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1001 Parnell Court
Deltona, FL 32738
(386) 575-4113
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Thomas Vaughan
    (386) 575-4113
    Photo of Pamela Robinson
    6th Grade Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4113
    Photo of Dr. Stephanie Owens
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4113
    Photo of Nicholas Fidance
    Principal Intern and 8th Grade Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4113
    Photo of Denielle Dutil
    Dean of Student Relations and 7th Grade House Leader
    (386) 575-4113
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Atkinson, Jami L. Academic Coach
    Bailey, Soyini A. ESE Teacher
    Bennett, Gabriel R. Core Teacher
    Bennett, Jennifer B. Non-Core Teacher
    Bidwell, Elizabeth M. Academic Coach
    Brannack, William M. Core Teacher
    Brown, Sharon L. ESE Teacher
    Coll, Jennifer J. Academic Coach
    Cooper, Angela P. ESE Teacher
    Davis, Tanya K. ESE Teacher
    Demps, Tiffany N. Non-Core Teacher
    Flowers, Shelby L. Core Teacher
    Friedman, Sarah N. Core Teacher
    Gaboury, Lisa P. Non-Core Teacher
    Geollegue, Ria Ann H. Core Teacher
    Gilmer, Stacey M. Core Teacher
    Glaspie, Holly M. Media Teacher
    Grenier, Maria A. Core Teacher
    Grocke, Brett C. Core Teacher
    Hemke, Kimberly A. ESE Teacher
    Hess, Ashley E. Non-Core Teacher
    Hinson, Denny D. ESE Teacher
    Holland, John Core Teacher
    Jordan, Joshua A. Core Teacher
    Maltoni, Vincent M. Core Teacher
    Manuel, Michelle M. Academic Coach
    Marchese, Maria C. Speech Clinician
    Martin, Sheldon A. Non-Core Teacher
    Mayo, Kasey E. Core Teacher
    McLarnan, Kristy M. Core Teacher
    Mihutoni, Ioana ESE Teacher
    Miller Hilliard, Brenda A. ESE Teacher
    Nutcher, Paul C. Core Teacher
    Occimio, Keith T. Core Teacher
    Pascarella, Melissa R. Non-Core Teacher
    Potter, Tyler A. Core Teacher
    Rayburn, Brenda J. Core Teacher
    Rivera, Jonalyn M. Core Teacher
    Robinson, Evelyn Core Teacher
    Rose-Peadick, Nicole M. Core Teacher
    Roussakos, Alexandra Core Teacher
    Roussakos, Diamond R. ESE Teacher
    Scarola, Jaimie M. Core Teacher
    Sefczek, Danielle R. Core Teacher
    Sheridan, Allison R. Core Teacher
    Susi, Michael J. Non-Core Teacher
    Taylor, Thomas P. Non-Core Teacher
    Turner, Shellie J. Core Teacher
    Wilkinson, Charles D. Core Teacher
    Wooden, Jane S. Non-Core Teacher
    Wotton, Deborah D. ESE Teacher
    Wright, Cynthia M. Core Teacher
    Young, Edmund H. ESE Teacher
    Zablo, Erin C. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Luckett, Suzette D. Certified School Counselor
    Scully, Michelle Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Dutil, Denielle L. Teacher On Assignment
    Alicea Acevedo, Marinilda BTB Site Lead
    Batista, Mayra Office Specialist II 45080
    Bonilla, Leticia Office Specialist I 45012
    Goodwin, Fawn I. Office Specialist I 70824
    Johnson, Quetara L. In-School Suspension Secondary 45051
    Love, Ashley D. Office Specialist I 45014
    Peterson, Rosemary A. Office Specialist III 45006
    Rodriguez, Christina Office Specialist III 45024
    Velazquez, Lydia M. Office Specialist III 45082
    Williams, Kristen M. Office Specialist I 45069