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1000 North Garfield Ave
Deland, Florida 32724
(386) 822-6986

    ​​Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA)

    FFEA or Florida Future Educators of America is an exciting and welcoming club for 4th and 5th grade students.  Club members receive information about careers in education and participate in experiences that develop the qualities and skills essential for successful teaching and leadership.  Some of these experiences include collecting food and supplies for a local pet rescue,  interviewing teachers, planting a  garden, participating in a community clean-up, and celebrating teachers during teacher appreciation week.  Members will prepare for our end-of-year conference by creating an FFEA display board, organizing a  spirit song and dance routine, composing an essay, and making a scrap book. 

    ​​​​​National Elementary Honors Society​​

    National Elementary Honor Society is a service club that offers the chance to our students to give back to their school and community. Hosted by monthly meetings, the club strives to make as much of an impact on those around them as it does to the current and past members. Long running traditions are collecting food for those less fortunate, and cleaning up the St. Johns River. Requirements to be in the club are tough, students need to hold at least a 3.5 GPA and also have all 1's in conduct with their teachers. Those that are NEHS members know they are setting an example for everyone at the school in order to participate and shape themselves for the future that lies ahead for all of us. ​National Elementary Honor Society

    News Team

    Before school each day, the GME Media Center runs the morning News Show. Student duties include technology skills, such as working with an iMovie or running the news show, as well as responsibilities like reporting the announcements in a timely and accurate manner. Students on the news crew report live to the entire school at 7:55am daily. News crew members are elected by teacher recommendation and are primarily fifth grade students. Interested students should visit Mrs. Adkins, the News Team sponsor.

    ​Safety Patrols

    Safety Patrol students have the duty and responsibility of serving the school and its members.  They encourage students to observe safety rules at all times. The patrols are assigned a post in the morning and in the afternoon.  On post they must politely remind students of school safety expectations and help enforce all rules and regulations fairly.  To maintain their status as a Safety Patrol member they must maintain satisfactory grades in all classes and have no discipline issues.  They serve for the entire school year and each patrol is a student role model of appropriate and safe behavior.

    Early Act Club 

    Early Act Club is a school service club for students in grades 3, 4,  and 5 and is sponsored by several of our local community Deland Rotary service clubs. The mission of our club is to provide students the opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge of our own community and our world, as well as support and serve our school community. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Early Act club held a fundraiser and sold lanyards and identification badge sleeves to raise funds for our school media department. Also for the third year in a row, the Early Act club participated in the worldwide Purple Pinky for Polio event, sponsored by the National Rotary club. This event raises awareness of the need for polio vaccines for countries around the world that are still fighting this deadly disease. Our club promotes this event by participating during a week long campaign and collecting donations for vaccines. We also participate in the annual Deland Christmas parade, and the Krewe of Amalee dog parade, along with our other fellow George Marks Elementary school clubs. We invite all intermediate grade level students to consider joining our club if they like helping, serving others and doing good things for our world! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school sponsors,  Mrs. Hall or Mrs. Fogle.​​​