acknowledgement Form for 2022-2023​

    How to Register for the 1 to 1 Device Insurance Program- For Parents and Families.pdf

    ​The focus of the one-to-one device program at Volusia County Schools is to provide tools and resources to our 21st century Panthers! Technology within education should have one basic goal:  to enhance and positively support the learning environment.  Increasing access to technology is essential for our students' future and preparing them to be high school ready.  

    ​Once the parent/guardian has completed the device check-out and acknowledgement form, a device will be distributed to the student.  Devices will be checked out and returned in our media center.  Our first round of distribution will take place during the first week of school during the students' ELA classes.  Students who do not take ELA on our campus will be notified through another class period to collect the laptop once the acknowledgement form is submitted.


    What if I miss my scheduled pick-up day?
    The media center is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM for students to bring their form and check out the laptop.

    Do students have to be there to pick up the laptops or can parents collect them?
    If a student is unable to come in to pick up the laptop, the parent may also pick up the device in the main office until 3:30 PM daily. The parent will need to know the student's User ID/school email address and password.  Students who are quarantined can have someone who is not quarantined pick up the device on their behalf from the main office. The device checkout form needs to be turned in at the time of check ​out. Copies of the form will be available in the main office.

    What is the repair cost for damage?

    Tier 1 – Mild ($50) – charger, broken hinges

    Tier 2 – Moderate ($125) – broken palm rest, broken keyboard, broken base enclosure

    Tier 3 – High ($225) – cracked screen

    Tier 4 – Complete Replacement ($500) Lost/Stolen (No Police Report)/Water Damage

    What are the specs on the student device?
    ​​​The laptops currently being distributed are Dell Latitude 3190 2-in-1s. They have a sealed, spill-resistant keyboard, plus a rubberized base for improved durability.  It's built to handle minor bumps and drops from lockers, lunchrooms, backpacks and buses, although we recommend all students keep their device in a laptop sleeve or sleeve in their backpack. The screen can be folded back to turn the device into a tablet, making creation and collaboration easier. The touchscreen works well with a stylus or your finger. It has a long battery life that should last the entire school day.

    What if a parent does not want the student to check out a device?
    The student devices are a valuable learning tool, and we will need ALL students to fully participate in the 1:1 Digital Learning Movement. Teachers will be expecting students to have their device in class daily, and they will be necessary for both activities in class and homework outside of school. Students will use this device for everything, including state mandated tests like the EOC and FSA (starting this year). 

    Students in self contained EBD or ESE classrooms where they are with one teacher for most of the day will have other options available to them that will be shared by the teacher. Other students with IEP concerns should reach out to the ESE office. 

    We completely understand that some parents have concerns about the cost of a device, but the laptops that have been purchased are high quality and very durable for normal use. They also cost less than the phones that most students carry on a daily basis. Over the course of 4 years in high school, students typically have more than $500 worth of textbooks and course materials checked out to them. This laptop will replace many of those materials, so the cost of the materials checked out to your student will actually decrease. The laptop must be logged in with a VCS ID, and it is etched with the VCS information, so it is of little value to steal. Students will not be charged for normal wear and tear, and if the laptop is stolen and you can provide a police report, accomodations can be made. Please do not let concern over money prevent your student from being successful in school. 

    We also understand that many parents are concerned about screentime. These devices do not mean that teachers will have students sitting in front of a laptop all day. They will simply facilitate how we learn, providing access to online textbooks and learning materials and providing us all with a way to stay connected when students are at home. They also allow students to stay connected if they are sick or miss school for any reason. If you are concerned about access at home, we would encourage you to have a plan in place where the laptop is only used in a common area and is left to charge overnight where you can monitor, the same way you would with a phone or personal laptop. Parental monitoring is strongly endouraged.​​ 

    Can I personalize my laptop?
    Students are NOT to put stickers on their devices.
    Students are encouraged to use masking tape on their chargers with their names.  

    Will students be required to bring the device to class every day?
    Students must bring their charged device to all classes.

    What if my child forgets to charge the battery?
    We ask that devices be charged at home. A limited number of power outlets will be available in some classrooms and spaces like the media center, but the expectation is that students arrive on campus with fully charged devices.

    Will my child be issued the same device next year?
    The district is not guaranteeing the issue of the student's same device each year. Please take care of your issued device.

    How will Volusia County Schools prevent access to inappropriate websites?
    Internet access is filtered on campus. When the devices are used off campus, the student's school profile continues to monitor access and provide some filtering and students can face disciplinary action for inappropriate use or access, but there is no substitute for parental supervision when using a device to access the Internet off campus. We recommend parents have students keep laptops in a common area and not in their rooms at night for charging. 

    Can I use the issued device for things not related to school?
    It is expected that the use of the supplied device will be directly related to the assigned student's education and that the laptop is not used for anything inappropriate. The device is linked to the students school account even when off campus. It can't be logged into without a student login.   
    Can students load software on the device?
    Students have access to Software Center which provides the ability to add district pre-approved applications on a limited basis.

    Where do I go with more questions?
    You can reach out to Ms. Murray in the media center with more questions at If students have an issue with a device, they should come to the media center for help. Please visit the technology help page on the school website for more information about specific programs and logging in.