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1000 North Garfield Ave
Deland, Florida 32724
(386) 822-6986
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Shannon Young
    (386) 822-6986
    Photo of Elaine Beeghly
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 822-6986
    Kindergarten Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Haughwout, Katie L. Teacher, Kg
    Long, Heather T. Teacher, Kg
    Payne, Taylor C. Teacher, Kg
    Priddy, Rebecca F. Teacher, Kg
    Veitch, Shannon K. Teacher, Kg

    1st Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Giroux, Kristi J. Teacher, First
    Michaels, Mary Catheri W. Teacher, First
    Miller, Kenneth T. Teacher, First
    Simon, Diane R. Teacher, First
    Smith, Karen T. Teacher, First

    2nd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Manning, Laura E. Teacher, Second
    Moncelsi, Renee L. Teacher, Second
    Pekala, Tiffany M. Teacher, Second
    Reaves, Stephanie H. Teacher, Second
    Thomas, Megan L. Teacher, Second

    3rd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cone, Amanda K. Teacher, Third
    McAtee, Jessica L. Teacher, Third
    Susid, Danielle M. Teacher, Third
    Weiss, Misty D. Teacher, Third

    4th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Donald, Jordan A. Teacher, Fourth
    Duren, Kathy L. Teacher, Fourth
    Heffernan, Jill A. Teacher, Fourth
    Schaible, Elizabeth A. Teacher, Fourth

    5th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Alvarado, Cynthia Teacher, Fifth
    Hurst, Janet K. Teacher, Fifth
    Pegler, Kristin M. Teacher, Fifth
    Watson, Dorothy G. Teacher, Fifth

    ESE Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Barger, Julie A. Teacher, Ve
    Fogle, Sarah H. Teacher, Ve
    Hoard, Laura K. Teacher, Ve
    Mott, Bethaline S. Teacher, Ve
    Rosekelly, Lori M. Teacher, Ve
    Tambini, Margaret I. Teacher, Ve
    Hall, Christine M. Teacher, Gifted
    Lovell, Jennifer A. Teacher, Gifted
    Matthews, Laura J. Teacher, Gifted

    Special Area Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Beard, Martha Y. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Brown, Marissa L. Teacher, Music-e
    Neira, Juan G. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Pfisterer, John R. Teacher, Pe-e
    Stone, Janet C. Teacher, Art-e

    Office Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Barrett, Margaret I. Clerk, Sch
    Cohen, Bobbie S. Clerk, Sch
    Goodwin, Fawn I. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Osborne, Nancy A. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Spargur, Barbara D. Sec, Sch

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Long, Kelly S. Teacher, Other
    Adkins, Colleen Lib/med Spec-e 70106
    DeAngelo, Mary-Annette Activities Leader
    Hervey, Terry O. Sp/lang Path 21730
    Murray, Julie D. Trainer, Ins 21724
    Westervelt, Amanda J. Counselor-e 71581
    Whitaker, Chamika W. Nurse, Lpn 77292