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801 S. Old County Road
Edgewater, FL 32132
(386) 424-2573

    4-H Club

    If you like to participate in different projects, then 4H is a club for you! Activities throughout the year will include: agriculture, farming, sewing, arts and crafts and cooking. - Mrs. Boden


    Run Club / Girls on the Run

    Running is a simple way to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Bobcats Run will build self esteem by setting goals and accomplishing them with their fellow club members. - Mrs. Cleveland & Mrs. Deaton

    Goal Setters

    Take charge students! Join this club to learn about ways to set goals and meet them. You are sure to hit the target with Ms. Stull leading you! - Mrs. Stull

    FFEA: Florida Future Educators of America

    This is a club to learn about becoming an educator. Club members will be given the opportunity to participate in experiences that will develop skills necessary to be successful as a teacher. - Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Mowrey

    SGA: Student Government Association & National Honors Society

    Students who display integrity will represent EPS Bobcats in and out of our school environment on local and national issues.

    Membership in this club is based on national guidelines. Students eligible will receive an invitation to join. - Ms. Resheidat & Mrs. Mowrey

    This years members and representatives are:

    President: Connor McCardel

    Vice President: Dakota Hubbard

    Secretary: Amanda Michaux

    Treasure: Tatum Diaz

     5th Grade  Representative #1: Hannah Zona

     5th Grade Representative #2: Logan Sike

    4th Grade Representative #3: Andrew Haynes


    Gabby Clark

    Rilee Smith

    Dayron Nunez

    Drew Dunlop

    Rachel Brinson

    Conlin Anderson

    Dawson Faulds

    Olivia Wilson

    Rebecca Mathews


    This is a club that will give you rich science and math experiences while exploring robotics! Dive in to the "whys" and your brain is sure to grow! -Mrs. Cortright & Mr. Bradley


    If you love music, banging on things, stepping and making a lot of choreographed noise, then this is the club for you!

    Students will use body percussion and everyday objects to put on musical performances that you are guaranteed not to forget. You DO NOT want to miss out on this! - Ms. Reid

    Safety Patrol

    The School Safety Patrol is an honored position.  Millions of boys and girls have served since the program started in 1920.  Patrols play an important role in securing Safety around their school campus.  The primary aims of the Patrol are to help children walk and cross streets safely, help children become safe pedestrians and to foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship in Patrol members. - Coach Baum

    Yoga Club (K-2)

    Quiet calm surroundings stretch and enjoy some yoga. Breath in the positive energy and let out any negativity in Yoga Club. - Mrs. Addison

    Bobcat Broadcast - News Team

    Light, Camera, ACTION! News team works hard everyday to share across campus the latest and most up to date information about events, breaking news items, and daily lunch menu choices. - Mrs. Lindsey


    Help assemble and create a memorable yearbook for the school. Take pictures around campus at events, share information highlighting the memorable evenings of the year. Add pictures from classrooms, school photos, and more. Every year yearbooks are sold shared and keeps as mementoes of you're life as a Bobcat, join yearbook club and help make something memorable. - Mrs. Black

    Ties & Bow-ties Club

    The Ties and Bow-ties club provides young men the opportunity to learn valuable social and interpersonal skills that will help them become responsible, accountable young men. Young men can expect to learn valuable life skills such as respecting adults and authority figures, community relations from guest speakers , dressing for success,  treating women with respect and countless other social skill activities required of well mannered young men. Student's are required to dress in collared shirt and tie on Friday.- Mr. Johnson

    Fitness Club

    Fitness Club Focuses on Health and Skill Related components for being “physically fit”.

    Muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body composition. Using skills such as agility, balance, coordination, speed, power, and reaction time. Join Fitness Club and get fit.   - Couch Baum & Coach Johnston


    Have a love of singing? Want to come together and harmonize with other people? Join chorus and enjoy singing with some great friends. - Ms. Reid


    Serve your neighborhood and your school. Show respect toward the environment and make the world a better place by joining K-Kids. Participate and assist with many different fundraisers around campus as well as helping in the community with the Kiwanis club. - Ms. Stewart

    Good News Club

    Faith based club sponsored by Edgewater Alliance Church - Mrs. Jollie