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1860 N. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
(386) 258-4682
(386) 506-5064 fax
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of William Dunnigan
    (386) 258-4682
    Photo of Katherine Fulcher
    6th Grade Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    Photo of William Smith
    8th Grade Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    Photo of Dee Stevenson
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4682
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ashton, Esther C. Media Teacher
    Bell, David M. Core Teacher
    Binford, Erika A. Core Teacher
    Bing, Elizabeth M. Core Teacher
    Browne, Christopher M. Core Teacher
    Byrd, Ruth L. Core Teacher
    Churchill, Hilary D. Core Teacher
    Clowers, Brian W. Core Teacher
    Cook, Dorea L. Non-Core Teacher
    Copello, Matthew J. Core Teacher
    Crain, Abigail Core Teacher
    Curylo, James A. Core Teacher
    Denning, Mary Non-Core Teacher
    Dobson, Suzanne R. Core Teacher
    Faust, Megan H. ESE Teacher
    Gagnon, Alessandra M. Non-Core Teacher
    Gaskill, Kevin W. Non-Core Teacher
    Gatz, Deborah Z. Core Teacher
    Grover, Janine D. ESE Teacher
    Kemp-Brown, Akrisza V. Core Teacher
    Kostecky, Matthew ESE Teacher
    Lachman Wing, Sarah S. Core Teacher
    Liso, Nicholas B. Non-Core Teacher
    Nottingham, Dena L. Core Teacher
    O'Sullivan, Mary K. Non-Core Teacher
    Odom, Paula M. Core Teacher
    Patrick, Sherrie A. Core Teacher
    Prather, Harry D. Non-Core Teacher
    Ragano, Jamie A. Non-Core Teacher
    Rivera, Julio A. Non-Core Teacher
    Russo, Kathryn A. ESE Teacher
    Schmidt, Elizabeth A. ESE Teacher
    Shelton, Susan M. Core Teacher
    Slater, Colette A. ESE Teacher
    Sprague, Jeffrey N. Non-Core Teacher
    Story, Shane T. ESE Teacher
    Strong, Claudia P. Core Teacher
    Swingle, Lisa A. Core Teacher
    Vetter, Joseph M. Core Teacher
    Weedo, Laurie A. Core Teacher
    Whitaker, Kimberly N. ESE Teacher
    Williams, Kelly L. ESE Teacher

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Harnage, Tammy M. Office Specialist III 53016
    Lemke, Mila A. Office Specialist I 53025
    Locurto, Carolyn Office Specialist I 53039
    LuQuis, Diane M. Office Specialist III 53018
    Markey, Kerri A. Office Specialist I 53058
    Pinney, Jon E. Office Specialist II 53017
    Schmidt, Robert M. In-School Suspension Secondary 23706
    Spinale, Diane P. Office Specialist III 53012
    Young, Laura A. PT 06 Extended Days 53067