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151 Domicilio Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 258-4667
    Principal's Message

    Our mission statement:

    The students of Ormond Beach Middle School will achieve with pride within a clean, orderly environment under the guidance of a knowledgeable and caring school community.

    To Our Ormond Beach Middle Family:

    Welcome to Ormond Beach Middle School. We know 2015-16 will be another exciting and productive year!  The middle school students we proudly educate each and every day are a unique, fascinating and energetic group of young men and women. We take pride in our approach in providing a balanced, success-oriented environment that helps to provide all of our students with a superior education.

    We work hard at having a school that is sensitive to the needs of our students during this period of dynamic and drastic growth and change in their lives. We have a staff that is committed and dedicated to offering a helping hand to all students.  Our staff provides a strong academic program that allows for flexibility and variety to accommodate all learning styles. We do "whatever it takes" to ensure that our students are learning and flourishing.

    At OBMS, we want each student to think in terms of what he or she wants to accomplish.  We offer a myriad of ways to show the student what can be done; what he or she is capable of doing; and to have our students take a responsible role in their own education, an important tenant of the Florida State Standards (FSS).

    With our electronic grade book availability and open door policy for communication and information requests, we feel it is not possible for our students to get lost in the system, just spending the year(s) doing nothing. Whether we are talking about homework, behavior in class, participation, social interaction, studying, inattention in class, or anything else that affects the student's academic progress, it will be noticed; it will be addressed by teachers, guidance, and/or administration; and, you will be notified and involved if and when needed.

    Know that we will challenge your children, our students, to reach their maximum potential through the most effective means possible. We have seen it happen time and time again, and we know we are up to the challenge – just as we know we will work together to ensure your child's success. Your children are well worth our effort.

    Thanks for all you do.


    Matt Krajewski, Principal   ​