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1001 Parnell Court
Deltona, FL 32738
(386) 575-4113

    ​​​​Parent and Guardian Contact Information

    ​​Please click here to provide your contact information.​

    Academic and Behavioral Concerns

    Should parents or guardians have questions regarding students’ academic or behavioral concerns, the first, and best, place to start is with the teacher.  Only the teacher directly involved will be able to answer your specific questions.  Should you feel the need for additional assistance after speaking with the teacher, the School Counselor should be consulted.

    Access Gradebook (Gradebook, VIMS)

    Keep up with your child's academic progress and attendance here​:

    Gradebook​ Sign-On ​Page​


    The ParentPortal allows you to monitor your child's progress in school by providing Internet access to grades, attendance, discipline, academic history, and standardized test results in a secure password protected environment:​​​

    ​High School, College, and Career Planning

    When it comes to career options, there are so many from which to choose. Make smart career choices by matching careers that fit best with your personal characteristics and researching labor market information. Build a personal portfolio at: 


    High School Planning Parent Presentation 2016

    ​PTSA Form

     Enrollment Form.jpgEnrollment Form

    Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)

    If you would like to volunteer at Heritage Middle School (examples - parties, field trips, student activities, student mentoring*, office assistance)  you must submit an Application to Volunteer.  Volunteer applications can be printed by clicking one of the links below.  Please be sure to complete the application in full (do not leave any questions blank). Please return your application to the front office; it will take approximately 3 weeks to process.  Once cleared, please contact Heritage Middle School's Volunteer & Business Partners Coordinator by phone at (407) 688-9513 or (386) 575-4113  Ext. 45014 to begin.

    Todos los adultos que estan interesados en ser voluntarios en la escuela de su estudiante deben de llenar el formulario adjunto a este "link".  El formulario debe de ser devuelto a nuestra oficina para ser procesado.  El formulario debe de ser aprobado por el Condado de Volusia antes de poder ser asignado como voluntario en la escuela.

    Thank you for supporting Heritage Middle School by volunteering!


    ​Mentor Information

    What is a student mentor / youth motivator?     
    Someone who cares for a student by listening and understanding.  Someone who wants to make a difference!   
    Why become a student mentor?
    To help at- risk students improve in academics, attendance, and behavior in order to minimize susceptibility to negative peer pressure!         
    What will I be committing to?
    Meeting with the student 2-4 times per month for 30- 60 minutes each time
    Assisting the student to set and achieve goals for success
    What do I need to do first?
    Complete and submit an Application to Volunteer—being sure to mark the “Youth Motivator – Mentor” volunteer placement option..  Volunteer Applications are available in the front office of the school or can be printed by clicking on one of the links below.


    Please be sure to complete the application in full (do not leave any questions blank) and remember to select the “Youth Motivator –Mentor” volunteer placement option. Please return your application the front office; it will take approximately 3 weeks to process.  Once cleared, please contact Heritage Middle School's Student Mentor / Youth Motivator Coordinator by phone at (407) 688-9513   or   (386) 575-4113 to be matched with a student in need.  


    ​2016-2017 Heritage Middle School Business Partners

    Partnership activities include:
    provide incentives and awards;
    financial contributions;
    in-kind service to volunteer, mentor, tutor, or serve on councils/advisories;
    donation of equipment;
    adoption of a particular school or event;
    release time for employees to volunteer in schools;
    school sponsorship of programs, seminars and workshops.
    If you would like to become a Heritage Middle School Business Partner, please contact Melissa Farrar at (407) 688-9513 or (386) 575-4113.  


    HMS Family Center

    The HMS Family Center is a liaison between home and school. Our primary focus is to provide resources to be able to assist parents with the tools they need to further enhance our student's education and daily life. We've implemented many new and exciting programs to further stimulate parent involvement. Ms. Pina looks forward to creating a strong and productive partnership with all of our parents.
    The following services will be provided:

    • All Pro Dads
    • iMOMS
    • Monthly Speakers
    • Computer Access
    • Resources
    • Translator  
    The HMS Family Center is located in the Media Center, room 701. It will be open​ during regular ​school hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Pina at extension 45067.

    Tardy Policy

    Students are expected to be at school and in their classes ON TIME. Tardy is defined as not being in the designated classroom/area when the bell rings. Tardies are counted on a nine-week basis. For each tardy an automated call goes home. Consequences are as follows:

    1st Tardy – Warning 
    2nd Tardy – Parent Phone Call
    3rd Tardy – Teacher Consequence
    4th Tardy – Discipline Referral 

    School Emergen​cy Guide

    During and following an emergency situation, school and district officials must act quickly and follow established emergency protocols to safeguard students and staff, secure schools, and communicate accurate information in a timely manner.  Parents can assist greatly by helping with preparation before the emergency.  School Emergency Guide for Parents 

    In Case of Evacuation

    In the event where Heritage Middle School should be evacuated, parents are to pick their children up at the following location:

    Pine Ridge High School
    926 Howland Blvd. 
    Deltona, FL 32738
    (386) 575-4195

    Media operations for the above stated event will be conducted at the following location:

    Pine Ridge Fellowship 
    935 Howland Blvd.
    Deltona, FL  32738
    (407) 324-1614

    Certified School Counselors

    School Counseling W​ebsite

    6th Grade House:
    Counselor - Michelle Scully​, 45031​ 

    7th Grade House:
    Counselor -​ Kara Kauffman, 45084

    ​8th Grade House:
    Counselor - Suzette Luckett, 45085


    iMOMS and Pro Dads 

    The purpose of iMOMS is to promote parent involvement within our school. It offers ideas and inspiration to encourage moms of all ages, as they go about their most important daily task of raising children.


    To learn more about iMOM and the hundreds of free articles and resources we provide, visit our website,  While you're there, sign up for our FREE daily e-mail, the Espresso Minute.


    Feel free to contact Ms. Pina with any questions you might have at extension 45067.