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250 Enterprise Road
Deltona, Florida 32725
(386) 575-4150

    Counselors and Grade Levels  

    Mrs. Vallone: 8th Grade

    Guidance Information

    While many traditional guidance activities already support the consultation role, the school Counselor also provides consultation by:

    -Providing Bully Proof training for all staff and students
    -Providing Career Education and Tutoring
    -Teaching Character Education and Social Skills to students
    -Assisting teacher with classroom "guidance meeting"
    -Sharing guidance curriculum resources with classroom teachers
    -Coordinating guidance lessons with teachers
    -Responding to faculty concerns about the developmental needs of students
    -Arranging peer helper activities
    -Participating in Problem Solving team meetings (i.e., IEP and Annual review meetings)
    -Providing Peer Mediation Training and Supervision of program
    -Interpreting test results to parents/guardians, students, and teachers
    -Recommending improvements in curriculum and programs
    -Helping teachers to work more effectively with individual students

    Coffee Talk with the Counselors

    Deltona Middle School has implemented a new Parent Involvement Meeting with the Counselors, called "Coffee Talk".  These meetings are intended for parents to discuss middle school situations, as well as counselors to discuss the importance of parent involvement and how to help with school situations.  Check back often to see what topic will be discussed each session.

    January 28, 2016:

    Importance of Homework

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