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1500 Center Avenue
Holly Hill, FL 32117
(386) 258-4662

    Please view the Student Health services website to access the new medication forms and or procedure forms for next school year. Medication forms, procedure forms, and emergency care plans must be renewed by the parent, at or before the beginning of each school year in order for your child to receive medication or procedures during school hours. Students carrying their own epipen , inhaler or diabetic supplies, are also required to have medication forms on file. Below are a few helpful links.

    For more information contact the clinic at extension .

    ​​Administration of Medication

    Only the principal, school nurse, or trained staff shall administer prescription medication to the student or assist the student in the administration of such medication. Prior to the administration or self-administration of medication, including over the counter medications, parents/legal guardians must complete the designated forms. At no time may a student bring any medication to the school. Medication must be transported to school by a parent or legal guardian.

    AdventHealth eCare is Now Available for VCS Families

    Using Advent Health eCare, students and their parents will experience a face-to-face video visit with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner for a range of urgent care issues, such as pink eye, coughs/colds/flu, minor injuries, allergies, urinary tract infections, and more.

    During this virtual visit, students can receive a diagnosis for minor ailments, learn about treatment options, receive follow-up instructions and obtain a prescription if needed – all without leaving the comfort of your own home.