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250 Enterprise Road
Deltona, Florida 32725
(386) 575-4150
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Kimberly Feltner
    (386) 575-4150
    Photo of Dr. Lloyd Haynes
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4150
    Photo of Susan Seidel
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4150
    Photo of Gregory Iorio
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4150
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Acker, Amy J. Math Coach
    Aguirre, Carlos A. Core Teacher
    Altizer, Megan E. ESE Teacher
    Anderson, Jonathan R. Non-Core Teacher
    Arrington, Monica T. Core Teacher
    Banta, Sarah Core Teacher
    Becker, Alycia M. Core Teacher
    Bell, Destiny R. Non-Core Teacher
    Blake, Noel S. Core Teacher
    Campbell, Angela R. Core Teacher
    Chatman, Dwayne J. Core Teacher
    Cox, John V. Non-Core Teacher
    Cruz Cruz, Dainise Core Teacher
    Davis, Karen L. ESE Teacher
    DeGrange, Mallory D. Core Teacher
    Degroote, Andrea H. Core Teacher
    Dominguez, Nancy ESE Teacher
    Epiphane Tchebemo, Cindy M. Non-Core Teacher
    Farrell, Ashley R. Core Teacher
    ForrestEllison, Hyacinth O. Core Teacher
    Gawel, Jordan P. Non-Core Teacher
    Gill, Haven V. Core Teacher
    Gomez, Fernando Core Teacher
    Goodrich, Rachel M. Core Teacher
    Gunn, Becky L. ESE Teacher
    Harris, Jaime P. Core Teacher
    Holter, Taylor A. Non-Core Teacher
    Hornback, Alexandra L. Core Teacher
    Hulette, Denise M. Core Teacher
    Hurwitz, Andre D. Core Teacher
    Keys, Sharian S. Core Teacher
    Kransi, Lisa A. Core Teacher
    Lott, Cecilia C. Core Teacher
    Martinez, Michael R. Core Teacher
    McCormick, William H. ESE Teacher
    Minnis, Gerrard Non-Core Teacher
    Mullen, Alexander K. ESE Teacher
    Naylon, Tanya M. Non-Core Teacher
    Netterville, George C. Non-Core Teacher
    Ngying, Sean P. Core Teacher
    Oliphant, April M. Core Teacher
    Payne, Matia L. Media Teacher
    Plante, Kaitlin E. Non-Core Teacher
    Pride, LaRhonda M. ESE Teacher
    Reed, Randy J. Core Teacher
    Reynolds, Samantha L. ESE Teacher
    Rheinheimer, Julie J. Academic Coach
    Rickert, Garett J. Core Teacher
    Roberts, Kezia S. Core Teacher
    Rodriguez Torres, Kareem Core Teacher
    Roles, Megan D. ESE Teacher
    Sever, John M. Core Teacher
    Silver, Tawnya L. Core Teacher
    Stallworth, Lashaunda M. Core Teacher
    Sutton Cressor, Khorletta L. ESE Teacher
    Thomas, Martin F. Core Teacher
    Trinkle, Odessa M. Core Teacher
    Tussing, Julie E. Non-Core Teacher
    Wallace, James A. ESE Teacher
    Williams, Yvonne M. ESE Teacher
    Wynn, Ernest L. Non-Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Kabara, Paul J. Certified School Counselor
    Rawlings, Robin R. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Caffieri, Tanya L. Writing Coach
    Figueroa, Elvin A. Teacher, Academic Intervention
    Mason, Leontyne S. Teacher On Assignment
    Alicea Acevedo, Brunilda Office Specialist III 43250
    Bartolomei Rivera, Margie I. Office Specialist I 77053
    Cheek, Kerstin Teacher, Math Intervention 74625
    Farnstrom, Taylor A. Office Specialist I 43261
    Fields, Alvin C. In-School Suspension Secondary 75624
    Gonzalez, Madeline Office Specialist I 43214
    Loughry, Lisa A. Licensed Practical Nurse 77316
    Petrakis, Doreen M. Office Specialist II 43216
    Rudd, Amanda L. BTB Site Lead
    Umstead, Darcy A. Office Specialist III 43210
    Vazquez, Liza Office Specialist I