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801 S. Old County Road
Edgewater, FL 32132
(386) 424-2573
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Rebecca Porter
    Photo of Michelle Brown
    Assistant Principal
    Kindergarten Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Hanley, Haley R. Teacher, Kg
    Haynes, Laura S. Teacher, Kg
    Hillier, Karlee R. Teacher, Kg
    Stewart, Heather E. Teacher, Kg

    1st Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Dittmer, Melissa M. Teacher, First
    Garrett, Lisa P. Teacher, First
    Jones, Mary Jo Teacher, First
    Pierce, Sherri M. Teacher, First

    2nd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Carson, Latoya J. Teacher, Second
    Crossland, Angie G. Teacher, Second
    Deaton, Erica D. Teacher, Second
    Johnson, Robin F. Teacher, Second

    3rd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Debees, Jean M. Teacher, Third
    Flassig, Ann T. Teacher, Third
    Resheidat, Reem K. Teacher, Third

    4th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Dowdell, Kyle E. Teacher, Fourth
    May, Jennifer R. Teacher, Fourth
    Mowrey, Keri D. Teacher, Fourth

    5th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Aylwin, Lisa L. Teacher, Fifth
    Bradley, Donal R. Teacher, Fifth
    Bradley, Linda K. Teacher, Fifth
    Cortright, Rebecca S. Teacher, Fifth
    Diaz, Holly A. Teacher, Fifth

    ESE Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    DeLosh, Erin L. Teacher, Ve
    Edwards, Lisa A. Teacher, Ve
    Flanagan, Gina M. Teacher, Ve
    Foley, Bonnie B. Teacher, Ve
    Gillis Speller, Britney S. Teacher, Ve
    Gregson, Elizabeth N. Teacher, Ve
    Hill, Nzinga A. Teacher, Ve
    Johnson, Aaron M. Teacher, Ve
    Mort, Casie M. Teacher, Ve
    Smith, Nancy E. Teacher, Ve
    Vandermeulen, Jessica Teacher, Ve
    Walicki, Rebecca D. Teacher, Ve

    Art Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Tareco, Heather L. Teacher, Art-m/j

    Special Area Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Baum, Sean A. Teacher, Pe-e
    Marks, Keith R. Teacher, Pe-e
    Reid, Semoia N. Teacher, Music-e

    Office Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Griffin, Margaret C. Clerk, Sch
    Holland, Kay L. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Rahming, Elvira C. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Rogerson, Laura L. Sec, Sch

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Brown, Jill F. Teacher, Combin-e
    Joiner, Ashlea A. Teacher, Ttl I-e
    Meador, Jennifer R. Teacher, Ttl I-e
    Burkhalter, Ryan E. Teacher, Compu Ed-e
    King, Laurie A. Nurse, Lpn
    Lindsey, Michelle Lib/med Spec-e
    Maniscalco, Lisa C. Teacher, Ttl I-m/j
    O'Brien, Karen D. Sp/lang Path
    Phillips, Tami L. Activities Leader
    Weaver, June M. Counselor-e 35227
    Wiggins, Stacey L. Teacher, Pk 35247
    Witt, Charles R. Safety Off