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1395 S. Blue Lake Ave.
Deland, FL 32724
(386) 943-4375
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Joy Boyd-Walker
    (386) 943-4375
    Photo of William Goldsmith
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 943-4375
    Kindergarten Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Huffman, Brianna M. Teacher, Kg
    Kruszeski, Tracy R. Teacher, Kg
    Myers, Tina B. Teacher, Kg
    Stevens, Lisa M. Teacher, Kg
    Weikel, Gay W. Teacher, Kg

    1st Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Blaise, October L. Teacher, First
    Fisher, Tracy J. Teacher, First
    Flesch, Melissa H. Teacher, First
    Madden, Charles L. Teacher, First
    Nicholson, Leslie N. Teacher, First

    2nd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cambron, Anita L. Teacher, Second
    Conaway, Keli E. Teacher, Second
    Gaskell, Lisa A. Teacher, Second
    Gebo, Petrea L. Teacher, Second
    Hansard, Lori G. Teacher, Second
    Haske, Barbara A. Teacher, Second
    White, Jonna L. Teacher, Second

    3rd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cohen, Deborah L. Teacher, Third
    Cupp, Brianna M. Teacher, Third
    Perrick, Katie L. Teacher, Third
    Richling, Lisa D. Teacher, Third
    Sabatini, Elissa A. Teacher, Third
    Ward, Andrea L. Teacher, Third

    4th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Allen, Heather E. Teacher, Fourth
    Richards, Randi L. Teacher, Fourth
    Vogelzang, Christina A. Teacher, Fourth

    5th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Aslanli, Marilyn L. Teacher, Fifth
    Crayne, Shannon E. Teacher, Fifth
    Leathem, Jessica E. Teacher, Fifth
    Matthews, Sydney L. Teacher, Fifth
    Munoz, Karla B. Teacher, Fifth

    ESE Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Anderson, Karen H. Teacher, Ve
    Cantlay, Ericca M. Teacher, Ve
    Hefner, Shelia R. Teacher, Ve
    Land, Tanya D. Teacher, Ve
    Leavitt, Christina Teacher, Ve
    Parker, Kit E. Teacher, Ve
    Urso, Stephanie N. Teacher, Ve
    Westmoreland, Pamela R. Teacher, Ve

    Science Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Pearce, Elizabeth M. Teacher, Science-e

    Special Area Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Blushiy, Tiffany A. Teacher, Art-e
    Hurst, Katina Marie Teacher, World Lan-e
    McMahon, Michelle P. Teacher, Pe-e
    Strickland, Adalys R. Teacher, World Lan-e
    Tellier, Sarah C. Teacher, Music-e
    Tindal, Kimberly A. Teacher, Pe-e

    Office Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Boggs, Bethany A. Clerk, Sch
    Christiansen, Sylvia F. Sec, Sch
    Russell, Julie L. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Satto, Brenda V. Clerk, Sch
    Williams, Heather D. Clerk Typ, Sch

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Bolden, Carla C. Teacher, Other
    Bigelow-Nadal, Michelle A. Sp/lang Path 22119
    Casey, Helen M. Sp/lang Path 74253
    Hoover, Leigh A. Trainer, Ins 73213
    Peppers, Danelle R. Activities Leader
    Ross, Lauren A. Lib/med Spec-e 22196
    Spata, Amy R. Counselor-e 22197