​​​Welcome to Forest Lake Media Center!

Media Specialist:     Vik​ki Wagenhauser

Media Clerk:             Becky Grant​

Media Center Policies

​HOURS  7:45 AM - 2:30 PM - Monday through Friday
Students may come to the media center throughout the day, individually, or in small groups with a pass from their classroom teacher.


Grades 1-3   - One book


Grades 4-5   - Two books
Students are encouraged to check out books. When a student checks out a book, he or she may keep the book for a one-week period. If the student finishes reading his or her book, they are more than welcome to return their book and check out another one. 
Each student will have a patron card for the computerized circulation system. Patron cards will be kept in the classroom. Students may not check out books for other students. Each student is responsible for items checked out with their card.
Students are urged to return their books on time. No fines are charged, but if you have overdue books, you may not check out any more books until the overdue books are returned.
If a student loses or damages media materials, he or she will be charged the current replacement price for the item. Students are urged to take good care of the materials they check out.
Parents are most welcome in the Media Center. We encourage them to borrow books to read aloud.  Parents may check out up to three (3) books for a period of one week. Parents must be present to check out the books.

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Reading Counts

​ ​
 Reading Counts is a flexible, literature-based motivation and management program that is designed to get students to read.
To find out if a book has a reading counts quiz visit the Book Expert​.