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2400 Eustace Ave
Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 575-4144
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Karen Chenoweth
    (386) 575-4144
    Photo of Dr. Sherry Pough
    ESE Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4144
    Photo of Mr. Tony Goodin
    8th Grade Assistant Principal/ESE Administrator
    (386) 575-4144
    Photo of Rosemary Stemberger LaRuss
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4144
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Abello, Nora R. ESE Teacher
    Aronowitz, Diane A. Core Teacher
    Avram, Christina L. Math Coach
    Beckmann, Amy S. Core Teacher
    Blair, Gary A. Non-Core Teacher
    Bradley, Sandra M. Non-Core Teacher
    Brichler, Sally L. Core Teacher
    Cain, Daniel A. Core Teacher
    Campbell, Caroline E. ESE Teacher
    Carroll-Rhoden, Sheryl M. ESE Teacher
    Cochran III, Roosevelt C. Core Teacher
    Coll, Timothy F. Core Teacher
    Crawford, Katherine E. Core Teacher
    Daly, Michael P. ESE Teacher
    Derochers, Leslie L. Core Teacher
    DeRosier, Christopher Non-Core Teacher
    DeRosier, Sharron A. Core Teacher
    Drescher, Jacqueline Core Teacher
    Dunbar, Kristen L. Core Teacher
    Erath, James N. Non-Core Teacher
    Felder, Carla R. Core Teacher
    Fowler, Kimberly J. ESE Teacher
    Franklin, James E. ESE Teacher
    Gawronski, Andrea E. Core Teacher
    Gocken, Danielle L. Core Teacher
    Goodwin, Catherine A. ESE Teacher
    Goulette, Brittany N. Core Teacher
    Hill, Jeanne M. Core Teacher
    Hirth, Tiffany M. Core Teacher
    Howard, Benjamin E. Non-Core Teacher
    Innes, Brian W. Core Teacher
    Jackson, Melissa A. Core Teacher
    Knepshield, Melissa M. Non-Core Teacher
    Koref, Aaron L. Non-Core Teacher
    Krob, April D. Core Teacher
    Krob, Jeffrey D. Core Teacher
    Kurtz, Lori E. ESE Teacher
    Lemasney, Kimbre M. Core Teacher
    Lopez-Toledo, Yelitza Core Teacher
    Mace, Kimberly A. Core Teacher
    Mathis, Patricia D. Core Teacher
    McCrory, Kristin J. Reading Coach
    McMillen, Shelley R. Core Teacher
    McNeil, Lisa M. Core Teacher
    Neal, Donna M. Core Teacher
    O'Sullivan, Deborah J. Core Teacher
    Packer, Edgar L. Non-Core Teacher
    Pleus, Victoria L. Core Teacher
    Rowe, Cory W. Non-Core Teacher
    Schulthess, Raymond M. Core Teacher
    Sharma, Shilpa ESE Teacher
    Spencer, Caitlin C. Core Teacher
    Stowell, Elizabeth A. Core Teacher
    Tatum, Kristen G. Non-Core Teacher
    Velez, Lisbeth Y. Core Teacher
    Wade, Sharon K. Non-Core Teacher
    Whited, Amanda M. Core Teacher
    Whited, Brandon W. Core Teacher
    Woide, Steven D. ESE Teacher
    Young, Shawna S. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Barringer, Ashley M. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Bynum, Jacquelyn E. Teacher On Assignment
    McCoy, Maria A. Teacher, Academic Intervention
    Ostermann, Patti Teacher, Academic Intervention
    Barbee, Lisa N. Office Specialist I
    Dean, Tara A. Office Specialist I 44414
    Jimenez, Wanda I. Office Specialist I
    Owens, Kelsie A. School Guardian
    Protinick, Jennifer Office Specialist III 44406
    Smith, Sheridan D. Office Specialist III 44441
    Thomas, Lisa Licensed Practical Nurse
    Turchiano, Donna M. Office Specialist III 44442
    Turner, Loredana A. BTB Assistant
    Williams, Jamira L. BTB Assistant
    Zanaglio, Cindy L. Office Specialist I 44422