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1860 N. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
(386) 258-4682
    Faculty & Staff
    (386) 258-4682
    6th Grade (all) and 7th Grade (Boys) Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    7th Grade (Girls) and 8th Grade (all) Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    Teacher Position Phone eMail
    Alday, Robin K. Core Teacher
    Alvalle, Erin L. ESE Teacher
    Ashton, Esther C. Media Teacher
    Binford, Erika A. Core Teacher
    Bing, Elizabeth M. Core Teacher
    Callahan, Sherri L. Non-Core Teacher
    Coke, Michelle L. Core Teacher
    Copello, Matthew J. Core Teacher
    Coppa, Emily M. Core Teacher
    Denning, Mary Core Teacher
    Dobson, Suzanne R. Core Teacher
    Doster, Debra A. ESE Teacher
    Engram, Raisha R. Core Teacher
    Finn, Mary K. Non-Core Teacher
    Franks, Eugene R. ESE Teacher
    Gatz, Deborah Z. Core Teacher
    Green, Cindy J. Core Teacher
    Grover, Janine D. ESE Teacher
    Gruenewald, Ashlee M. Core Teacher
    Harper, Jacob R. Core Teacher
    Hildreth, Stephanie J. Core Teacher
    Hines Mack, Asihia Core Teacher
    Huggins, Susan A. ESE Teacher
    Kelley, Christina R. Core Teacher
    Kemp-Brown, Akrisza V. Core Teacher
    Kessler, Vicky C. Core Teacher
    Kostecky, Matthew ESE Teacher
    Kostka, Julie M. Core Teacher
    Krenzler, Linda J. ESE Teacher
    Lemon, Kelley E. Core Teacher
    Liso, Nicholas B. Non-Core Teacher
    Manis, Nita T. Core Teacher
    Molina, Angela K. Core Teacher
    Moremen, Jeffery L. Core Teacher
    Nottingham, Dena L. Core Teacher
    O'Sullivan, Mary K. Non-Core Teacher
    Odom, Paula M. Core Teacher
    Oglesby, Chloe' D. Core Teacher
    Parris, Megan B. Core Teacher
    Paszul, Nicholas K. Core Teacher
    Prather, Harry D. Non-Core Teacher
    Rainge, Kemisha A. Non-Core Teacher
    Ratchford, Lisa R. Core Teacher
    Russo, Kathryn A. ESE Teacher
    Sandmann, Susan M. Non-Core Teacher
    Savage, Stephen J. Core Teacher
    Scudiero, Dixie L. Core Teacher
    Shanmuga, Janani K. Non-Core Teacher
    Short, Joni M. ESE Teacher
    Sierra, Ida L. Core Teacher
    Slater, Colette A. ESE Teacher
    Sprague, Jeffrey N. Non-Core Teacher
    Szegedi, Gloria Core Teacher
    Szerdy, Stephanie T. Core Teacher
    Temple, Cassandra W. Core Teacher
    Traynom, Bridget R. Core Teacher
    Tyner, Mary V. Non-Core Teacher
    Vetter, Joseph M. Core Teacher
    Vicars, Kimberly J. Core Teacher
    Williams, Kelly L. ESE Teacher
    Wilson-Phelps, Medina M. Core Teacher
    Woods, Shontell R. Reading Coach

    Teacher Position Phone eMail
    Gallagher, Lisa H. Certified School Counselor
    Tozer, Rebecca C. Certified School Counselor
    Vera, Erika G. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone eMail
    Barrett, Gayle W. Deaf Interpreter
    Huth, Charmaine M. Office Specialist III 53012
    Lee, Ellen M. Office Specialist III 53017
    Lemke, Mila A. Office Specialist I 53025
    Locurto, Carolyn Office Specialist I 53039
    LuQuis, Diane M. Office Specialist II 53018
    Lurcock, Susan M. Office Specialist III 53016
    Rittenour, Diane R. Office Specialist I 53000
    Taylor, Donna S. Office Specialist I 53058