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1000 North Garfield Ave
Deland, Florida 32724
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    Curriculum Maps & Guides

    Elementary​ Curriculum​​​

    Art Education

    We are looking forward to another wonderful year of creation!  The focus of the year will be to make individual choices to create unique art.  The year will start with Square 1 Art, our PTA fundraiser.  (Each child will create a masterpiece in Art class, and in mid October you will receive your child's artwork on stickers along with information about ordering products that feature your child's work.  Orders will be delivered in early December - just in time for the holidays.) 

     You will be able to see the masterpieces of our talented students continuously in the GME Main Office and at Moe's Southwest Grille, and at special displays periodically throughout the year at:  V. W. Gould Insurance Agency, the DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts, the Volusia County Fair, the School Board office, and at the Volusia Students Create Art exhibit.  We enjoy learning, working, growing and creating in Art class!

    Click on the following link to learn about community Art displays​:​
    Downtown Deland Student Art

    Music Education

    Students enrolled at George Marks Elementary will find themselves immersed in a complete music education.  Moving, singing, and playing are all incorporated throughout the K-5 curriculum.  Basic skills such as reading music are covered as well as instruction in recorders and Orff instruments.  Primary students in grades K-2 will present programs throughout the year, while grades 3-5 are welcome to join our after-school music ensemble.  There are also opportunities for students to audition for All-State Chorus or be selected for the Volusia County Elementary Music Showcase.  And don't forget the annual Spring Musical!  There's always music being made at George Marks Elementary.

    Physical Education

    The general purpose of our physical education program is to educate students in many ways to stay healthy; by exploring their own health in appropriate physically active activities.  Based on the Sunshine State Standards, students participate in activities that they can use in a lifelong pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  Our activities include the PTA Walk-a-thon and more.

    Importance of Physical Education

    1. Maintaining Sound Physical Fitness

    2. Overall Confidence Builder

    3. Awareness about Important Health and Nutrition Issues

    4. Sportsmanship and Team Cooperation

    5. Development of Motor Skills

    6. Enhancing Overall Cognitive Abilities

    7. A Stress Buster and Source of Enjoyment

    8. Promoting Healthy Lifestyle in Adulthood

    9. Learning Sporting Rules and Regulations  ​​​


    Mission Statement

    Through the support of the family, school and community, our students will acquire citizenship and academic skills to become productive members of society.