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    Academics and Academies


    As we strive to guide students toward academic growth, we encourage them to participate in areas that interest them.  In doing so, we have developed three different academies that students can feel engaged while learning core standards.

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    STEM Academy

    Why is STEM education important?

    STEM is our children’s future.  They live in the age of technology.   Many of their best career options will be in STEM fields; accounting, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information sciences and systems, computer engineering, civil engineering, and economics and finance.   According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while others are growing at 9.8%.  Many colleges and universities now offer degrees in STEM.

    The DMS STEM Institute students will be empowered to learn, lead and create holistically through the integration of science, technology, engineering and math.  Students offered this opportunity must be in the 6th or 7th grade. The financial obligation for students in this program will be $20.  This will cover the cost of the shirt for members of the academy to wear on designated school days, and will be collected in August.

    STEM Brochure

    STEM Academy Application 2018

    Twitter: @stemacademydms

    Performing Arts Academy

    The purpose of the Performing Arts Academy is to challenge aspiring students to become active members of an elite Academy by incorporating several unique courses.  We want to empower students in their artistic abilities, and encourage them to become leaders in the field of Arts. Students will be enrolled in Band 2 or 3 or Chorus 3, Language Arts 2 or 3 Advanced, Theater 1 (drama), 3D Art (set design), or Creative Writing.  

    Students who are considered for this opportunity must be in the 7th or 8th grade, have a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, have earned a C or higher average grade in the previous year's Language Arts class, score a 3 or higher on the Reading section of the FSA ELA/Reading exam. The financial obligation for students in this program will be $50.  The amount will cover the cost of an academy polo shirt to be worn on designated school days and to academy sponsored events.  The remaining fee will be used for materials for the program.

    Performing Arts Brochure

    Performing Arts Academy Application 2018

    Twitter: @PA_DMS

    Instgram: performingchargers

    Agri-Science Academy

    The purpose of the Agri-Science Academy is to engage students in Agriculture, Technology and Science.  Students in the academy wil have three classes together, Digital Information Technology (a high school credit), Fundamentals of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems and Comprehensive Science 3 Advanced.  The teachers in these three classes work together closely to integrate the curriculum so that the students are not just learning about on topic, but how it relates to science, technology, leadership skills and agriclture.  Students will also become members of the FFA chapter, where they will compete against other area schools in Agriculture Career Development Events.

    Students who are considered for this opportunity must be in the 8th grade, have a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, earned a C or higher average grade of C or higher in 7th grade Science, have succussfully completed the previous Agriscience Education Course (Intro to Agriscience or Orientation to Agriscience), score a 3 or higher on the Reading section of the FSA ELA exam.  The financial obligation for students in this program will be $50.  The amount will cover the State of FFA member fee along with providing a shirt for members of the academy to wear on desginated school days and to academy sponsored events.

    Agriscience Academy Brochure

    Agri-Science Academy Application 2018

    Health & Sports Academy (2018-19 School Year)

    Deltona Middle School Health & Sports Academy will focus on the integration and application of the ideas of health, wellness, mindfulness, kinesiology and teamwork.  Students will explore the link between teh actions of the humon body and the basis for those actions. 

    Students who have expressed an interest in health, nutrition, sports and developing a healthy lifestyle are encouraged to apply.  Students must be in the 6th grade and will be required to take Team Sports and Extreme Sports as one of their yearlong electives. Students who are accepted into the academy are expected to do more duties and functions than they have in other academic environments.  Cleaning, landscaping, organizing, fundraising, and community service are fundamental aspects of the program.  Every individual will have a unique experience while participating in the academy.  To meet the Hands-On needs of our students, we will have fundraisers to cover costs of materials used.  Students are required to pay a $10 Health & Sports Academy fee which will cover the cost of the Health & Sports Academy shirt.

    Health & Sports Brochure

    Health Sports Academy application 2018




    ​Mission Statement

    "The faculty, staff, and community of Deltona Middle School share the responsibility for guiding our students toward academic growth and emotional development essential for continued learning and lifelong success in a culturally diverse society."