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1200 South Myrtle Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
(386) 424-2550
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Rebecca Porter
    (386) 424-2550
    Photo of Robin Haire
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 424-2550
    Photo of Amy Carey
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 424-2550
    Photo of Jana Hammond
    Dean of Students
    (386) 424-2550
    Photo of Aaron Alves
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 424-2550
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Addeo, Nicholas A. Core Teacher
    Ahmed Ali, Iman A. ESE Teacher
    Anderson, Nickerra R. Core Teacher
    Archer, Jennifer N. Core Teacher
    Babiez, Jeanne M. Core Teacher
    Bellantoni, Ann T. Academic Coach
    Bender, Colleen M. Core Teacher
    Brodie, Jonathan A. Non-Core Teacher
    Broomall, Christopher R. Core Teacher
    Bucio, Bonnie S. ESE Teacher
    Carignan, Susan E. Non-Core Teacher
    Conrey, Franklin T. Core Teacher
    Davis, Holly B. ESE Teacher
    Deaton, Erica D. Core Teacher
    Devine, Loretta A. ESE Teacher
    Dupree, Dawn M. Core Teacher
    Ellis, Amanda C. Non-Core Teacher
    Filz, Katelyn P. Non-Core Teacher
    Fink, Cheryl M. Core Teacher
    Fletcher, Donna J. Core Teacher
    Gold, Ericka L. Core Teacher
    Guastavino, Daniel A. Core Teacher
    Haught, DeAnna L. Core Teacher
    Hawkins, Michael R. Core Teacher
    Hilbrich, Matthew R. Core Teacher
    Hodges, Grant T. Core Teacher
    Hovey, Carolyn A. Speech Clinician
    Hughes, Samantha V. Non-Core Teacher
    Johnson, Elaina J. Non-Core Teacher
    Johnson, Joy B. Speech Clinician
    Keeran, Erin M. Core Teacher
    Kelly, Lisa K. Core Teacher
    Kress, Tanner J. Non-Core Teacher
    Kunkle, Donna M. ESE Teacher
    Leahey, Rebecca J. Core Teacher
    Lindsey, Michelle Media Teacher
    Loschiavo, Jaclyn N. Core Teacher
    Love, Rebekah A. ESE Teacher
    Mallace, Frank T. Core Teacher
    Mayo, Kasey E. ESE Teacher
    McCracken, Katherine R. Core Teacher
    McGrory, Henry P. ESE Teacher
    McLain, Amy M. Non-Core Teacher
    Meiselman, Haley B. ESE Teacher
    Merrick, Alfreda B. Core Teacher
    Muessig, Amanda L. Core Teacher
    Pappas, Shannon G. ESE Teacher
    Patton, Kiersten N. Core Teacher
    Philips, Michael J. Non-Core Teacher
    Raquet, Pamela L. Core Teacher
    Robinson, Brendan P. Non-Core Teacher
    Sanders, Evan P. Non-Core Teacher
    Scianna, Denise M. Core Teacher
    Seal, Montana C. Core Teacher
    Sharkich, Julie M. Core Teacher
    Soileau, Amy M. Non-Core Teacher
    Sylvester, Jennifer H. Core Teacher
    Taylor, Cynthia S. Core Teacher
    Terrill, Travis C. Non-Core Teacher
    Triboletti, Jason L. Core Teacher
    Vann, Mary E. Core Teacher
    Vola, Barbara L. Core Teacher
    Walton II, Thomas S. Core Teacher
    Young, Peter C. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Buck, Taylor J. Certified School Counselor
    Opfer, Jessica L. Certified School Counselor
    Rogers, Jennifer L. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Hammond, Jana R. Teacher On Assignment
    Delahanty, Marie A. Office Specialist III 36757
    Jessup, Jackie L. Office Specialist III 36710
    McCalligett, Pamela J. Office Specialist II 36765
    Onwuemeli, Petrina N. In-School Suspension Secondary 70356
    Peters, Tina M. Office Specialist I 36752
    Pomfret, Debra E. Office Specialist I 36761
    Rumbaut Kirk, Courtney N. Office Specialist I 73810
    Russell, Lisa A. BTB Site Lead 36835
    Scott, Jennifer J. Office Specialist I 36718
    Spano, Michelle Office Specialist III 36754