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151 Domicilio Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 258-4667
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Susan Tuten
    (386) 258-4667
    Photo of Troy A. Kent
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4667 (53924)
    Photo of Karen Mitchell
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4667 (53920)
    Photo of Susan Jackson
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4667
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ambrose, Kelly A. Core Teacher
    Amendolia, Kathryn E. Core Teacher
    Ariani, John Core Teacher
    Baldwin, Nikolas J. Non-Core Teacher
    Bamberger, Laura A. Core Teacher
    Berry, Dana A. Core Teacher
    Block, Ashley L. Core Teacher
    Boster, Cody P. Core Teacher
    Brady, Heather L. Core Teacher
    Brock, Savannah D. ESE Teacher
    Browne, Christopher M. Core Teacher
    Bryant, Robert T. Non-Core Teacher
    Campbell, Roberta R. Core Teacher
    Carruthers, Mark P. ESE Teacher
    Davies, Frances B. Non-Core Teacher
    Davy, Patricia R. Core Teacher
    De Castro, Sonia Core Teacher
    DeGaetano, Elendea R. Non-Core Teacher
    Demchak, Natalie M. Core Teacher
    Duffy, Karen K. Core Teacher
    Dupree, Dawn M. Core Teacher
    Franks, Ashley E. ESE Teacher
    Fuller, Katharine S. Core Teacher
    Furches, Carol C. Core Teacher
    Gibson, Alexandra L. Core Teacher
    Goggin, Chayce M. Core Teacher
    Guthrie, Billy R. Non-Core Teacher
    Hanley, Richard E. ESE Teacher
    Heard, Anika B. Non-Core Teacher
    Heard, Suzanne M. ESE Teacher
    Holcombe, Sierra M. Core Teacher
    Jackson, Virginia S. ESE Teacher
    Johnson, April R. Core Teacher
    Kenyon, Samantha J. Non-Core Teacher
    Kerins, Mary V. Core Teacher
    King, Ashley N. Non-Core Teacher
    King, Caryn G. Core Teacher
    Kinser, Cassandra E. Core Teacher
    Linn, Deborah A. Core Teacher
    Maccio, Patricia J. Core Teacher
    Martin, Clifford N. Core Teacher
    May, Tiffiney A. ESE Teacher
    Moore, Shawna L. Reading Coach
    Morrell, Sabrina D. ESE Teacher
    Morris, Mark A. ESE Teacher
    Murray, Saundra L. Media Teacher
    Norvell, Karen P. Core Teacher
    Parris, Nancy L. Core Teacher
    Pirkey, Kristen D. Core Teacher
    Pulver, Lohree D. Non-Core Teacher
    Rashbaum, Adrienne B. Core Teacher
    Reyes, Cassandra T. Core Teacher
    Rosen, Michael D. ESE Teacher
    Ryan, Heather Core Teacher
    Smith, Kyra A. Core Teacher
    Stephens, Celena D. ESE Teacher
    Tabor, Phyllis S. Core Teacher
    Temple, Lawrence Core Teacher
    Tramaglini, Megan A. Non-Core Teacher
    Wagers, Sarah L. Core Teacher
    Wallace, Francesca A. Core Teacher
    Webb, Elissa R. Core Teacher
    Williams, Ryan C. Non-Core Teacher
    Williamson, Brandy N. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Deriggi, Kellee M. Certified School Counselor
    Fatta, Tara D. Certified School Counselor
    Gallagher, Lisa H. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ciulla, Melissa J. Teacher On Assignment
    Bates, Heather M. Office Specialist I 53914
    Danzig, Karen M. BTB Assistant
    Detke, Heidi L. Office Specialist I 53949
    Dockery, Mariah E. BTB Assistant
    Dunn, Lori L. Office Specialist III 53906
    James, Melinda W. Office Specialist III 53912
    LaComb, Katherine M. Office Specialist I 53918
    Robbins, Carolyn A. Office Specialist I
    Schmidt, Patricia Office Specialist III 53928
    Vlasic, Amanda L. Office Specialist II